Written by Bob

2 Nov 2017

My name is Bob, I am a 65 year old widower, my wife died of cancer 4 years ago and I live in the same small town where we lived for over 20 years. I am 5’ 8“ tall, reasonably slim and have all my own hair and teeth. After my wife’s death, I was a bit of a mess emotionally, so I tended to push away female acquaintances who wanted to ‘mother’ me, my wife had trained me well to live independently, so I didn’t need it. My children and their families live some distance away, so I don’t get to see them very often.

I like where I live, because I get to see my neighbours walking past to say hi to, my house is on one of the main thoroughfares through to the shops in town. It is also one of the routes up to the local schools, so I get to see the young Mums taking their kids to school, and show an interest in their progress. I would like to think I am friends with lots of the people who live around me, but I suspect that, to them, I am just someone they nod to as they walk past.

I have a bad back, well what man of my age doesn’t have back problems. I had surgery for a new hip a few years ago and I had hoped that this would cure the back problem, but it hasn’t happened. The new hip is not entirely right either, although the consultant says it looks OK on the x-ray, and I have decided to live with the bit of discomfort, I have had enough contact with the medical profession over the past few years.

One of the ladies I see walking past my house is called Lisa, she has a couple of small kids who she takes to school first thing in the morning, and she is often wearing a white medical-type overall, although I had never asked what she does. One morning as she was returning from the school run, Lisa noticed that I was struggling to bend down to pick up the keys I had dropped, and she commented about my obvious back problem. I made light of it, saying it was the usual back problem that men of my age have, and it was only uncomfortable when I bend down.

Lisa then told me she is a physiotherapist at the cottage hospital a few miles away, and she would be happy to give me an assessment of my problems if I wanted. She suggested I came round to her house later that morning, so she could “look me over” as she put it, before she went to work at lunchtime. I must admit I found Lisa quite attractive, 5’ 6” tall, I would guess in her early 30’s, slim with quite small boobs and the most gorgeous auburn hair (clearly out of a bottle, but very attractive nonetheless). I agreed I would pop round at about 10.30.

When I got there, she took me through to the front room and had me walk back and forth a bit while she watched me. She then said “now don’t get too excited, but I want you to do that again without your clothes on” and she suggested we go upstairs to their spare room. Upstairs, she had a sort of bench, like you see in a GP surgery, or possibly a massage table, which she sat on while I stripped down to my underpants. She then had me walk back and forth like I had downstairs while she studied me. After a while, she said “yes, I think I can see what’s going on, I will show you some exercises to do which I think will help”. She then asked if I would like her to give me a massage, which should help to relax me. As I said, I have always found Lisa quite attractive, so the thought of her hands on me was quite appealing.

I got up onto the table face down, while she got a small towel from the bathroom which she draped over my bum, and she started off rubbing some oil into my shoulders. Lisa explained that her husband is an engineer and is currently working in the USA for a month. She said he gets back trouble from time to time, so the massage table is useful for sorting him out. I looked up at her, and she raised her eyebrows slightly, so we both knew what she was talking about. She worked her way down to the muscles in my lower back, which felt very nice and, when she moved down to the backs of my legs, I was feeling slightly aroused.

Lisa suggested she should finish off with the muscles at the front of my legs and, when I rolled over onto my back, the towel fell on the floor and I realised I had an erection. I noticed Lisa raising her eyebrows again, but she said nothing initially, rubbing oil into my thigh muscles, but I could see she was looking at my underpants, which was causing my erection to grow steadily. She said “I’m sorry, I’ve made you all unnecessary …… but this does look rather impressive” and with that, she peeled back the waistband of my pants to reveal my ever-growing cock.

“Oh wow” she said “I’ve never seen one this big before” and she grasped my cock firmly in her hand. I must confess, I have never thought of myself as large in the trouser department, my late wife and I only ever had one sexual partner and she always seemed satisfied with our love making, so we never knew anything different. However, it would seem Lisa’s husband is not so well endowed because she was definitely impressed with what she saw before her now. She stroked my cock gently which I found very arousing, I had not had sex since before my wife’s death, and I can’t remember even having an erection, so this felt wonderful. I watched Lisa’s face as she licked her lips and, when I started to feel the sap rising, she engulfed my cock in her mouth. The first spurt hit her on the cheek, but she managed to capture most of the rest, seemingly swallowing the lot. As I had not had sex for so long, I think I came ‘in buckets’ and Lisa seemed to enjoy it enormously, even scooping up the bit on her cheek to lick that up too.

