Written by ferkin

25 Oct 2008

As the middle aged husband in a marriage of 18 years my sex life was very routine and predictable to a fault. My wife and I still being very much in love did not find it attractive to wander sexually into others beds but deep inside I felt we both had some unsatisfied urges. Or at least I knew my fantasies were more exotic than the usual variations on an old theme. However my best efforts could not bring out my wife's inner most desires.

Our best friends of our entire married life were Mark and Melissa. We had been on numerous trips together sharing interests and life experiences with them and had become closer than most friends ever become. Even when separated by many miles the bond remained strong with them.

Mark's job required he be gone from home frequently and for days at a time. This caused 2 problems for him. One, he couldn't keep up with his household chores so he depended on me to occasionally mow the yard or paint a room which I was glad to do. The second problem he was unaware of or at least didn't acknowledge it to me. His absence also meant his wife wasn't sexually satisfied. She and I would get together for dinner when we were both in town alone and we shared many thoughts and became each other's confidant. It was refreshing to talk to a woman that was not my wife about sexual things and get feedback from an unbiased listener. We shared deepest secrets including her infidelities and my bisexual urges.

She also confided in me and voiced her frustration with inadequate sex from her husband. I made many suggestions to try to help out, including sex games, role playing, mild B and D, dress up night and so on. She tried them to some degree of success but long absences continued to leave her unfulfilled. She eventually admitted to having an affair with a co-worker whom we both knew. Without being judgmental I listened and was sympathetic to her plight. Melissa was a beautiful woman, approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, small breasted and very fit with rich auburn colored hair. I knew she would not have any trouble finding a man to satisfy her if she decided to do so. Mark was a handsome man in his own right and from our days of working out at the gym together I knew he had a larger than average cock. They were an attractive couple with a problem.

One week in May I received a long distance call from Mark . He was out of the country for 3 more days and was afraid his yard would look like a jungle by the time he got back so I agreed to help him out. On the way to his house my thoughts were of the conversations I had with his wife recently. I was curious to hear of her adventure into the world of extramarital sex. Upon arriving at their house I noticed a vehicle in the driveway that I knew belonged to a black guy from work.

Going against my better judgment I knocked lightly on the door but got no response. I opened the door slightly and called out to Melissa and again got no response. Venturing further in I got halfway down the hall to the master bedroom when I heard moaning coming from their bedroom. I slowly approached the open door and peaked in to see Sam, a black co-worker, on top of Melissa shoving what appeared to be 9 inches of dark black meat in her. She had her legs wrapped around his waist and I could see sweat beads on his back. He was unaware of my presence and I wanted to keep it that way. Melissa did notice me peaking around the door frame and just smiled at me without alerting her lover. I left quietly as my mind raced.

A couple of days passed and I realized I still hadn't gotten the damn yard mowed. I was a little afraid to return unannounced, fearing I would not know how to react if I caught Melissa again servicing that huge black cock of Sam's, so I called. Melissa was her usual friendly self on the phone with no mention of what had happened just a few days before.

The drive over seemed short and soon I was taking care of the yard and working up a good sweat. When finished, Melissa and I sat down with a cold drink and she began to explain why she had decided to fuck Sam. I already knew the reasons and tried to make her at ease with the situation. She asked me to keep it between us like so many of the conversations we had shared in the past and I readily agreed. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for being such a good friend and asked if I would like to shower before returning home and I said "that would be great".

I undressed quickly in their master bathroom and in no time was drying off and looking for my sweaty clothes to put back on. She had picked them up and replaced them with a robe. I donned the robe and made my way back into the kitchen. She explained she was washing my clothes and they would be ready in about 40 minutes and why didn't I have a beer while we waited. After a few beers and a few minutes she again thanked me for being cool with what had happened. She gave me a bug hug again but this time she also kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back and without saying anything she led me into the bedroom disrobing as she went. I wasn't sure about this but after seeing her top come off revealing those small firm breasts and watching her shorts fall revealing her fabulous ass swaying back and forth I decided to enjoy myself just this one time.

