Written by chris

7 Sep 2009

This is a little long winded, but let’s just tell the tale and see what you think. My partner and I have been swinging for the last year or so but it’s been a bit hit and miss due to busy lives with work and family.

What didn’t help or give us any enthusiasm to try further, was the wasted time and energy of reading messages from single males who can’t read before replying, as in what we ask them to supply e.g. Tell us a bit about themselves, what they are wanting, as well as a decent photo in real time and not one from 10 years ago. The other problem was the meetings where they never turned up, or they think they are god’s gifts when it comes to looks as well as how big they are.

It had been over 4 months since the last time we had had a threesome and although Sue does enjoy the attention of two males, she is happy with what she has with me. But as most married males will tell you once you have seen your partner being fucked by another male its fantastic watching her cum as well as watching her give pleasure to another male and see the expression on his face when they cant believe what she is doing. I also think you can always learn a bit more from seeing how other males give pleasure.

So after looking at the site and reading the time wasters, we come to what happened last weekend. We got a reply from a male who ticked all the right boxes in wanting a long term friendship as well as the sex, the only thing that was debatable was his age as he was a little younger than what we had asked for. I knew Sue would have thought it a waste of time if I told her I had set up a meeting, so decided to contact Colin and tell him to meet us at a bar rather early in the evening and I would say he was a friend from the past. We always have a drink at the end of the day before going home; it’s a kind of unwinding session. Well we met up, got on great had a good few laughs and Colin was complimenting Sue on her business dress as she is always smart, wears stockings and nice heals. When Col went to the men’s I put my hand on her lap squeezing her thigh, saying he fancies you, Sue said I know and it’s a pity he was a friend, as she could have had some fun with him. As she said this I could see Col coming down the stairs from the men’s, Sue couldn’t see him so I got up and as we past I said sit in my seat and chat her up a bit more and try touching her up. After seeing friends in another part of the bar I went back to see a fantastic site of his hand half way up her skirt. I just said what’s going on here? Sue slapped his hand away saying nothing as Col got up to buy the drinks. While he was away I told her I think we should take him home and you should let him take things further if he wanted to. Sue started saying he’s to young he wont want to do anything with me being there. As he came back with the drinks I said, let’s make this the last one and go back to ours and you can finish off what you started with Sues skirt. Sue was just dumb struck, got off the chair and went to the ladies. I then told Colin to go to the toilets and see if the disabled ones were open and if so, wait for Sue to come out and try to get her in there for a kiss. I new after 10 mins it had worked as the door was locked when I went up. When they came back we headed for the car park. Col had parked well away from us so we had to wait for him so he could follow us back. As we sat in the car I put a hand up her skirt and asked well? She was soaking and her knickers were missing! It felt as if he had already cum up her, she was so wet! She managed to say that he had kissed her and finger fucked her bending over the hand rail and she had only felt the bulge in his trousers as he said, she would have to wait for that package if it was ok with me. At this point I was going to say something about the set up, but felt it was not the right time. Sue had reached over to touch my cock which was at bursting point well we know your turned on she said. Just then there was a beep and Col was behind us. When we got to the house, Sue went upstairs as Col got the drinks and I closed the curtains and put some music on. Sue came into the room, straight up to me and kissed me. As I gave her a long lingering kiss, Col came up behind her and started to kiss the back of her neck. She was moaning and pushing her pussy on to my cock saying she needed to be fucked. Col had taken her jacket of her shoulders and had unzipped her skirt, it was on the floor in seconds, Col said hold on to your hubby and step out of your skirt and keep your legs apart, as she did as he asked she looked at me with a look of questioning when suddenly her face turned to pleasure as Col had bent down and was licking her arse and fingering her pussy, the sound of moans from her as well as the squelchy noise coming from her pussy was a sight to be seen and heard as she just kept cumming. After a while we landed up stairs and this was when we saw the site of Colins cock, when he dropped his pants wanting Sue to suck him. She tried her best but it was so big, I have 8’’ but his was at least 10! Sue was sucking and trying to say she didn’t think she could take all of his cock up her and I was worried as well as Sue is only 5’ 2. We were both on the bed with her, kissing her breasts, fingering her and me giving her my cock to suck when she was not holding on to Col. Col then said he wanted to fuck her with her shoes on. She looked a bit concerned and I said you’re going to have to take it easy mate. He said I know but when we were in the disabled toilets I fingered her with nearly my whole hand up her and she kept cumming so I know she can take it. On him saying this I have always wanted to do this but thought my hands were to big, Col said watch this and he gradually started putting one then two three fingers up her and he started pushing in and out of her and started to talk a little dirty to her saying come on take it like a good girl, Sue was grabbing my cock and wanking me hard as she moaned and came all over the sheets. He then put the forth finger up her and his hand disappeared to his wrist and then back out again, Sue started swearing and saying fuck me! I just came all over her face and breasts, i couldnt hold back. Col got into position and put the head of his cock at her entrance and eased in about 3 inches asked if she was ok, then pushed some more, Sue said kiss me! As I kissed her he started to fuck her and had most of his cock up her, but he kept asking if she was ok. Sue said just take it easy and I will be fine, she was making so many noises and was telling me how good it was and was I enjoying her being fucked by another man as she turns me on. After a while we had forgot to ask Col to put a condom on as Sue can still conceive and asked him not to cum up her due to the fact, but he said he had had the snip and was that ok. Now Sue knows I have always wanted someone to cum up her and for me to watch it dribble out, she looked at me and said give me all your spunk. This set Col off and he started to really fuck her. Suddenly Sue arched her back as he shot his load up her, there was so much of it, that as he withdrew, spunk from the end of his cock dropping on to her pussy. We all lay there exhausted for what must have been 15 mins. Sue turned round to me and said you better see what is coming out of me. I went down on her and got another hard on as I saw how much spunk was over her pussy she put her hands down and spread her lips wide and I could see her whole cunt lubricated. I couldn’t help it I rammed my cock right up her and fucked her to another orgasm telling her to suck Cols dick clean. The site of my wife doing this made me shoot my load to mix with what was up there. Sue also took more of his cum in her mouth which is unusual for her. Col was still in a semi soft state and asked her to sit on top of him and ride his cock, she looked at me as she climbed on to him and asked for the KY, she started to ride him nice and slow, looked back at me as she squeezed some more KY and put it on her arse but said nothing. I new then that she was saying if you want to fuck my arse at the same time as I am fucking its now or never. After a while she was moaning and getting to another orgasm, I got behind her and put my soft cock to her arse and it slipped in, the feeling of feeling another cock on the other side of the lining of her womb rubbing up against each other was fantastic and we fucked her for what seemed ages, she just kept cumming as we did the same.

That was one of the best meetings we have had and hope to meet him again soon. Since then Sue and I have fucked like rabbits and we have also gone into the disabled toilets at the pub and fucked in there. I know Sue wants to see him again so when we do, we will be back with the second account.