Written by shaven_lady

16 Oct 2012

this is to be our fist meeting. i have arranged to meet you close to my home. i set off to see your already there waiting for me. you smile and lean over to open the car door. you hand me a small bunch off flowers. i smell them and smile as i say thank you. you compliment me on how i have dressed. i compliment you. your in shirt and trousers. i can smell your aftershave/collogne. i love the smell... and sit and take a deep breath. its my weekness, i can feel myself getting turned on and wet.

as you drive, you say we are going to a small country pub you know off. we make small talk about family and how the day has gone. times flies and before i know it, your stopped in and we are in the car park.

we enjoy the meal in quiet small talk. i think you do like me, but afraid to ask. too many men have said they dont like me... i dont want to hear it tonight.

as we leave, you take my hand. im shocked and jump. you laugh and say its ok. i smile back at you and we leave.

you drop me off from where you picked me up. you kiss my cheek and say you will txt me. you say you enjoyed the evening.

i walk back home with a smile on my face. i dont see the car pull beside me as im walking up my path. i put the key in my door.. enter and close the door. locking the door as i get ready to go to bed.

the phone makes a noise. a txt. from you. it says to look outside. i look out. your sat outside in your car. another txt comes. can you come in for coffee? should i allow you? i still dont know you. you get out off your car, you knock on my door. i hesitate. eventually i open the door. i allow you to enter the house. you say how you take your coffee. i make us both a coffee. we sit in silence as we drink. i take the empty cups away. i sit down. not sure wot to do.

you lean across and whisper the question, can you kiss me? i face you. you kiss me so tenderly on the lips. i lean back, you say not here. not on the sofa. you ask me where the bedroom is. you take my hand and take me there. you sit me on the bed and undress. i watch. the shape off your body. the contours. i long to touch. to smell. to feel.

when all your clothes have been removed, you take my hand and start to unbutton my top. i freeze. you say its ok. i allow you to remove my top. you hand my breasts while my bra is still on. its very pretty bra. you like it. you kiss my neck, making me weak. you undo t-my jeans and slide them off. i stand infront off you in my underwear. shy. ashamed. im not slim. im not desirable. you ask if you can remove the rest. you slowly pull my knickers down. you kiss the mound as it is exposed.you slide a finger in me. i place a hand on your shoulder to steady myself. you say to sit down. you spread my legs and kiss me inner theighs. your tongue licks my clit. you ask if im ready. i nod. you sink your face deep into me and ripples shudder my body straight away. i cum hard. i laugh aloud, your face is soaked, as is your body. you slide a finger in me, you say "lets see how much you squirt", your finger deep in me. workin fast you make me cum, and cum, and cum. till i climax.

now we both lay on the bed. only now do you remove my bra. you kiss, lick, suck and nibble my nipples. my hand is drawn to you cock. i slowly rub it. you move to allowd a view of me rubbing you. you ask me if i enjoy sucking a man by whispering in my ear. i nod. you kneel beside me. i take you in my mouth. you moan. you enjoying what i do to you. yot move again. you assume the 69 pose. both enjoyin what is happening. as i get cklose to climxing again. you stop. you say you want to enter me. you move and the tip off your cock is nudging my lips. i yearn for you to enter me. at last you slide your full lenth in me. thrusting slowly. looking at the look in my eyes. you ask me to say what i enjoy. i reveal i like ice cubes. deep sex. doggy style. you raise my legs and ask if this is deep enough. i can only nod as i climax. i hold your botox. wanting you deeper. i say loud i want you deeper and harder. harder. harder. you raise my body and plce pillows under me then you thrust harder than you ever have before. i scream that i love it. ask if you can go harder still. you say ur cumming. you collapse on top off me. our own sweat mixed with each others.

eventually you say you need to shower. i point to a pile of clean towels. you take my hand and say we will shower together. i soap you all over. then you soap me down. the touch turns me on. i drop to my knees and suck you till your hard again. you turn me round and take me from behind... the jiuces mixed with the water. now you say i should be satisfied. but im not. my fingers slide inside me as play eith myself sitting on the side of the bath. you take the shower and spray my clit. i climax once more. you say to keep going, till im satisfied completly. only now do we get out and i watch you dress. i need to change the bedding as its soaked. i will do this omnce you leave. you kiss me on the lips. you stop suddenly and laugh. you can tell im getting turned on again. you say no more tonight.

i let you out and lock the door. a smile on my face. the thought amkes me want to play when im alone in bed. you must have sat outsuide in your car till i changed the beddin. once the lights are turned off. you txt. you say im not to play. im to wait till you return the following evening. i hear the car engine and you leave. i sleep soundly.