Written by Gerry O'Grady

3 Jun 2013

I first met this Lady over 18 months ago...she is my son's friend's mum. To be perfectly honest! she is not stunning! But there is just something very sexy and magical about her!

The first time we spoke our partners were also there, although we just seemed to click. the conversations were all above board...you know....the weather....children's school...all boring...prim and proper...but the way she looked at me! and the way I looked at her! she is about 5ft 7" with wavy brown hair, a size 8 to 10. she is around 45/46 years old....she had on a real 80's style dress...a little make up, although her breast are not huge, they are really well shaped, and I could talk to this Lady and take a good look down her top, and get a great view of her breast. she did notice this! but did not seem to mind!

I, or we I should say, as it was me and the family met this Lady again last week with her family. It started off just the same as last time....polite conversation. Weather...school...holidays...but the same thing happened as the first time! we were engrossed with each other....I knew it...and she knew it!

The electricity between us was amazing! I just wanted this woman so much....to make matters worse we just kept bumping in to each other, at this summer fate all afternoon! Eventually we bumped into each other alone...well I had taken my daughter to the ice cream tent, and she was there getting a drink, my daughter went over talking to her friends, and this gave me and the Lady a chance to chat again. When I looked into her eyes...we just stared for a minute...2this is so strange" I said, "are you feeling this?" she answered " Oh God yes!" the tension between us was just so strong..." she took a pen from her bag and quickly wrote upon a piece of paper..."here is my address, call on Tuesday morning after 9, I will be alone". My heart raced, never before in my 18 years of marriage haded or even lusted after another woman, We said our good byes and went our different ways.

The 2 days till the Tuesday dragged. I was nervous and excited at the same time! I left my house at 8.30 am. As I was self employed and always on the road, I had no problem going to this Lady's house. She only lived a 10 minute drive away. I arrived just after 9 after sitting in my car for a while. I knocked lightly on the door...she answered wearing a light flowing gown, she beckoned me in and shut the door. We wrapped ourselves together, and our lips were entwined so passionately. she led me upstairs into her bedroom, we sat on the bed and undressed each other...her body was warm and petite, beautifully formed and in excellent shape for her age, she smelled so gorgeous. I lay her on the bed and kissed and licked her all over. The passion was so full on, we were like crazed teenagers, and we could not get enough of each other. Her pussy was trimmed and so wet, I licked every part of it, until she came in my mouth. I licked her arse as she breathed so heavily, she smelled so sexy, I ate her pussy and arse so much, she then sat on me as so I could continue eating her pussy as she so perfectly licked and sucked my cock and balls causing me to flood my shaft with realms of pre-cum. I had never been sucked like this before, and told her she was blowing my mind, she would be soon blowing my cock if she continued! She did not stop! and this is something that I had never experienced before....my wife just pretends to suck my cock! Her attempts have always been half hearted and no good. This lady was loving every minute of this! This was absolute mind blowing stuff....just so fucking horny! She blew my cock as so my full heavy cum load was shot into her sexy mouth.....she just kept on sucking and slurping the cum down from her mouth over my knob and the side of my cock this was an amazing sensation!! I was soon rock hard again, and we fucked in every possible position for what seemed like hours. eventually ending up again on all fours, she said her pussy was a little sore, and asked me to fuck her up her arse, This has been a fantasy of mine for years! She got some lube from a drawer and rubbed it on her sexy ass and over my cock. I was so horny sticking my cock up her sexy arse hole, boy it was tight! but I eventually got it up, I could not believe how silky and smooth it was! the sensation was amazing...but I knew that even at slow pace I would not last too long. I lasted about 5 minutes at a nice slow pace....she absolutely loved it! She said she had cum about 4 times and it was her best ever fuck....we kissed and fondled for another hour and then had a shower together, which ended in me fisting her pussy as she sucked my cock...unfortunately I could not cum again!!!! Although I was rock hard. We then spoke for the first time about what had happened. She admitted that she felt the same way the first time we met! We both knew that this would not end here! We met again a few weeks later in a Hotel and had a mind blowing afternoon, evening and night time of what I can only describe as pure lustful pleasure. The chemistry sexually between us was just s intense. We met when we could, and when eventually our oldest son's had left school, we left our partners and set up home together in the UK. 3 years later we are still the same! Never intended to hurt anyone here...something just happened! Hard to explain....But all I can say is that when we have sex.....nothing can compare!!!! This over comes all guilt! All everything!!!