Written by 3SS

8 May 2013

Here is another fantasy that we have. Enjoy and comment.

I start out by sucking hard on his dick. Sucking it hard and fast and deeply, letting him move his hips so he’s fucking my mouth. After he is nice and stiff, he lays back and I climb onto his face. He licks my pussy deeply, getting all of my hot juices flowing. He devours me, sucking my clit and tongue fucking me greedily. But I’m the greedy one.

I climb off of him and sit on the edge of the bed. He kisses me hard and then puts a blindfold on me.

I can hear him open the door. Then I hear lots of footsteps, by more than one or two people. Suddenly I feel hands all over me, more than I can count. Touching my tits and pussy, then mouths are on me, sucking and licking. Someone takes me by the hand and stands me up. I am told to straddle the guy in front of me and I do so. He guides me and I slowly slide my pussy onto a massive throbbing cock.

I moan loudly and start to ride this dick. Then I feel another one start to slide slowly into my tight ass hole. I gasp and moan, loving the feeling of two big dicks inside me. And while my mouth is open from moaning another dick slides into my mouth. All I can hear is moaning and sucking and bodies smacking together. I can also hear my man giving directions. He tells the other two men to stand near us so that I can play with their dicks so they stay nice and hard until it’s their turn.

Then I hear, “rotate!”

The guy in my ass pulls out and I and lifted off the dick I was riding. The guy that I was sucking gets under me and I slide onto him, one of the guys I was playing with starts to fuck my mouth and the other my ass. I play with the other two guys. I can hear my man walking around us. He is video taping this.

All of a sudden everyone pulls out and away. I hear my man say, “Ok. It’s time to make her a cum slut.”

They bend me over the edge of the bed and each begin taking turns fucking my pussy hard and fast. Slapping my ass while they fuck me. I cry out in pain and pleasure, loving every minute. Each of the 5 guys slide into me and fuck me for three or four minutes before rotating to the next guy.

Finally the first one cums. He slides into me and begins thrusting. He moans and I feel him twitch, before he can say anything he pumps his load inside me. The next guy is in me immediately. Thrusting hard and fast until again, a twitch. This happens again, and again, and again, until all five of them have filled me full of hot, creamy spunk.

They leave and then it’s my mans turn. He sets down the camera and moves me so I am laying on my back on the bed. He spreads my legs and lets out a deep moan, seeing all the cum dripping out of my pussy. He slowly slides into me, feeling all of the cum that has filled me already. He starts to thrust faster and faster moaning so loudly. I moan too, hearing out bodies smacking together over and over. He leans down and kisses me hard on the mouth and bites my lip.

That for me. I clench my pussy around his dick and start to shake. I begin to cum hard, all over his throbbing dick. My orgasm sends him over the edge and after thrusting hard and fast he twitches and shoots his hot load deep into my pussy.

Let us know if you like our stories  Maybe there will be more…