Written by chris

20 Sep 2009

If you have read the last two accounts of what Sue had done unexpectedly in our home. You will know I had set up the camera and hid in the spare room and came out to look through the crack of the door.

Well after she had text me to say she loved me and had lots to tell me from the office, the end of the day was drawing to a close and we decided to go for our usual drink after work. Sue had rang about 5.15 to ask if I could come to her office before we left. After tidying my desk I went over and noticed the blinds had been shut on the window door. As I never knock to go in, there before me was Sue on the table, legs wide open fingering herself and saying I have loads of spunk up here after what has happened to me today. Me trying to be the innocent said O, and what would that be? She said she had been well and truly fucked and felt she had cheated me out of watching what had happened. All I could do was drop my pants, pull her legs towards the edge of the table and slipped my cock into her pussy, god it was so wet. She kept saying I love you and don’t want to hurt you but, I enjoyed what had happened and it was only fucking, not making love. She started to say god your hard my love, you’re randy aren’t you? Go on add your spunk up there darling! As she was panting I gave her some long hard strokes right up against the mound of her pussy, she started to cum screaming I love you so much I’m cumming, I had one of the most intense orgasms ever as I exploded inside her. We stayed in this position as we calmed down, I was massaging her breasts and licked her ever so sensitive nipples as she shook with the touch, telling her I loved her. After my cock had slipped out and we got our breath back, Sue went down on her knees, took my cock in her mouth saying I hope this is going to cum again tonight. As we started to get ready, Sue was just about to put her knickers on as she said I need a drink when, I pulled them off her and said you don’t need these I want to see the spunk stains running down your legs. She had a smirk on her face saying she thought there might be more up her by the end of the night when I tell you what happened.

We got into the car, I asking how they had decided to go to the house, evidently Rick had commented on her dress and legs and Col had blurted out that he had seen all the way up her legs and more. Sue had gone red with embarrassment; she slapped his hand and said I thought it would have been kept a secret. It was then while Rick was at the bar Col had told her about the set up of the first meeting. She had looked shocked but Col had let the cat out of the bag and said I had talked about wanting in the future to see her fucked by two men at the same time and Rick was sound and would not tell anyone. Sue had got up to go to the toilet furious at the time and this is when she had phoned to say she was going home with both of them as she was so what I had done, but was also turned on at the thought of the two of them fucking her, she also told me that if I had gone to the house she was going to make me watch her. We got to the pub, sat down in a nice corner secluded by others, I had a hard on and it was very uncomfortable, Sue was just laughing then blurted out that this was a coincidence as this is where she had sat when she met them at lunchtime. Col started giving her attention by sitting beside her and sliding his hand up her leg and telling Rick how nice it was to feel her pussy, she had came like a train on the sofa as he had talked about her. It was then as Rick sat opposite and Sue getting very turned on that Col demanded she opened her legs to give Rick a view, asking as he touched the outside of her pussy if she wanted to try two men at the same time and asking Rich if he was enjoying the show. She had said maybe but she would have to talk to me, it was then that Col pushed a finger right up her and said we think it should be now ring him. As you know if you had read the last episode I made an excuse I had a client but had told her to enjoy herself. This is when Col had pulled her off the seat and said lets go back to the house. As Rick drove, Sue and Col were in the back seat kissing, and telling Rich she was one hell of a fuck and to listen to how wet she was as he stretching her pussy with three fingers up her. As you know Sue had been given a good seeing to by her admirers, and described everything, not leaving anything out. When we got back to the house Sue rushed upstairs for the loo and had gone into our bedroom. She had noticed the spunk stains on the quilt with a questionable expression as I came in, before she could say anything I got up behind her lifted her skirt put three fingers up her saying was this what he did?and then slid my cock right up her, saying so they spunked all over our bed did they?. She was panting, wanting to say something but was overcome from the fucking I was giving her and collapsed on the bed. As we got our breath back, Sue went quiet and said we won’t be meeting them again. Asking why she said she was very annoyed at Col telling someone without our permission, there had to be rules and was worried about our reputation. I then said, so because of Colin, Rick can’t come again? She stuttered saying well, well I don’t know, it’s a bit unfair for him but I wanted to make a point to them that she was not a slut and not easily lead and she was so frightened after the event at how easy she was told what to do, and let them do what they did. She looked so confused.

Suddenly she burst in to tears saying she couldn’t, as she loved me so much but enjoyed what they had done to her and didn’t want to make me feel inferior. She blurted out for some reason she had enjoyed anal with Rick and the verbal abuse they gave her as they used her. I was trying to say I had watched her, enjoying every minute of them giving her pleasure but she was so upset I didn’t think the time was right. I tried to consol her by saying what we have is so special and if I was hurt why was I able to fuck her twice in the last 4 hours if I wasn’t turned on by the fact. I told her, this is what I wanted for her to enjoy life to the full and that I loved her so much.

I am full of Guilt at the moment, I am responsible for what has happened; I set up the first meet. I have a recording of a fantastic wife who enjoys the pleasure of different men and feel so emotional that the love we have for each other is so special. I want her to explore and hope we will meet more friends in the future, and yes it’s nice to be secretive sometimes as well as being there in the heat of the moment. I don’t know about other males on here, who like to see there wife’s have fun, but I have learned so much by watching others give her pleasure so we expand our sexual fun times and try new things as we remember and talk about what this person did or what that one did.

The problem now is how do I resolve my guilt to go forward? I need your help from all you genuine couples out there. Have you experienced this? What do I do next? Do I tell her about the recording? Should I stop talking about it? Get back to me if you have the answer.