Written by wibbits

31 Oct 2007

Hope you like it.

I come around to your house and pick you up for an evening at the

Cinema, I find you wearing a long flowing black dress with a long

split up along the side of your leg, we head off and sit near the back

of the cinema where we cuddle up and settle down to watch the movie,

10 minutes in, I place my hand on your thigh, gently caressing, and

moving the cloth so that I work my hand under the slit and on to your

soft naked skin where you open your legs slightly making it obvious

that you are more then happy with my attention.

As the movie progresses my hand moves up to your inner thigh as I feel

your hand move to my crotch and feel the hard bulge that had been

growing since I had seen you in your dress. I decide to go for broke

and go that last few inches and feel a surge go through my body as I

feel your naked pussy uncovered by such things as nickers, and am

happy to be greeted by a noise moist pair of lips just dieing for my

attention, your happily moan and move in the seat slightly to giving

my fingers unhindered access to your loins. My fingers gently stroking

and caressing, feeling your juices start to spread as my fingers slide

over your entrance making sure that when ever i brush over your clit

it is glistening with your juices, and getting you so hot and and

dieing to feel some thing enter you, feeling the nice sensation of

being filled up...

Before long we see that the movie is drawing to and end and we "right

ourselves" and I suggest we skip dinner and head back to yours for a

few drinks and what ever else may be on our collective minds. In the

car on the way back to yours, you quickly unzip my jeans and take my

nice hard cock, and massage it gently, bending over every so often to

take me in your mouth and tenderly suck on my cock, tasting my pre-cum

as I get more and more worked up, playfully teasing me taking me in

deep and then sitting up and putting it back behind the restrictions

of my jeans, I assume as revenge for me not sliding my fingers in to

you in the cinema.

Back at yours, you coyly ask me what I would like to drink and wander

off to pore a glass of wine each, as you turn your back to me to take

the bottle out of the cabinet, I come up behind you and put my arms

around you, letting my fingers glide over your stomach and work their

way up to softly cup your breasts squeezing gently as you push back

against my chest tilting your head back back and letting out a soft

moan, for the first time of the night I bend down and we engage in a

hot passionate kiss, that kicks off a night of intense sex and


My right hand quickly moves down to between your legs, pushing your

skirt to the side and massaging your pussy in hard circular movements

as your press your arse back against my crotch loving the feeling of

my cock pressing against you. You let the cabinet door close as your

hand drops behind you, franticly pulling at my belt to free my

trousers, letting them fall to the ground you moan between our kisses

to fuck you.

Wasting no time, I quickly pull my hand from your dripping pussy and

pull the slit on your dress so that your naked arse is pressing

against my rock hard cock, and you bend over resting on the counter

and taking my cock and guiding it quickly in to your pussy, pressing

back hard so that in one quick movement you take the whole length all

the way in until you feel my balls pressed up against you. Bending

slightly I start to thrust in to you, making your whole body move with

the force of each thrust, feeling your pussy juices flowing soaking my

balls as with both start moaning.

Before long I whisper in to your ear, that I'm close and don't know

how long I can hold out for, your response is to move faster squeezing

my cock inside you, and tell me to fuck you harder, as I feel your

pussy getting tighter and know that your close to climax, I feel that

tension in my balls growing and know that I'm about to cum, I tense my

muscles and push in as deep as I can griding my hips moving my cock

around deep inside as I let out a long groan, and start to pump my

thick cum deep inside you, I feel your pussy pulsing as your climax

rips through your pussy spreading around your body as you feel my cum

being pumped in to you, I lean down pressing my chest against your

back keeping my softening cock inside you, and hold you close...

Once you get your breath back, you turn to me and say... "So, about

that drink..." Smiling I pull my cock out as my juices start to slide

out of you, and quickly pull up my trousers, as your dress falls back

in to place, so that apart from your ruffled hair and flushed face, no

one would have known we'd just franticly fucked our brains out, and my

juices were wetting the inside of your thighs.