Written by trainer

11 Aug 2015

It seems to me that as we older 'parents' have become more liberal, many young people are now able to enjoy each other in their bedrooms, where my age group were never allowed such joys. The problem is therefore dogging has really become a spectator sport for a middle age group of couples, I admit my wife and I have been part of that group. However last Friday I happened across a young asian couple in a car and what a joy to watch it was.

I had been out to a friends on my own, we had a great drink and I knew I'd had too much to be able to drive, so I set about walking home, now city living is great as there are lots of roads and pathways but in our green city there is also little hidden green copses and I had to walk through one to get home. although it was dark even as I walked I could see something slightly off to one side, where I know there is a bit of open scrub, so I headed over to investigate, I was hoping to see a couple going at it in the car, what I saw made my cock harden instantly, the occupants of the car were a young asians, he was aound 20 and had his shirt open, she was possibly a year or so younger, but a real beauty, she was topless, her skirt rucked up round her waist and no panties, he was coupled to her right breast, chewing for all he was worth and his hand was between her legs. her head rocked from side to side as he brought her to numerous orgasms, I don't know if she saw me when she opened her eyes and looked at me peering through the window, but he knew I was there and had decided to put on the show. he slipped his trousers down freeing his average size cock and pulling her down to it so he then,looking straight at me, pushed her head up and down for the next period, he then pulled her head off and quickly moved between her legs, he must have been close from her bj because he didn't las that long up her, but he pulled out and shot the last stream of jis over her pubic bush.

He then said something to her, at which she looked out and saw me, almost screaming but instantly covering her tits and bush, he opened the window a bit and told me the show was over and I could f off now. I just smiled and left them to it. Now that was a dogging session I was happy to bump into, funnily I was so into watching I didn't even have a wank, which was fine because she took my load when I finally climbed into bed 20 minutes later.