Written by Dee aka Nancy

9 Jul 2017

My position in this fantasy is Sub.

Master opens the front door.

"Hmmm - you have arrived Sub. It pleases me that you have arrived" stated Master. "Slave, take Sub to the bedroom, don't speak to her at all and prepare her for me"

Slave takes Sub's hand and leads her up the stairs and into the bedroom. A camera has been set up on a lightweight tripod near the bed. Sub looks at Slave and nervously asks if she will be OK and safe. Slave, nods her head and whispers "yes, I can't talk, if we do as Master says we will be OK, but stand up to him if you don't want or like anything, ssshhhh"

Slave reaches into Sub's handbag and takes out the box and removes masks and condoms, she undresses Sub leaving her in her underwear and puts a mask on her and pushes her gently on the bed to lie down. Oh Slave just wants to undress her fully and caress her all over, she can't risk it, she's been bad, so she sits on the side of the bed and they both wait in silence.

Master comes in, he looks pleased. "Slave has been very bad! she has to be punished. She had naughty dreams about you Sub, she's not allowed, only Master can fantasise about you - isn't that right Slave". Slave nods her head.

"Slave your punishment is to stand, film and watch". Slave nods and gets up and goes to the camera. Master strips and climbs onto the bed and rolls Sub onto her side where he undoes her bra and rolls her back. He reaches down and takes a strap in his mouth and slowly pulls off the bra. He lets out a little gasp as he gazes at Sub's enormous nipples and he reaches out to caress them. He starts to kiss and suck them gently. Sub remains silent and still (she does not want to upset Master). Master continues to caress her nipples and breasts with his mouth and moves his hand down to her knickers. They are tie up knickers and he releases them by undoing the bows on each side swiftly. He murmours "part your legs". Sub does as she is told.

Master strokes her smooth mound and circles her clit, teasing her. Eventually he starts to stroke and rub her clit gently and then slides a finger down to her slit and splays it with 2 fingers and uses his index finger to gently probe her moistening cunt.

Master moves and starts to flick his tongue over Sub's cunt and then lick and suck - taunting and teasing her. He realises that its going to take a while for Sub to cum.

"Slave - get over here and bring Sub to orgasm with your tongue and fingers NOW" orders Master. Slave obligues hungrily. Master turns Sub's head to the side and presents his hard cock to her to suck and lick, she is straight in there. Master watches Slave's every move.

Sub can't hold off and cums in an explosion that makes her close her thighs on Slave's head. She loses concentration and stops working on Master as she revels in the aftermath of the orgasm washing over her. Master is pleased with Slave, but not so happy with Sub, she was not told to stop.

"Sub, you displeased me by stopping, get up and let Slave lie down. Now you start to lick and play with Slave" Master orders.

Master gets up and uses the camera to get a close up. He puts it back as he now wants to fuck. Hmmm Slave or Sub.? Sub first. "Sub, come here and put a condom on me and then go and sit on Slave's face so that I can fuck you from behind while Slave licks your clit" Slave and Sub do as they are told. Master probes Sub's cunt with the head of his raging cock, taunting her, she rocks to try and grab his cock with her cunt. Suddenly he thrusts into her hard making her cry out and pumps into her, making her groan and groan.

Master stops. "Slave get here and take this damn condom off and clean me with your tongue and Sub as you groaned out loud you get under Slave and moisten her up for me as I want to fuck her in a minute"

Soon Master is ready and he pulls Slave around and pushes her onto her back and is in her like a shot. "Slave you have pleased me, you can be vocal". Slave smiles with glee and murmurs, thank you Master and starts to enjoy herself. "Sub suck and tease Slaves, nipples".

Slave cums quickly and Master continues to ride her through her orgasm. He is still rock hard and eventually he pulls out and demands Sub to lie on her back and puts on a condom and fucks her hard and fast until he cums.