Written by Tom G

25 Apr 2015

As the title says you never know and that was the case with me things can change without worming, we had been that ordinary couple all our married life had two kiss early and struggled with the mortgage at times the normal things, I have to say now things are a lot better one kid is off our hands and I don't think the last one will be long before she moves on she spend more time at her boyfriend than she do at home

My wife Carol is now forty five and I am five years older I would say time been coined to her she not bad looking and when she gets dolled up she can look younger

I have harbored this idea for years about us being more adventurous sexually I have hinted and even suggested that a number of times but always to no avail,so some years ago I gave up, thinking that never happen

Last year we were at a function and all I can say is she got chatted up by a young man that is all it was but it was obvious how flatted she was and it gave her a real boost

It happened again some time later when we were out this time it was plain she wa flirting

and encouraging him, it seemed to give her a lot more confidence she knew I had seen this going on and she did say why didn't I step in, I told her it looked like she was enjoying the attention and there was no harm in it, she smiled saying maybe you are right

I am sure she did get a boost to her ego and felt good about herself, that was followed by where she thought I didn't notice her she instigate a similar thing it was obvious she enjoyed it and the attention, it was after the last time in bed, that night I tried my hand and found her very receptive so that made me think it may sexually arouse her

A day or two later I had to be careful the way I said it and how I got round to it, I got her to talk about when the strangers had come on to her, there was a lot to that and what was said but in the end she admitted she enjoyed the attention, she had thought she was over the top and no one would be interested in her now, I told her she been proved wrong

She then wanted to know how I felt when it had happened, I didn't want to tell her that I wanted her to fuck someone else, I said I like it when you are happy and when other men fencing my wife that tells me how lucky I am and I really like to see it, she wanted to know if I meant that, there was a lot more siid by the end of the conversation she agreed it didn't do any harm, our chat I think left her feeling I was okay with it and she could do things like that without upsetting me

From that Carol seemed to be encouraged she would often flirt in front of me, I never pushed thing to much but I didn't have to, we where out and she let her dress ride up showing quite a bit of leg, it didn't go unnoticed and she had a would be suter, after that I noticed she would be a little more revealing when out and it seemed to always work

I was encouraging this as much as I could and she was now confident I was happy with this little game,I started to take her to different places this seemed to make her more daring

I thin suggested we made it look as if we weren't together at first she wasn't to keen, so I would go in wit her then disappear and if I came back and she was being chatted up I would stay away, we had been doing this for some time by then

Then at a wedding and maybe with a couple of drinks she played her game I was out the way a young guy hit on her,she played him along, then after a time they both left and went outside,I followed they stood and talked, then he put his arm round her then kissed her, I thought she would of pushed him away but no, that was about it they come inside

It be a couple of hours later they went out again, I found them snogging then someone came by so they moved, she had a look round and kissed him again they were near a wall he moved Carol closer to the wall, as they kissed it looked very much like he was feeling her tits, he was in front of her, then it looked like his hand pulled the hem of her dress up and went under it, after a moment or two she put her arms round him and her head on his shoulder I move to get closer she had her legs apart and he had to be fingering her, I heard a moan and a gasp, she then kissed him, he stepped back and had to be getting is dick out, something was said she shook her head, then he said something and I could see her arm move between them, he then move a little to one side and my wife was wanking him he had one arm round her,, this went on a short time,his head went back then he tried to push her down to start with she wouldn't go then to my surprise and shock he bent down, a few seconds later he was grounding then gasped a couple of time,she stood up wiped her mouth with her hand

She had sucked him off, I had a stiff on the most important yjomg Carol had crossed the line between a flirting game to sex, I thought if she done it once she do it again

Back in the hall she sat down and the lad was nowhere to be see, I went over and said you look lonely, she was sheepish, I then kissed her on the lips I could taste spunk

On the way home she was quiet,once home and in bed I has a stork on she said no, next day she was quiet most of the day, I never said a thing I wanted her to think she got away with it and get over her guilt

What I need to do was give her more opportunities but its not easy and nothing seemed to happen but something was going on I didn't know about and when I found out it came as a shock Carol had started working late she had to do that before so I didn't take much notice , then she said she was going out with work friend something she was not inclined to do in the past, this was all happening over a couple of months, it was when I was looking for something in the wardrobe she has a load of handbags in there I had to move then I was thinking why have all them bags she never uses half of them, for some reason I looked in one and bloody hell I found two boxes of contrastive pills one was open and some tablet used I looked at the dates they were new, I have had a vasectomy, there could only be one reason Carol was on the pill she must be gettin screwed

Had this backfired on me, then I thought is there another reason for the pill, I couldn't think of one apart from the obvious, it was strange I didn't feel angry I was more seared t was my doing and where would it go now my wife had tried another cock, and would she still want me as I thought more about it, we not had sex for sometime its something that happens two of sometimes three times a month and since she been working late it had stopped, I need to fined more out I needed proof and that was to take me sometime but that is something else to tell