Afterwards, I started to feel a bit embarrassed, but she assured me she had enjoyed it, so I should not feel that way. When I saw her again a couple of days later, I was still feeling a bit awkward, but she would have none of it, she asked me if I would like to pop over again for a massage and suggested the following morning when she had the day off. I saw her walk past my house on her way back from the school run the following morning, and I did wonder whether I might be treated to another ‘hand job’, but then I thought ‘that I should be so lucky’.

When I went round to Lisa’s house later that morning, she greeted me clad in a blouse and skirt which I thought looked quite alluring, but I thought ‘oh bugger, no uniform today’. She told me to go upstairs and strip off, she had put a towel on the massage table to cover my dignity. I don’t know why I did it, but I decided to strip off completely, pulling the towel over my bum when I lay face down on the table.

She started to massage by shoulder muscles, rubbing in some oil as she moved down to my lower back, pushing the towel off my bum as she got there. She asked me to roll over onto my back, lifting the towel as I rolled and then stood staring at my growing erection. I reached up to grasp one of her breasts through her clothing and realised she was not wearing a bra, so I sat up and turned to face her and undo the buttons of her blouse. Her breasts were small, but with quite large nipples which seemed to be crying out to be sucked, so I did just that. She hugged my head to her chest as I suckled her breasts and she gasped as I sucked her nipples into my mouth.

I put my arms around her and kissed her passionately on the lips, her body seeming to melt into mine. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, here was a very attractive young lady less than half my age who was happy to engage in foreplay with me, I thought that, any minute, she would say ‘that’s it we’ve had a little fun, you can go now’ but she carried on kissing me quite passionately.

Lisa said “my husband is a lot smaller than you, I wish I could get all that inside me” to which I replied “well, you’ll never know until you try”. She still had a look of trepidation on her face, but she took me by the hand and led her through to the main bedroom, dropping her blouse onto a chair at the side. I unzipped the side of her skirt, sliding it down to the floor, quickly followed by her thong and she stood before me totally naked. I kissed her gently, pulling her against me and I could feel her small breasts pressing against my chest. As we broke the kiss, she said “my husband has been away for nearly three weeks, and I am just gagging to be fucked …… please be gentle with me”.

I laid her down on the bed and went down on her, her pussy was neatly trimmed and I so enjoyed licking her clitoris, slipping two fingers inside so I could stretch her labia open to plunge my tongue inside her. Unlike last time when she masturbated me, I was in total control of my own arousal this time, and I was able to bring her to orgasm repeatedly, enjoying the sight of her arousal. Her pussy was just so wet, I decided I could not prepare her any more and, when I started to crawl up her body, she said “I’m on the pill …… so you can cum inside me …… pleeease”.

As I presented my cock to her pussy lips, I could see she was holding her breath, so I smiled and bent forward to kiss her gently in an effort to relax her, but she still said “Huh” when I nudged my knob inside. I noticed her wincing several times as I nudged a bit more into her, but eventually her smile returned as I gently drove my cock deep into her vagina. I then lay quite still, except for kissing her gently and tweaking her nipples while she became accustomed to my size. When I started to fuck her gently, she quickly showed her approval, gasping and groaning and telling me I could go harder. I built up a steady rhythm of thrusting my cock deep into her cunt, each time Lisa gasping her approval to it.

After a while, I said “I want to cum”, Lisa’s face broke into a broad smile, she grasped my buttocks with her hands and said “let me help you”. As I started to thrust into her more firmly, she became ever more vociferous, demanding that I “fuck her harder …… cum inside me …… I want your cum”. Eventually, I ejaculated …… I’m pretty sure she had been cumming continuously for a couple of minutes, but it felt like an almighty peak of our coupling.

As we calmed down, I rolled off onto my side and she rolled to face me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I played with her nipples for a while and she began stroking my cock, but I was pretty sure she would not manage to raise any interest down there yet. Eventually we got up to get cleaned up and I returned to my house. Most mornings, I try to be outside the front of my house as Lisa goes past on the school run and we exchange a few pleasantries.

I have been doing the exercises Lisa suggested for my back problem and it is showing a marked improvement after just 2 weeks, so I will definitely carry on with them. Her husband is back working locally for the time being, so I doubt whether she will need me again …… for the time being at least.