Written by Jean

26 Jul 2010

After my adventure with Ralph I was left feeling that I needed something more satisfying, I took up my weekly meetings with Theresa. I had told Theresa what happened and she shrugged and said, 'Well, it's a start and I bet you enjoyed it anyway!' Obviously I had but I wanted someone who could give me more and I certainly didn't fancy anyone either in the office or someone who called like Ralph. Then fate stepped in, some weeks later I met Theresa as usual, in fact we met at the entrance to the pub having arrived at the same time.

We entered and went up to the bar, there was a man already standing there with a pint on the counter. 'What'll it be ladies,' the barman said and we ordered what we wanted. As he prepared them the man turned to look at us, an expression of recognition appeared on his face and he said, 'Well I'm blowed! Is that really you Theresa?' Theresa laughed, 'Brian! What are you doing here?' 'I was just on my way home actually and fancied a pint. Haven't seen you since you and Eric moved away.' Theresa turned to me, 'Brian used to be our very good neighbour where we used to live, known him and his wife for years. How is Shiela, Brian?' 'Sorry to tell you that she died three years ago, cancer. I'd have let you know if we hadn't lost your address.' Theresa put her hand onBrian's arm, 'Oh Brian, I'm so sorry, you must have been devastated.' 'Well, I was, couldn't get over it for a long time, but time passes and the pain lessens.'

We accepted our drinks and invited Brian to a table, I assessed him as we moved across the bar. To tell you the truth I think he was the male equivalent of me, not unattractive but spreading a bit with age. Theresa said, 'Oh, I'm sorry love, this is Jean my best friend, we've known each other for years, well ever since we moved in fact. We shook hands, Brian I noted had a lovely smile. He asked after Eric, Theresa's husband. 'Well, to tell you the truth, Brian, he's well over the hill, like Jean's husband, reached the stage where it's sitting in front of the telly with a can of beer, no interest in me whatsoever any more.' Brian said how sorry he was to hear that.

We spent a very pleasant evening together and, when we got up to go, Brian asked how we got to the pub. We told him that it was buses and walking, 'No cars when we're drinking!' I commented. he laughed, 'In that case why don't I run you home, I've only had a couple so I don't think I'm over the top.' We thanked him and took his offer, as it happened Theresa lived nearest so he dropped her off first. We then continued to my home, I said, 'I hope this isn't taking you too far out of your way, Brian.' 'No, no, not at all, in fact I live a little further out so it's quite convenient.' We exchanged chat as we proceeded until we reached my home, I found I was quite taken with Brian. As he stopped the car, he said rather diffidently, 'I don't suppose you'd like to meet me , say for a drink next week?' 'Don't see why not, Brian, thanks for asking me.' He smiled and leant across to me, 'In that case can I do what I've felt like doing ever since I first saw you?' And he kissed me, a frisson of pleasure ran through me, we made arrangements that he would pick me up at the end of the road. As I got out of the car I said, ' I'm looking forward to next week Brian, I've really enjoyed this evening and meeting you!' We said goodbye and he drove off.

I told Theresa about our date and the following Friday I took a long lunch hour and went out and bought a nice blouse and skirt and some sexier undies. I don't know why the latter really because I hadn't actually thought of doing anything like that at the time.

Brian duly picked me up and we went to the riverside pub that I had been to with Ralph. Brian proved to be a much better companion and we got on really well. When he drove me home I told him how much I had enjoyed the evening, he said that he felt the same. He stopped at a lay-by, turning to me he said, 'I hope you feel the same way I do, Jean,' and he kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss with interest and we had a few moments kissing, it really stirred me and I have to admit that when Brian turned away without making any further move on me I felt disappointed. However I realised that Brian was too much of a gentleman to take that step so soon. We had two or three more dates before he did take the next step, he suggested that we left earlier than usual and he would take me to his place for coffee. I accepted immediately.

He lived in a nice bungalow which was rather out of the way down a country lane, it was very modern inside and beautifully kept. 'Bought this after my wife died, Jean, couldn't stand the thought of living in the house that had so many memories.' I gave him a hug and he kissed me. He led the way into the living room which looked out over the garden, it was winter so I couldn't see what it was like. I sat down and Brian went off to make coffee, he was soon back and we sat sipping and looking at each other. he hummed and ha'd and eventually said, 'I know that you're married, Jean, but I get the impression that you're not happy?' I nodded. 'Well, the fact is that I have feelings for you and I want to take our friendship further, the point is that I don't want to upset you...' I reached across to him, 'You won't upset me, Brian, the fact is that I feel the same about you as you evidently feel about me. I'd like to take our relationship further too.'

