Written by nicco413

23 Apr 2007

Felt really horny and was in SH Chatroom when a younger local guy came on,chatted and then he went off line. Seemed his pc crashed but when he came back online I asked if he was up for meet and could he accommodate? Much younger than me but he said yes!! Gave me address and off I went, feeling horny but nervous.

He welcomed me in and was really great guy. Asked where I wanted to go and do- straight to bed!!! We stripped off in seconds and we kissed- he had a tongue stud- and I wondered how that would feel when he sucked me. A nice long snogging session and groping, and then I went down on his lovely uncut cock. He asked me to be slow because it was blowing his mind and he wanted to last a long time. He loved it when I swallowed his balls and then worked his ass over with my tongue.

Id cum twice today already but he went down on me and that tongue stud was evil!!! We played with each other for an hour but then i told him I wanted him to fuck my mouth and fill me with his cum. I deep throated him and fingered his ass until his cum shot into me in pulses lovely feeling. He the wanted my cum shot all over our cocks and balls and I obliged!!

I do love younger guys!!