Written by Jon

2 Dec 2009

Yvonne and me have been together about 3 years. We have open an relationship and will sometimes come home to our flat and find the other in bed shagging, when, depending who it is either watch or join in. She is always keen to try new things, saying she won't refuse to do anything until she has tried it and decided for herself. We try to surprise each other, knowing how far we can go. I like her shaved and always enjoy taking a razor to her pussy keeping her completely smooth.

Last month she came home and told me that she had a surprise for me and that she wanted me smooth like her, and she had arranged for someone to help her. I was to be showered and naked on the bed ready at eight. The time arrived and in she walked, not with one of her friends but with, Martin a guy we both knew was bi. I looked at her and she said "He's here to shave you". She undressed and watched as he stripped, revealing his tanned, hairless body. Fortunately I'm not very hairy, so they did my legs first, my back and chest, leaving my cock a balls for last. He shaved my pubes,resting his hand on my prick. The first time another man had touched me and my prick began to harden. Yvonne laughed seeing what was happening and by the time he got to my balls and shaved my arse I was fully erect. Yvonne took me to the shower to wash off the foam then back to the bedroom. Martin was laid on the bed wanking his cock watching Yvonne go down and take my prick in her mouth sucking. She sucked, taking me into her throat bringing near to coming, then stopped. "I love the feel and taste of a prick in my mouth, tell me what you think. Suck Martin's prick for me". I looked at her and she pushed my head down onto his erect cock. I took him in my mouth and gave it a tentative suck as he lifted his hips and pushed more in. I could see her standing to one side rubbing her clit and slipping fingers in and out of her cunt wanking as she watched me give him a blow job. We took it slowly me taking him deeper with each suck. I could taste his pre-cum and it felt as if he was close. Yvonne had a hand between my legs stroking my cock but stopped when she saw he was close to coming and pulled my head off him.

Her cunt was good and wet and she wanted to be fucked, I lay on the bed with my bum near the edge and she got on top with her back to me. She lowered herself onto my cock and slid it in her fuckhole. She was so wet I could feel her juices running out over my balls as we fucked. She pulled Martin to her, kissing him, as I felt his cock at the entrance to her cunt resting against mine. The bed is designed at the correct height so you can stand and fuck someone laid on it. She moved back a little giving him room to push his cock in next to mine. Her cunt was soaking, he easily slid in and began pumping her twat. I've DP'd her several times, anally and in the cunt and she always starts grinding her cunt on the cocks as we shag her. This time she wanted something different. She told Martin to pull out then laid back on me with my prick still in her cunt. They'd pre-planned what was next as he lifted my legs and pushed them back exposing my arsehole. Yvonne was trying to see and said "Can you get your cock up his arse. I've always said how good an arse fuck is when he's doing me. I know Jon will enjoy it".

She kept still as he put his fingers in her cunt getting them covered in cunt juices then used them to prise open my bum, lubricating me. His cock must have been still slick from fucking Yvonne as he spread my arse and once he had opened my arsehole slid his cock up my shithole. He fucked my arse and once she felt him move she began moving on top. They got in time, my cock sliding in and out of her cunt as his cock slid in and out of my arse. I'd reached round and pinched and pulled her nipples, squeezing her tits as she fingered her clit. I was close to coming, from the feeling of her cunt gripping my cock and the tight penetration as I got arse fucked. I came in her and she frigged her clit harder as my arse got fucked. She and Martin came close together as I felt his prick twitching as he came inside.

Next weekend I have a surprise planned for Yvonne, it's her 30th birthday treat. But as she reads SH most days she will have to wait and see what it is!