Written by keeepa

20 Jun 2013

I’d seen you about the village, it would have been hard not too, your striking auburn hair would have been enough, but the village was so small that by the end of the first morning you’d seen everyone.

Travelling alone with just a backpack for weeks enjoying the smaller Greek islands had been fun and I found some wonderful places, but this was simply the best.

How it had remained undiscovered I couldn’t guess, but I was cynical enough to know that before long it would have been lost forever to 21 century tourism.

It was hot, Greek island in august hot, with very little change in temperature between day and night. After we’d seen each other a couple of times in the bread shop, you’d returned my smile, not friendly just polite, so when I’d seen you sitting alone in the taverna I was nervous about approaching you, but the problem was solved by the waiter who quickly ushered me to your table.

You didn’t look annoyed, polite indifference; indulgence, whatever, and you answered my early inane questions simply, but without returning them.

“Yes the weather was hot”, “yes it was a lovely island”, “yes you had been to Greece before”. In the end I said

“right , sorry I’ll leave”


“you seem ..er……distracted.as if you want to be on your own”

“No …stay if you wish…sorry yes stay......sorry....a bit nervous of meeting people”

I spotted the accent



“Oops sorry” and smiled, and for the first time you smiled not just with your lips but with your eyes.

The waiter arrived and told us what was available, and without asking brought a copper jug of Retsina, the harsh white wine of Greece, , and poured two generous tumblers and we toasted each other by lifting our glasses in each others directions, and both suppressed a wince as it seared our taste buds.

“You’d like to order?”

You looked at me and said

“Surprise me!”

I’d ordered dolmades , sardines, chips and choriaktiki, the ubiquitous Greek salad, with taramasalata and bread to start with.

You were quiet at first, defensive almost, but as the wine took hold you relaxed and told me about your life, your dreams and your fears, and then about your mother, the protective feelings towards your sister and finally the worries about your daughter.

A tap had opened, and sometimes it was as if I wasn’t there, almost a soliloquy, a verbalising of the long hidden memories.

When the conversation flagged all I had to say was

“And what happened then?”, and you’d thought of something else and the anger, tears or laughter were there again.

You told me about your marriage and you looked sad, and how you felt guilty when you thought that it should be better.

The small legacy wasn’t much, but you knew you wanted. For once , to be totally selfish,

“so I decided to visit Greece and………”

Suddenly the place was quiet, we were the only ones left and the waiters were ostentatiously putting chairs onto tables and I apologised and asked for the bill

You said, “Let me” but the old fashioned Englishman in me wouldn’t allow that, I glanced at the bill, “How many jugs of wine? Metaxa and Ouzo!!” I hadn’t remembered any of them, but the effect hit me when I tried to stand

I looked at you and could see the flush on your cheeks that I’d not noticed before.

“I think I need a walk, fancy joining me “ I said and you looked at me, looked at me for a long time, and I knew you were judging me.

At last you nodded

“Ok where”

“Well the beach is nice”

“Right the beach it is.

The beach at that time was deserted, and you took your shoes off and enjoyed the feeling of the still warm sand between your toes, we walked about a yard apart and eventually we sat and looked at the stars.

You were picking up handfuls of fine sand and letting it run through your fingers.

“It’s still hot!!” you said

“Mmmmm I fancy a swim…….you?”

“No im fine!”

“Mind if I do?”

“No please yourself!”

I stripped off down to my underpants, paused and then took them off to

I didn’t look at you but just in case you were looking at me I sucked my tummy in and ran down to the sea.

It was wonderful as the cool water hit me, and I dived under the water and held myself there as long as I could.

When I surfaced spluttering, I saw you walking towards the water and swim sedately towards me. When you were near I said

“Changed your mind??”

“I was hot” and swam away.

After a while I waded back to the beach and lay back and eventually you joined me,

I turned towards you and although I was looking into your face I was aware that you were naked



You were sitting legs drawn up arms wrapped round them

“Thanks for a nice evening “

You laughed

“Sorry I go on a bit”

“Not at all it’s fascinating. You should write a book”

The thought was not new and you turned towards me and told me of your plans to write and write, as you described what you wanted to do you gesticulated with your arms and I could see your breasts moving, it was difficult to concentrate

“Sorry I'm going on aren’t I?”

“No.please I could watch you talk all night”

You suddenly remembered your nakedness and laughed

We went quiet for a while and I lay back and then was aware of you doing the same, together we watched the stars and the occasional winking of a plane as it drew crossed the sky

We were quiet for a while and as I moved my arm, it touched your lightly and I felt a shock. You tensed then relaxed and I turned up on my elbow and I leant down and kissed you lightly, you were passive at first then returned the kiss, not passionately but firmly.

Pulling apart I looked into your eyes, you looked back at me and I lay my hand on your tummy. It was warm and soft, I let it rest there and you reached up and kissed me again.

I moved my hand up and felt your breasts and your nipples were hard, cold!!! Too soon for lust!!

Gently I moved my hand down with fingers spread wide until my little finger touched your damp pubic hair. Again you kissed me, as if giving permission.

I rested the heel of my hand on your pubic bone and pressed down, moved it in circles and felt you relax and your legs part.

Soon I felt the hardness of your bone turn to softness and I pressed until you pushed up harder against me.

Your kisses became demanding and I could feel your breathing deepen. One hand went round my head and the other moved down pressed my hand harder against you and you thrust up harder and harder, faster until you suddenly stiffened and whimpered two , three times and relaxed. Your breathing beginning to slow, and I could feel your heart pounding .

After a while you said

“Sorry it’s been a while.”

You reached for my erection and started moving your hand but I stopped you

“Another night..Perhaps”

“Mmmm if you’re sure”

We dressed and walked back to your room hand in hand and we kissed, gently and arranged to meet in the morning.

I was early and saw you in the distance your pack heavy on your back, I hurried after you but you were already seated on the grey bus by the time I arrived, you saw me and mouthed


“Why” I mimed

“Too soon!..Sorry” and the bus pulled away

I ran after it but it was too late .You’d gone