Written by Confused Guy

21 Apr 2010

Hi thanks for stopping to read this, I would like to know your thoughts on this please.

After one very hot sex session my girlfriend and I were in bed talking, I asked about her fantasies and if there was anything she wanted to do, after a short silence she asked if next time we had sex if she could push her finger up my ass. I readily agreed, little did she know this was a turn on for me, so a few days had gone by and we'd had sex but nothing had happened, but on this occasion as I went down on her in a sort of 69 position I felt her hands on my ass, at last I thought, slowly she probed me and pushed her middle finger in, I fained pain but she suddenly told me to shut up and take it which I did. This became a fairly regular part of our foreplay along with me using a dildo on her pussy as I licked her. One day as I went to go down on her she asked if I would pass her the dildo which I did, she told me to turn round and take the dildo in my mouth, I protested but she forced it into my mouth and made me gag, she told me to make it nice and wet which I did then she told me to turn around again and carry on licking which once again I did. She did the usual pushing her finger in but this didn't last long as she removed her finger and replaced it with the head of the dildo! This she slowy pushed in and didn't have to fake the pain as it hurt but I was told to shut up and take it if I knew what was good for me and if I wanted to fuck her again. I proceed to lick her out and she came with a force that I'd never seen and when I fucked her I was so turned on I couldn't last long. This has carried on although now she uses a lubricant which helps no end.

What I want now is to move on and buy her a strap on so she can fuck me properly but I'm not sure how to approach it. I asked her what it is that turns her on so much about doing this but she either can't or for some reason won't answer and as I enjoy it so much I don't want to push the subject to much. I wonder sometimes if she wants to see me get fucked by a guy or what, if she asked I'd probably agree! Does any one have any ideas how I can broach this subject and not freak her out? Your thoughts please.