Written by Tescoa 1234

8 Jan 2011

As i said in part 1. My wife of 28 years ,Anne had hooked up with Tom on our first night away and laid down some stern rules. She was with him as i had been planting the idea of her with another man for years. He was 28 and single and although i had only heard them from the room next door it was clear he rang all her bells.

I had been instructed to make it clear to all and sundry i was alone and moved into his room next door as he moved in with her.

She agreed to join me for breakfast every morning and i was allowed eat her pussy as she told me of their day and their fun.

I did enjoy hearing of how he fucked her on the beach, in a boat they had hired and even took her in the tiny toilet of a local bar. It was clear she was enjoying it as she described his big hard cock over 2 times bigger than my 6 inches and at the base 3 times bigger. Imagine 3 coke cane on top of one another she would say and imagine shaking all 3 hard then pulling the tags at the same time. Imagine how they would spray she would tell m as i ate her well used pussy. That is how he shoots my young stud. Then she would return to him and i was to make my own amusement.

Now on the second evening i had met with Anne and her hubby John. She was pleasant and after taking his drunk body to their room she told me she knew of my situation.

Being a woman she wanted to know it all and made it easy to tell.

AS i told my tale i began to cry and sh comforted me ,which somehow ended up with us in bed.

I sucked on her nipples and worked my way down to her pussy where i ate her until she came hard. Oh good boy she moaned now gripping my hard cock he said lets see if your cock is as hard as your talented tongue.

Sliding up her body i felt her draw me in as i began to fuck her with nice long deep strokes. Building up a nice rhythm i soon felt myself lost and shot my load deep into her as she same to another orgasm.

Holding me in her arms she made me tell all about Anne AND Tom and in the telling i got hard again. As i described how i listened to the tales of their coupling and how i would eat Anne every morning i began to fuck Mary hard again and soon we were both cumming again.

Then we agreed i would stay with her for the remainder of my little holiday and return to meet my wife every morning and perform my duties.

What age are you Mary asked me.

52. I replied and you.

SHE looked in my eyes and said 66. I was not too upset as she was still quite toned and very attractive. Still gazing into my eyes she said is that ok. Sure i said because you are one very good looking lady and besides a i have just experienced my body and my mind want you.

Still looking into my eyes she said i am really 72nyears old. My husband is 90 and over the years we have played a bit but i have not really been with anyone for the last few years as i felt i was getting a bit long in the tooth for sex. I took her into my arms and pressing my erection against her said it seems you may have been mistaken in that.

Well she said i have had many big cocks like your young wife's lover boy, but believe me when i say that she will soon get bored as they are all into what they can get and not very good at giving.

Next morning i as usual met my wife. Listened from between her legs as she described how he had taken her to a club and upon returning in the small hours head fucked her up her bum hole. She said she was unable to take more than the first little bit as she was way too tight and he was just too big. She said he spanked her hard and although it was painful she really like it. And she said she was determined to take more of him next time because she said he was not pleased with her only taking the top.

I remained silent about Mary and her husband and after my chores were done .cleaned her rooms and bathroom which was a real mess as usual i went to Marys and spent the day lounging beside her pool.

She had some binoculars and when she saw some activity around the pool would watch as couples left to go to their rooms. From her vantage point she could see into many rooms and would enjoy spying on them as i ate her hungry pussy until she came.

I fucked her most days and even managed to fuck her arse a few times as well.

One day after the first week was nearly over her husband whom i had gotten fairly chatty with came out early from his nap and caught me fucking her doggy style on the sun lounger.

He did not say a word but reaching into his shorts pulled out quite a long thin prick which he proceeded to stroke with his hands.

I watched from the corner of my eye as he did this. Then he slowly approached us and standing there pushed his cock towards my face.

I looked down at his wife Mary and she mouthed the word please so i slowly opened my mouth . He slid his long tool gently into my mouth and i began to suck and lick him all the while looking into Marys eyes.

