Written by ROBERT

4 Dec 2012

After the session with Paul my wife had said she would like to do it again.

I asked her if she meant Paul again but she said not him another and Paul could come again later.

So I trawled through the remaining three I had short listed and came up with one who said he was a good repeater had 7 inches cut plus he was a fittnes freak.

I emailed him asking for a picture or two ,they came back almost immediatly with his 7 inch erect a body most of us dreamt about having plus he was a good looking lad and mentioned he was bi courious.

I emailed him back and arranged a meeting then booked the hotel room again

Same proceedure ,Wife in the darkened room,I met him in the bar had a few minutes chat, he said he was 19 and looked as fit as a butchers dog, then after a drink went to the room.

I blindfolded him then we went in.

Her stripped then I stood him at the side of the bed.

My wife felt for his prick which was still soft and sort of pulled him closer then sat up a bit and took it in her mouth sucking it gently.

He soon became erect at which point I was fingering my wifes slit feeling her wetmess as she anticipated what was coming.

He stood fore a while then pulled out of her mouth then dropped his head between her legs and started sucking her jiuces as well as probing her with his tongue. [she told me later]

This quickly brought her to her first climax which shook her violently she was squeezing the poor lads head between her legs so tight he couln't get out.

After she calmed down he eased up so his prick was in place and my wife guided it into where it was needed then wrapped her legs round his then dreww him into her.

He began to slowly fuck her, long deep hard thrusts, slowly pull back then ram into her again.

Five of these thrust brought her to the second climax, she kept him in her gripas he just kept up that motion bringing her to two more, the last one being actually so violent she forced him out of her accidently but immediatly turned him on his back and threw herself onto him sucking his prick and fingering herself at the same time.

He told her he was cumming but she kept sucking taking his cum and her juices as he did.

She flopped back and lay gasping, the poor lad was also laying wondering what the hell had happpened.

I took my chance and went face down between her legs sucking at the residue of his and her wetness, sucking, swallowing the nectre.

The lad had stood up his prick semi limp now wondering what to do next, remember he was still blindfolded, so I took it as my duty to get him hard again.

I knelt in front of him took his prick fondled it for a few seconds, felt it responding, took it in my mouth,held it still feeling it throbbing to hardness.

When it was full erect again I led him back to the bedside where he straight away got down and began to fuck her again.

He kept up the slow drawback and hard deep ram in up for about 10 minutes bringing her to at least another three climax before he suddenly quickened his pace, thrusting hard and fast and deep as hewas obvoiusly going to cum so I smacked his bare buttocks hard seveal time as he actually spent his load causinghim to thrust deeper into her bringing her final and most violent climax .

Then into the bathroom re-blindfolded and out of the door.

I switched the lights on looking at my wife she lay exhausted legs wde cum and her juices running out of her slit between her legs and on the sheets.

I thought what a bloody waste so I get down and strted to suck them from her.

Withing seconds she had my head gripped between her thighs so I was trapped until she shook with a not so violent climax and released me.

I had had a spontanious ejaculation whilst I was doing it, so both sated I lay beside her and we both went to sleep