'Oh, darling, you don't know how happy that makes me feel!' he said. We put our cups down and we were in each other's arms in an instant. We kissed passionately, Brian said, 'Come on, I want to take you to bed!' He held my hand and led me to his bedroom, 'I think a shower might be in order,' he laughed, 'I want to see if you're a genuine blonde!' That was Brian, a laugh and saying something to make me laugh and be at ease. We stripped in the bedroom, Brain had a bit of a belly but it was what hung underneath that staggered me, he had an enormous dick! In the circumstances I had expected him to have an erection, but it hung, swinging against his left thigh. Even soft it looked to be over six inches long and was as thick as a cucumber, 'Wow!' I went, 'I've seen a few dicks in my time, Brian, but I've never seen one like that!' 'You ain't seen nothing yet!' he replied, then he said, 'Well, you're a true blonde alright, darling, and you look so sexy!' He took my hand and led me into the en suite. We washed each other, something I had never done before and, sure enough that monster dick became erect as I soaped it and he did the same to my fanny. I couldn't measure it but it looked to be somewhere around seven and a half to eight inches and about half as thick again as it had before. He was expert at washing too, he gotno soap in my fanny but surely aroused me gently, as soon as he realised that I was ready, we dried off and went into the bedroom.

I got on the bed, my legs slightly parted. Brian standing at the end of the bed said, 'You have such a beautiful fanny, Jean,' he was staring betwen my thighs and had his dick in his hand playing with it. 'I can do that just as well as you, Brian,' I told him, 'and I'm sure you would enjoy it!' He laugh and joined me on the bed, we kissed passionately, when we broke, 'Don't take this the wrong way, darling, but I would say that you are a woman of some experience?' 'I am,' I replied, 'but only if you go back to my teens! I've only been unfaithful to Fred once, it was fairly recently I regret to say, I did enjoy it at the time because I hadn't had sex for over five years. I didn't want to do it again, at least with him.' He kissed me, 'No matter, but I will tell you that I'd rather have an experienced woman than not!'

He kissed me again and we started making love properly. He was a wonderful lover, just kisses and caresses to start with. He kissed my mouth, my eyes, my ears and my neck, then moved down to my breasts. Actually my breasts weren't bad seeing that I'd had my fiftieth birthday and Brian certainly paid them some attention! When he got to my nipples he kissed and then sucked them, that's when I was gone, the thrill went straight down to my fanny. Whether he guessed that or not I don't know but he slid his hand down over my stomach and began to caress the lips of my fanny. I was already somewhat aroused and now became much more so as his fingers played my fanny like a musical instrument. He was soon doing me with two fingers and then he withdrew them and started teasing my clitoris. I had his dick in my hand, no that's a bit of an exaggeration, I had my fingers as far round the shaft as I could, nevertheless I moved them up and down before gently massaging the glans. I heard him take a deep breath,'I think it's time I did you, darling,' he panted.

I spread my legs wide and drew my knees up, Brian moved over me and I felt that enormous head probing between the lips and nuzzling at the entrance to my love canal. I was very wet and extremely relaxed, Brian didn't have any difficulty entering me. He pushed gently up inside, making sure at the start that I could take his length. I could, and was delighted to feel his dick massaging my clitoris, further arousing me. At first he just smoothly slid in and back very gently until I begged him to do it harder. He began to thrust properly, but still gently. I couldn't believe how his dick had stretched me, he told me afterwards that my fanny was just a ring round the shaft of his 'cock' as he called it. I pleaded for him to thrust harder and he obeyed, his lovely dick rubbing my clit in a way it had never been rubbed before. I knew suddenly that I was about to come and cried out as the intense thrill hit me, 'Oh yes, Brian,' I cried, 'oh make me come more!' He didn't need telling for he was now in the throes of sexual excitement himself. His balls banged against my bottome, I held him tight, my nails digging into his back. I came and came, I'd never had sex like it and he left me a shaking wreck when he finally came himself with fierce spurts filling me with his seed. We both collapsed.

After a while Brian rolled off, I watched his flaccid dick flop over onto his stomach, it was red and glistening with my love juice and streaked with his semen, I thrilled just at the sight of it. When we had recovered I told him that it was the best sex that I'd ever had, 'Me too, darling,' he replied. We talked about it and I said that I'd been very surprised that he hadn't been hard when he undressed and then at how long he's lasted. He looked a bit shame faced, 'I have to confees,' he said, 'that I tossed-off late this afternoon, I knew that I'd be able to get hard again but I didn't wnat to disappoint you!' I wasn't really into sexual language but remembered from when I was a teenager that it was the expression boys had used when they masturbated to a conclusion in front of us girls. I kissed him, 'You really are a very considerate man, Brian.' We washed ourselves but later made love again. By then it was two o'clock in the morning and I knew that I wasn't going home, 'What are you going to do?' Brain asked. 'I'll stay and go home in the morning, I'll tell him and, if he doesn't like it, I'll simply leave.'

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