Written by Kinklover469

9 Feb 2018

Her name was Zaida. She wore a silver cross around her neck and it glistened in the light. Her eyes had a warmth about her and they squinted a little when she smiled. A copy of the bible was on her bedside cabinet, it was opened at a specific page with a fancy bookmark. I couldn't quite make out what chapter. It appeared she was a church regular and was due to visit today after our agreed rendezvous. She even tempted me with another girl and made her walk into our bedroom to introduce herself. I politely declined, as I wanted Zaida. This alternative woman was dressed in only underwear and a see through red top.

Zaida’s curves were ample and I enjoyed her thrusting her hips and buttocks against my body and crotch, grinding to the music in the background. She felt my cock grow harder and harder, I moved her hair and gently nuzzled and kissed her neck. She responded well and seemed to enjoy it, her skin was clammy and damp to the touch, she was feeling hot. I bent her over onto the bed, lifted her short black skirt and exposed her ample arse in my face. I opened up her cheeks to view her puckered arsehole and moist pussy lips. There were a few strands of hair exposed which I didn’t mind. I went straight in with my tongue, licking and tasting her anus, thrusting it inside, then moving my tongue further down into her pussy lips. She let me fuck her, I like the deepstick position as well as doggy-style and 69. She spat on my cock several times to moisten it, it certainly helped when she gave her sloppy blowjob.

We finished up, dressed and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. We parted ways and I went home feeling satisfied. The next day I went into my local Starbucks and she was there, nursing a latte and nibbling on a pastry. She smiled at me as I waited to place my order in the queue. There was the same familiar warmth and squint of her eyes. I smiled back shyly and continued on.

I must see her again....