9 Sep 2015

It is black all around me except there is light to see by.

The black extends as far as I can see but I soon realise that the black is silk, a silk sheet!

There are sounds too, but what and from where?

I look around and spot the source of some of them.

My wife is here and she is moaning. Moaning with pleasure, loudly too!

She is laying on her back, naked, and has her legs spread wide and above her head!

She has her arms supporting her backside so her cunt is open and exposed!

Her eyes are closed but her mouth is open and she is the grinning like a fool.

She has never done this sort of thing before and I am confused.

Between her legs is my friend, also naked!

He has two fingers slowly pumping into her slick cunt and his tongue is lapping at her clit which is obviously swollen and extended!

How can this be? I have never seen her like this! She won’t let me lick her nor will she suck my cock!

My friend is also wanking an impressive hardon, at least nine inches and thick too!

I watch them for a while and enjoy the show.

I become aware that my cock is throbbing, and that I am slowly moving. Curious!

My eyes are drawn from the extraordinary sight of my wife and friends obvious pleasure.

As I turn my head I look down.

My friends stunning wife is beneath me! How?

She too is naked!

She is slim but not slender. Her curves are to die for and she is so, so beautiful!

She is on her back.

I am holding her legs apart in a five pointed star!

She has one arm thrust out towards me and resting on my chest!

Her other is attempting to keep her beautiful, ample tits in check!

Her lustrous hair spread out on the silk sheet beneath her. It’s blond tints and her perfect pale skin a marked contrast to the black.

My eyes roam over her tightly muscled belly to her shaved cunt and the realisation hits me that my slow movement is that of my distended cock inside her!

She is gasping and begging ‘harder, harder, fuck me harder!’

Years of lusting over this statuesque sexy woman well up in me. I have dreamed of having her in such a situation but suddenly I am frozen in shock as I realise it is happening.

She stretches both hands to me, pleading ‘No, more, more!’

My friend’s voice joins, and my wifes!

‘Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!’

Awakened, I look down at her lovely face and smile warmly.

I push her long smooth legs towards her head and she hooks her hands behind her knees, holding herself in abandon below me, wanting and waiting for my thrusts.

She grins up at me as I reposition my body and my lust swollen cock sinks balls deep in her waiting cunt.

I withdraw almost to the knob and thrust into her, hard, all the way.

Voices to my side join in unison ‘Harder, harder, harder’

I am gaining a comfortable but insistent rhythm and glance towards my wife.

My friend’s impressive cock is now buried balls deep in my wife. She is grinning like the Cheshire cat at me. I grin back at her.

This is all wonderful but very odd. My wife has never looked at another man as far as I know and now she is being joyously fucked by my friend while I his loving wife is impaled on my cock!

I fuck her like a man possessed and marvel at the way her spectacular tits jiggle as I pound into her.

This is all pure wanton lustful joy and I don’t want it to end, can’t let it end!

I am hot, very hot.

My wife sleeps next to me, snoring loudly.

My swollen cock is in my hand and I am at the point of orgasm!

Too late!

A dream only, but what a wonderful thing . . . . . . .