Written by Easy Sara 247

1 Dec 2010

My husband was finally home from Afghanistan. His unit operated deep within the ‘Green Zone’ and every week someone seemed to have been badly injured. When he got the chance ‘D’ emailed me or even better telephoned. He never talked about what he did, I never asked. It seemed best that way. Time passed slowly, very slowly. A friend whose husband worked with ‘D’ let slip that most days the men fought hand to hand. From then on I resolved to do anything in order to keep his morale up, give him a reason to come back home-alive.

The phone rang. It was a month before he was due to return. D’s voice was a little shaky, ‘Have you got time to talk, love.’

Time was all that I had, the kids were out, so I sat down, ‘Everything alright?’ I could tell that he had been crying, ‘What is the matter?’

‘Nothing, everything is cool.....look, I have been thinking’, his voice regained its normal firm composure, ‘Life is too short to have regrets, right.....’ He paused, ‘You know that I love you with all my heart, right, and I do not want you to take this the wrong way, right.’

At this point I panicked, ‘You are not going to leave me are you?’ He calmly told me not to be so bloody stupid and to let him finish. We got married very young. Maybe too young, 17 and 18 respectably and now had been hitched for nearly nineteen years. We had been childhood sweethearts and had never had sex with anyone else.

‘Look darling, I would like us meet other couples when I get back, you know, give swinging a go’, D waited for my answer but none came, ‘You still there.’

‘Yes....ermm’, it was all a bit of a shock and I didn’t know quite how to respond, but I remembered my promise, ‘Anything you want to do is fine by me.’

‘Look, do not make your mind up just yet’, he read out a website and asked me to join this online swinging club, ‘See what it is like darling, check it out and then get back to me, no pressure.’

I slept on it and the next day set up an account and paid my money. For the first few days I browsed the photos. It was a whole new world and a real turn on, especially by the more hard core images and videos. On the third day a message box flashed up, before responding I looked at the profile, it was from a bloke with a fantastic bum and a wife/partner to die for. I responded. For the next hour and a half we flirted. He was good and I found myself playing with my clit.

My profile was updated with an image that showed off my size 8 frame. The next hurdle was the chat rooms. Now that was an eye opener. Having big tits and petite body seemed to generate a lot of interest. There were some really nice people on there. I had a great time chatting and rapidly became a type of cyber slut. I was totally honest about my husband and a few blokes thought I was lying. Never mind, there loss! Anyway my mind was made up. I had an absolutely fantastic time, not all the people were to my taste, but more than a few were. I made them friends on my profile as a type of shopping list.

My husband’s flight landed and for the next few days he had a lot of admin to get through, but then he belonged to me. As soon as the kids went to college, we went to bed and fucked each other senseless, and then the question came from D, ‘What did you think about the site I asked you to look at?’

‘I will give it a go, if that is what you are asking’, I jumped out of bed, turned on the lap top and opened up my account. For the next few hours we browsed and made a decision to contact two couples and a single bloke. The deal was done. After a few days we checked our mail and found that one couple had responded. The couple only lived about thirty miles from us and were available the next day, there message read;

‘Love your photo, keen to meet. We are clean and can provide it, so would like to do it bareback.’

‘Bareback’, I looked at D, ‘What is that?’

‘It means he wants to shoot his load in your fanny.’

Seemed fine to me! I knew nothing different. They had included a mobile number. After a few of long phone calls we eventually met in the lobby of a large hotel and had a few drinks. Then we went upstairs to the suit we had rented. I wasted no time and took off my dress and fuck me bra and knickers.

We had chosen our first couple because of his 9 inch cock and the fact that her pictures left nothing to the imagination, as my husband said, they were totally hard core. He wasted no time, sprung her small tits and was sucking them like an ice pop.

The man approached, ‘Would you like to undress me?’

My heart raced as I stripped off his T-shirt, undid the belt and pulled his trousers and underpants off. Now that was what I call a cock. It was solid as a rock, and thrust up beyond his belly button.

I had watched a few porno movies in preparation and had come prepared. With a bottle in one hand I drizzled some lube over my tits. It felt really sluttish to have 34C greasy tits. His cock pushed up and down between my cleavage as I gave him a tit wank. Each time his cock came up I licked his large purple end. Each time I tasted his saltiness. I squeezed his cock between my large firm breasts and the lube squelched as he begun the thrust faster and faster.

Then he stopped, ‘Take it in your mouth.’

‘Mmmm’, he tasted fantastic. I tried to be like the girls in the porn movies and took it deep into my mouth. No matter how much I tried it wouldn’t go beyond four inches, but at least I tried, so went back to what I knew best, ‘Come on top of me and fill my fanny with your big cock’.

I lay on the bed and raised my knees as he crawled on top of me. He smelt really good and I was desperate for his cock. I felt his large bulbous end against my lips. Then he pushed in and then in a little further. For the first time ever I gripped my teeth as his humungous cock nearly split me in two. Then I started to relax and the true beauty of having something that large and thick inside my little fanny hit me. WOW, it was good, ‘Fuck me, you bastard.’

He didn’t need asking twice. His cock rammed into me. I felt him smack against my stomach wall and it sent showers of ecstasy through my body. I tried to keep quiet but had to scream with a mixture of pleasure, excitement and out of pure sluttish necessity. He kept on going, banging his rod into me. I felt that familiar warm sensation followed by the slow methodical throbbing of a cock emptying the last of its cum inside my fanny.

The man kissed me and climbed off. I looked at him, ‘Was I good?’

‘I thought it was the man who was supposed to ask that question’, he laughed, ‘Yes, like your husband said, you need a little bit of tuition to help you release the inner slut, but you will get there.’ He pointed at D, now that man knows how to give a woman a good time. D had his head between the woman’s legs and was licking like it was going out of fashion. She was in another world.

I didn’t believe what I was about to ask, ‘Do you know anyone who could teach me?’

‘As a matter of fact I do’, he pulled out his mobile phone, ‘They only lives five miles from here. If you want I could give them a call’.

D looked up with love juice spread across his face. As he said, like all good military men he always had one ear trained on the chatter around him, ‘Why not, we have nothing planned for the next few days.

‘What about your husband?’ the man looked at D who was now giving the woman a good fucking from behind.

‘No, I am OK thanks’, D smiled, ‘I have some admin to do, but they can come around to our house while I work downstairs. The kids are having a sleep over at their grans.’

What! I wanted to be angry, but was quietly excited by the prospect. My sluttish self was well and truly out of her cell. This had been short and sweet, but I wanted more, much more. Bring it on.

I was busy shaving the last of the hair from my fanny and had put on the brightest lip stick. The skimpy French maids outfit lay on my bed ready for me to climb into. The front door bell rang and D opened it. I peaked downstairs to see what they looked like. I nearly cum! One was over six feet and looked muscular, but was only aged about twenty five. The other was a little chubby and about fifty.

My husband was the kindest man I had ever known and was always diplomatic, so you could understand my embarrassment when he came right out and asked them, ‘So how big are your cocks....I need to know out of interest.’

‘He is 9 inches’, the older man pointed at his friend, ‘And I am over 10 inches, more importantly we are both big cumers. At any time she can call it a day without any hard feelings. OK.’

My husband laughed, ‘ She wanting to be fucked senseless, give her it everyway. You have all day and night’, and he pointed up the stairs, ‘Have fun.’

‘Now that sounded just the medicine I needed’, I ran into the bedroom and put on my maids outfit.

For privacy reasons my name is not Sara and my husdand's name does not begin with D. Enjoy