Written by Vladimir

4 Feb 2010

We where in the middle of moving to the new house, when we discovered three women living together in town. It was on a boy’s night. Well it was a girl’s night as well, but they were…well somewhere fucking strangers.

We had seen the women before, fucked them before. That night things were slow and the hen parties were not playing. We tried our luck with them. They were pleased to see us, and we saw almost all of them, they did not wear more and what they did was small, short or low cut. We did not have to persuade them. There was a chill in the air and there tits proved it. The nipples were hard and suck out.

“How about a drink?” Phil asked. There was no need to ask.

“Yep.” Answered the red head; nearly falling off her heels as she turned and headed for the pub door without uttering another word.

I helped Phil get the drinks and returned to the table. The red head was on Johns lap. Her skirt had ridden up. I could see her cunt. So could many others. John informed us “We are going down to the beach for a fuck. Mark’s gone for some vodka.”

We downed our drinks, Martin came back and we left for the beach. There were six of us and three of them; they were going to be well fucked. It was dark and the see tugged at the stony beach. We walked along, I was hard already. My hand was on the ass of the tall one. I was trying to remember her name. She turned to me, “Do want to shag me?”

“Oh yes.” I told her. She pulled her top off and ran towards the sea. I ran after her. In the dark I could just see her pulling her knickers off. She was slashing in the surf. I stripped and by time I was in the water the others were starting at it. The bottles were opened and the bodies were getting naked.

“Have you shagged me before?” the tall one asked me.

“I fucked your friends last time. You got shagged out by the others. Are you going to open your legs?”

She did. The surf was cold. The pebbles dug into my knees, they must have stuck into her back. I was cold, but she kept me warm. Warm inside her. Warm tits. Warm cunt. Cold water. Salt on her body. Soft body. Cold balls. Hot cock. Uh, I came, it was fast, then there was nothing to keep the cold away. “Where do you live?” I asked her?

She pointed up the beach. “Let’s go.”

We all collected what we could find and started up the beach. We found our way around the garden paths, sometime stopping to kiss and grope, then over the road and back two streets. The door was opened and we all piled in. The tall one went off for a towel I followed, I wanted another fuck. She tossed me a towel and I started to dry off. She was naked, and walking past me. John was right behind her. As she mounted the bed, he mounted her. He just dropped his trousers to his feet and pushed her over. My cum lubricating him as he pushed his cock into her fanny, or perhaps it was her ass.

I propped myself by the door, drying myself and watching John’s ass as he pumped her. I was hard again by the time he spent himself. I turned her to face me and took her again. Her legs wide apart and up in the air. Her ass lifted from the edge of the bed. I leaned into her, my arms holding her legs up. Her tits bounced. “Go on, you can do it, go on. Fuck me harder.” The whole house could hear her and next door, they must have. She was right I could do it. I did do it. I let her ass fall back to the bed. She was soaked in cum, so were my balls.

In the door way was Martin his hands on the tits of the one that opened the door, it was Sally, yes Sally was her name. Her tits were covered in cum.

“If you have had her make room for me, you can have this one.” I told martin. He did not need asking again. He flopped on the bed beside the tall one and started running his sticky hands over her. Then he was on top of her. I held Sally by her cummy tits, my slick cock pushed against her back; it was starting to cum alive again.

“How would you like it up your ass?” I asked her, but it was more like me telling her. I let her go and she knelt on the side of the bed. I was hard and pushed in. She had been fucked there before. As Martin fucked my last cunt I fucked his, up the ass. I always came quicker up the ass, but Martin was first to fill his woman. As I shagged away I could here the other cunt taking in the next room.

That is how it went on all night. We changed rooms. Changed women. Sometime dozed, but six of us fucked the three of them all night. When we could not get it up we fingered them, licked and sucked at them.

In the morning someone said it would be good to take them home. We had had them everywhere, everyway and we wanted more of them. The tall one had a deep scratch on her arm. I took her arm in my hand, and raised it to my lips. When no one objected I licked the wound. She was infected. Martin, scratched Sally’s arm, she pulled back and someone licked at it. It was the first time they had resisted in any way that night, but it was too late. By the time I found the last woman, George was already sucking at her shoulder. All that was left was to tell them what they had become and give them a home, with the six of us and the other women.