Written by Cuckold hubby

6 Feb 2012

Here I am...

a 27 yo cuckold ... I guess I should have known!!

Me and my wife (23yo, brunetter, 5"3, green eyes, 8/10 dress size, 32c, fit) been married for little more than 6 months, been dating for more than 1 year before asking the question.

She was already working at this lawyers firm and she is good at her job, so at least I thought so.

Last Friday night we want to the firm`s dinner and many people that she work with, were there, her boss too!

He is a 50/60 ish yo man, married and very assertive (know I understand why my wife always said she can`t say no to him). She works directly for him.

After dinner I was not able to see my wife Emma and started to look around the place, nice restaurant, nothing posh but nicily runned and clean, while looking upstairs I did notice some people by what I doscovered later to be the staff door, decided to have a look and to my shock and surprise there she was... on all four, wearing only her stiletto shoes and suspenders!!!

Her boss was fucking her doggy while another guy that work at the firm was having the blow job of his life, she is great at it, she can suck your head and move her tongue on it at the same time.

Her boss was calling her: my personal bitch, alwasy ding what I ask of her!!!

I was very shocked, never the tought of my wife fucking other`s people had crossed my mind, (thought of it, coming here on SH and read all story, aways wondered how would be). I wasn`t excited or hard... nothing... just there, shocked and could not stop watching!!

While her boss was pushing his cock in her, he saw me! He didn`t stop, to my surprise he said: Here is your husband, about time he find out about you!

I entered the room and he started to tell me that he has been fucking my wife since the day she started working for him, almost 4 years ago and many of his friends and clients have enjoyed her as well.

Emma didn`t say a word, her look in her eyes was astonishing, she kept sucking the other guy like there is no tomorrow and she was pushing her back every time her boss was entering her!!

Only words she said after few minutes were: Cum inside me, I want to feel your warm cum in me.

I saw her boss creampie my wife in front of me and at least another 3/4 guys all from the office and 2 guys working at the restaurant.

The other guy she was sucking off came all over her face, scooping his cum with his fingers feeded her and she licked his fingers clean, swallowing and drinking all the cum on her face.

I dont know how long it lasted, 10/15 min in total, but it looked like it was ages.

They left the room eaving her on the floor naked and me by her, while leaving her boss told me that know that I know, he will visit our house even if I am there and there is not longer need to hide.

She woved toward me and snogged me, could taste the salty cum in her mouth, she whispered: you know my secret now.

She dressed, watching her putting back on her little black dress I thought she is the most gorgeous girl my eyes ever saw.

In the car she explained that she could not tell me, she was not sorry that I saw her but relieved and from now on she will tell me every time she get used. She don`t want to lose me she says, she love me but she love cocks and her boss knows how to treat her like the little bitch she is!!

On our arrival at home she went for a shower and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up and she was not in the bed, went downstairs and she was talking on the phone, it was her boss, she wanted to make sure she was ok and to let her know that she was required to go to visit him at the office at around 4pm because he had some friends over and they needed to have a little bit of fun!! All the other sundays she was out on the afternoons, I always thought she was with her friends shopping or to the cinema.

At 8pm she was back and she said that she had lost count of how many loads of cum she had.

At today`s date, she hasn`t told me yet what did happen at the office and we have made love once in the kitchen. She didn`t allow me to cum inside her!!!