It only lasted about 2 minutes or less when i felt him spurt and fill my mouth with his cum.

He stumble backwards and sat down in a chair.

She mouthed the words thank you as i continued to fuck her with my unbroken rhythm.

Bending down i kissed her hard. Opening her mouth with my tongue i fed his juices into her waiting mouth and she sucked every last drop from me. I was soon slamming in hard and felt her cum again and again under me.

As i came i looked up to see him walk casually away with a little smile on his face.

After i came she looked up at me and said thank you. He was always bi sexual and she had not seen him hard for years and cant remember when she last saw him cum or tasted him.

Now she said. You have made a mess haven't you.

Without hesitation i said yes mistress and sliding down her body lavished her pussy with my tongue until i was rewarded with her lovely juices mingled with my own.

Now in the morning as i performed this duty for my wife i noticed that she was getting more and more bruises on her thighs and arse. As her robe fell open i could see the under sides of her breasts were covered in small love bites and hickeys as were her inner thighs.. It was obvious she was sore but she never complained at all just kept on raving about her wonderful lover and how he satisfied her every need.

Around the middle of the second week as i was doing my chore i noticed her little arse bud was puffy and sore looking. Getting brave i gently licked at it and she moaned loudly. Yes SHE SAID THATS IT.

He finally got all the way in there last night and it was just incredible.

Oh she moaned as i licked gently. It was the best ever and i have never felt so fulland when he came i was filled up like never before.

As i licked and sucked at her little brown bud i was rewarded with a steady stream of his cum leaking from her lovely hole.

When i was done she had obviously cum again and leaving on unsteady legs said only a couple of days to go be good.

I WAS soon off to Marys apartment where i was as usual soon playing with her pussy and reliving all the gory details for her obvious pleasure.

As i was bent over her fucking her hard she said i want my hubby to fuck you.

Stopping i waited and she said again , He is getting older and this may be his last chance and he has remarked how he loves to watch your tight little bum working up and down on me. Again i waited.

Then i heard him enter the room and move up behind me. Looking me in the eye as usual she pleaded with me silently as i felt him line up his cock at my hole. My virgin hole which had never been fucked. Admittedly Mary had been fingering me there for the last week or so as she sucked my cum from me and it was always enjoyable. In fact she had just done it as after i had cum the first time i was always good to last for at least an hour to fuck her long and slow as she liked it. Bringing her to many small climaxes and a couple of strong orgasms.

Now my arse was lubed up as she had done the trick and drained me when i felt him climb up behind me and enter me. Not gentle but with a couple of long thrusts was soon ball sdeep in my arse.

I was soon fucking her like a wild thing, slamming into her hard and pulling back i was impaling myself on her husbands hard cock. He did not move at all just remained still enjoying my struggles between them. Deep into her willing body and back onto his hard cock.

I was soon lost and could feel myself fast approaching a mind blowing orgasm as he started to slam me hard.

Within minutes i felt him start to shoot deep up into my bowels as he continued his onslaught of my virgin arse and i shot what felt like buckets of cum into her waiting pussy. As he came he was emptying me into her.

Never before have i shot so much and as he pulled out i was still shooting into her. She was lost in her own orgasm and as he left the room she cried out again and again.

Then as she came down from her orgasm, smiling she looked at me and said hope we have not killed him.

Then pushing my head down i did my duty and cleaned her as i felt his juices begin ti trickle from deep in my hole.

Next morning my wife came into my room carrying her suitcase. Crying and covered in bruises. I held her and comforted her before running her a bath and tucking her into my bed before i went to say my good bye to Mary and her hubby.

He was unable to give a repeat performance but she said a wonderful good bye with my hard cock buried deep up her arse.

Returning to my room i spent the last night with my wife of 28 years as she laid down her rules for the future.

She would need more cock and of course it would be bigger and maybe even black.

I would do as she instructed or she would see to it that i regretted it.

I of course agreed and knew my future as a cuckold husband was going to be very rewarding in all ways.

Hope you enjoy.T.