1 Apr 2016

I’m on my way to a fancy dress thing, standing on the corner as I wait for my ride. I’m embarrassed to be seen out in public wearing such a short school dress and I’m wishing my friends would hurry up and arrive.

You walk by and then turned and come back, clearly concerned. I guess it must look like I’ve missed my bus or something. “Are you all right, girlie?” you ask me.

“What? Oh yes, I’m fine,” I say. “I’m not…that is to say, it’s a fancy dress costume. I’m not as young as I look. I’m 22.”

“Well, even so, you shouldn’t be standing here alone in the dark. Anyone could come along,” you tell me.

“Says the wolf to Little Red Riding Hood,” I giggle. We both laugh at that and then you raise your eyebrows and pretend to twiddle your villainous moustache.

The conversation flows easily as we stand there together. You smell wonderful; of fresh air and aftershave. After quite some time you eventually say it’s a pity I’m off to a party when we could have more fun on our own and I agree with you. I text my ride to say I’ve changed my mind about the party and that they should go without me. You take me by the hand and lead me deeper through the park and out the other side towards your house. “Oooh, we’re off to the wolf’s lair,” I say, and you smile a wicked smile. “Mwah, ha ha haaar,” you joke.

When we get to yours you make me feel right at home on the settee, offering me a large glass of wine. “Why, thank you, Mr. Wolf,” I say, trying in vain to pull my school dress down enough to cover my thighs.

“Don’t bother with that,” you reply, “I’m going to tear you out of that sexy costume in a few minutes anyhow.”

“Oh really?” “Yes, of course I am. After all, that’s what we wolves do,” you tell me.

Hahaha, bring it on. You sit beside me and we toast our newly formed connection. I’ve been too busy to eat that day and I rarely drink so the wine goes straight to my head. I feel more relaxed than I have in a long time. You move in closer and kiss me, pulling the zipper on the front of my school dress all the way down. I slide my tongue into your mouth and you twist yours with mine.

“But Sir, what an amazing tongue you have,” I laugh.

“All the better to eat you with, my dear.”

“You’re all talk,” I laugh. You move off the couch and kneel in front of me, slide my plain white knickers down past my knees and over my ankles. You smooth and rub the inside of my bare legs with your hands all the way back up, your warm tongue following the path your hands are caressing. When you reach my wet hot centre I almost bounce off the couch. It’s amazing, incredible, unimaginably wild. You send me into such a reckless spin that I don’t even know if I’m breathing anymore. My body bucks and tightens. I come, hard and furious. “Agh, agh, aaaah,” I moan loudly.

When I get my breath back I return the favour, massaging and teasing your erection with my hands and then with my tongue. Licking and sucking the velvety softness wrapped up in its hard, hard package. Swishing my tongue in and around, and over and under, and nibbling at the edges and the folds and then sucking and licking some more.

“These days Little Red Riding Hood can eat the Big Bad Wolf too,” I whisper. “It’s called Girl Power.”

I can feel you trying to hold yourself back so I massage your balls again and you tense. “I’m going to cu…”

“Just do it,” I urged you. “Come for me, old man, come for me.” You yell something primal, animalistic and shoot your load into my waiting throat.

Now I’m lying here waiting for you to collect your thoughts before I harden you up again.

I want you and you should know I always get my man. This time you’re going to nail me to the floor with your hard stiff shaft. I want you pounding inside me. I’m counting down the minutes. 10, 9, 8…are you ready or not, Mr. Wolf, because here I come...