Written by IndianLes

13 Feb 2013

For you horny readers.

Since my last posting , my young lover has given me so much pleasure and countless orgasms. She has turned out to be a complete nympho and cant get enough of me playing with each other.

Last weekend, she stayed over with me and it turned out to be an amazing session. With the cold weather, we decided to turn the heating up and stayed in. Wearing very little clothing, but very sexy lingerie. We enjoyed the finer home cooking , plenty of wine and a session out of fantasy.

On Sat evening , I put a lovely roast lamb in the oven with all trimmings and went upstairs for a shower. Rekha , very naughtly , joined me and we had a lovely session were we showered gel each other under the hot water, snogging, massaging each other's nipples and breasts, fingering each other and I held Rekha from behind and made her cum on my finger while I was kissing her back and neck.

After towelling down, we went to my bedroom. I got my chanel body lotion and Rekha rubbed it all over me . Her soft hands had my pussy all wet and throbbing. She then spread my legs wide open and started to kiss and lick my clit. Her tongue was in and out and all over my wet lips. I asked her to turn around and we ended up in a 69. Her cute shaven pussy was lovely to taste and we spend many minutes fingering, kissing and tongue fucking each other. I was soo turned on , that I came on her tongue.

I wanted to fuck her to cum, so I took out my cock strap, with a nice 8inch thick rubber cock. Lubricated it with oil. Her eyes lit up and we was gagging to be fucked. I went her over, her pussy all already wet and I pushed the whole length in her. She moaned with the pleasure and I start to fuck her hard and deep with my hands on her hips for support. Her moans became louder and louder and my fucking deeper and harder. She began to squeeze her own breasts and then Rekha screamed the roof down while her juices exploded on the rubber cock.

I turned her around and we snogged for ages, hands all over each other. I wanted my nipples licked and bitten. Her hands, soft lips and her teeth kissed and bite me all over. She began to finger me deep. I was laying down, eyes closed and loving the feeling of a young lady all over me. I too wanted to be fucked. So she tied her strap on. I sat on top of her and rode her cock deep, while she continued to suck my nipples. I was fucking her like a desperate whore dying for cock. Her hands were all over my body and my on her erected nipples. I felt the feeling of precum, stopped and and asked her to fuck me doggy style. She bent me over and repeated the same motions and I earlier. It didn't take long before I orgasmed with an almighty scream. The pleasure was awesome. We collapsed in each other's arms and engaged each other's tongue.

Had to dress very lightly and went down for the meal.

The evening session involved a double headed vibrator and more licking and kissing..

I hope you enjoyed