Written by ginger

5 Feb 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I went out for a few drinks with a friend. On the way home he asked me in for a nightcap and I agreed. After we had had a drink, my friend said that he was all in and needed to lie down so he went upstairs leaving me and his wife sitting on the sofa, asking her to see me out. We chatted for a bit. She is a really attractive blond with a great shape. I got the feeling she might be up for it so I moved closer so as to kiss her. She did not say no and in no time my hands were inside her bra fondling her tits; then with her blouse undone and her bra up. I was licking her tits and gently chewing her nipples. Her nipples were quite small but they were soon hard and erect. After that I stood her up and turned her round to lean over the sofa. She had a long skirt on and I lifted it up over her arse and put my hand into her pants to feel her clit. The other hand went down the back of her knickers and my finger was rubbing her arse. By now she was up for it and before I knew it she was on her knees undoing my fly. She popped my cock out of my pants and began pushing it to the back of her throat. Then she would bite the head. My cock is not large but it is very hard and she seemed to like that. I then asked her what her husband would do if we joined him upstairs. She said he would be fine especially if I woke him up by sucking his cock. So up the stairs we went. In the bedroom my friend had got his clothes off but was lying on the bed asleep. I climbed on the bed and slipped his cock into my mouth which woke him up. His wife lay on the bed next to us and watched as I sucked his cock and it grew and hardened. She had her legs closed but I slipped my hand between them and pushed two fingers into her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb. To may amazement she came almost instantly moaning loudly. By now my friend was really interested and got off the bed pulling his wife over, opening and raising her legs he entered her now dripping cunt. I kept my cock near her face and as he entered her she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. He was very close to the bottom of the bed with his arse raised so I got up and walked round behind him. Borrowing some juice from his wife’s cunt, I managed to get the tip of my cock just into his arse. This focused his mind and he began gently thrusting as deep inside his wife’s cunt as he could. As he withdrew my cock went further and further up his arse. In no time he was shooting his load into her cunt with a groan of relief. She came for a second time with more loud groans. He then went round he bed and his wife took his cock into her mouth and licked off his cum and her juices. I took the opportunity to go down and suck some cum out of her and lick her. She said she still wanted more so I turned her over and stuffed my cock up her cunt which was now swollen and so wet. Pulling it out and being wet enough, I entered her arse which made her gasp. It was tight and ridged so I started gently thrusting, gradually pushing harder and harder until I was all the way in. I withdrew and put my cock back into her cunt just in time to cum deep inside her. I stood back while my friend stuck his tongue deep inside his wife’s cunt and sucked out as much cum as he could. This made her cum for a third time after which she collapsed exhausted. It was time to leave them to it so I gathered up my clothes which were strewn about the house and made my way home. What a session!