Written by beautifulc

26 Jan 2010

Sara lay on her back, slightly lifted by the pillows under her. Her breasts full yet perky, the nipples tight brown and erect. Her chest was flushed slightly red and her breathing was more like a continuous gasp. Her nice flat belly with its cute little piercing was moving up and down as she breathed and my eyes were drawn down to the prominant mound beneath. Her pussy naked and glistening with lubricant and her own juices was split, the lips fat, engorged. Her glistening cunt was parted by the head of a large black cock, which was moving in and out slowly but relentlessly. Her hand snaked down and started to toy with the little ring sitting above her clit, rubbing in little circles she moaned again.

I was naked, my own erection jutting out, my cock aching from the cock sucking she gave me earlier. The pictures were fantastic and she seemed to love the camera. I panned in again on the big cock thrusting into her as she thrust back. "Ok guys I'm up again". Jeff came and knelt on the bed beside Sara's head and he started tracing a motif a cross her cheek and lips with his red engorged cock. Everytime it crossed her lips, her tongue darted out and she tried to curl the tip around the large rimmed head. "MMM baby, I can taste myself", she smiled and licked again. His cock twitched and leapt with each little lick. "Ok bro lets try this." Jeff was white as a sheet, his brother by adoption, black and largely endowed. We'd known them for a few years, they were real good friends, but this was the first time we'd got to play together.

Jimmy withdrew his cock from Sara's cunt it glistened with their juices. Sara sat up and Jimmy lay down on the bed beside her. She lifted her bum up so she was sitting on his belly and using Jeff's hands for balance got into a squat position over Jimmy's huge cock. "Ok guys easy now " She shifted her weight a little and with Jimmy holding his cock straight up, she started to work her ass down, little by little she worked his cock into her little rose bud. She stopped for almost a minute, grimacing with pain as the big cock stretched her little ass. The look on her face eased and she moved a little taking some more and then more and more until his thick 9" was embedded fully in her ass.She lay back on his chest and they started to fuck. His cock pistoning in and out of her little ass, she pushing back to make sure she took it all in to the hilt. I panned in close with the camera and I could see the glistening shaft gripped by her as it slide in and out, the flow of juice from her pussy running down over their sex.

They stopped slowly and I could see the sheen of sweat on her heaving breasts and her belly.Jimmy and Sara spread their legs wider and Jeff got in between them kneeling in front of her hot cunt. He got hold of his cock and slapped at her clit, which made her groan and writhe a little with pleasure, her hand slid down and she held her pussy open with her fingers and he slapped at it again, she moaned a little more and her hand slipped back down for support on the bed.

Jeff started to tease her cunt with his big headed cock and gradually worked it into her. "wow this more difficult than you'd think, god you have such a tight little cunt Sara." She smiled and then threw her head back as he pushed his cock all the way in. "ooo god that feels sooooo good guys, comm'on fuck me" They got into a rhythm, Jeff sliding in as Jimmy pulled out. They pounded her and she kept on having like little rolling orgasm's. The smeel of sex was overwhelming and her body shined with sweat. She looked and smiled at me mouthing a kiss and then she said "ditch the camera baby, let me taste that cock of yours" With indecent speed I was up kneeling by her head, offering her my cock, which waved around out of control.. She sucked me in and swirled her tongue and nipped and sucked, I thought my balls were going to come out through my cock, turning me inside out. I was so near coming, I plopped out of her gorgeous sexy mouth, and she looked up at me. "Baby, with sex, what are your deepest, darkest thoughts" Ugggghhhhh, that was too much for me, I just spunked and spunked and spunked, jetting my cum all over her face and tits. She smiled "gotcha" and then as if I'd triggered a reaction she started quaking and moaning," awe fuck, yessss, fuck uuuggghhhh, mmm yes fuck" She continued shaking and lolling her head back, her eyes rolling back, her tits and chest and belly heaving, colored a vivid red as Jeff and Jimmy rammed home together and started to cum, as they continued thrusting, cum and juices dripped from her ass and cunt. Jimmy plopped out first and then Jeff's limp dick, slithered out leaving a thick trail of spunk all over her pussy. She rolled off of Jimmy and got up on all fours, shaking and wiggling her ass at me, "please baby, pretty please get a picture of this" I was looking at het ass and cunt, red and wet, cum dripping eveywhere and took a beautiful picture.....