We made passionate love for hours exploring each others bodies and giving to each other fully and without any reservations. We were on our second session of fucking with me on top when I thought I heard something in the background. I looked around to see Mark standing in the doorway with an astonished look on his face. Melissa was shocked and it was the most awkward moment of my life. My dick plopped out of her as she hurriedly got up trying to explain the situation. I didn't say anything. What do you say when your buddy comes home to find you with your dick buried in his wife and her loving every minute of it. He was hurt and the same time. We all three sat on the bed talking, Melissa and I were nude and sweaty and trying to cover up and he was shaking with emotion. Without a thought I told him I was sorry and asked if there was anything I could do to make it up to him. He looked me in the eye and said "yea there is. Since the two of you insist on acting like a couple of whores I'll treat you both like that for the remainder of the day, and you will do anything I say during that time, OK"! What do you say to that when he was absolutely correct.

With that he stood up and said, " I want you to undress me while she watches. " I stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt and took it off him wondering what he was going to want to do with us. I knelt down and removed his shoes and socks and then reached up and undid his belt and zipper, pulling them down to reveal his bulging jockey shorts. I stopped long enough for him to say, "go ahead, underwear too." I slipped two fingers under the sides of his waistband and tugged them down allowing his enormous cock to spring out. I was surprised to find him completely erect. Melissa groaned lustfully when she saw it and appeared to be enjoying the show. Now he was completely nude standing above me. I started to get up and he said " not yet you little whore, I want you to get me wet for Melissa." I had thoughts in the past about what it would be like to suck his beautiful cock, especially after seeing it for the first time in the gym but never thought I would get to find out. This was something I had been looking forward to but I would never let him know that.

I opened my mouth wide and offered it to him. He grabbed his swollen cock and began rubbing it across my face leaving a trail of pre-cum. After a few minutes of this tantalizing behavior he shoved his cock in my mouth and told me "suck me off you little cocksucker." And of course I sucked like there was no tomorrow. I glanced around to see Melissa fingering her cunt with one hand and rubbing one of her nipples with the other. She was obviously getting very excited by all this. I sucked up and down on his cock for a few minutes and was really starting to enjoy it when without any explanation he pulled it out of my mouth and told Melissa, "now it's your turn whore." With that he climbed on top of her and rammed it in her cunt fully with the first thrust. She let out a loud groan and began gyrating against his thrusts. I crawled to the foot of the bed and got a full view of his balls swaying back and forth and her pussy dripping and oozing wetness down to her butt crack. What a hot sight. I stroked myself to the rhythm of their fucking. It was wonderful. After about 20 minutes of this she tensed up and screamed, obviously experiencing an intense orgasm. She slumped onto the bed, sweaty and breathing hard. He pulled his still hard cock out of her and said, "is that all you got , I'm still horny." With that he turned to me and said "get on your knees, since you fucked my wife I'm going to fuck you."

Without any hesitation I got on the bed beside Melissa and got on my knees with my head and arms down on the bead next to her. She was smiling at me and my ass was up in the air waiting for what was to come. I felt his cockhead against my ass cheeks and then pressing against my tight hole. His cock was still wet from Melissa and it began to penetrate me causing me some pain but I didn't say anything. Just then Melissa leaned over and began kissing me as his swollen cock slipped all the way in me. It hurt at first but began feeling better with each stroke, pretty soon I was loving it. Melissa and I were locked in a passionate embrace while her husband pleasured himself on my ass. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

After about 15 minutes of this he started moaning loudly and I could feel him fucking me harder and faster until he let out a loud moan and I could feel his warm cum shooting inside me. He collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. I got up, gathered myself and kissed Melissa goodbye. It was the best sex I had ever had and suspected it was the same for the both of them. I can only hope they are up for a repeat performance sometime.