Written by Stoker

6 Jan 2010

Ann had been coming to our house for nearly two months, when Sue told me about their camping holiday.

Normally we would take a glass of wine to bed and I would get to fuck my wife and Ann. Today they told me about a camping holiday.

“We had just left convent school, and we went on a camping holiday before we went to college.” Sue told me.

“At night we would share a tent and we talked about boys.” Ann went on. “but nether of us had anything to tell each other. So we lay in the tent and started to wonder what it would be like to kiss a boy.”

They sat on the bed and lay down. They started talking to each other. “Have you kissed a boy?”

“No, have you?”

“No what do you think it is like.”

“I don’t know do you want to try?”

…and they kissed. I did not believe it. My wife was kissing her cousin….and she was enjoying it. “What would it be like to be touched?” Ann asked.

Sue ran her hand over Ann’s breasts. The nipples rose to meet Sue’s hand. My cock hardened, I could not believe it. Ann’s hand ran over Sue’ breast. They both kissed. I just sat there on the chair. Ann opened her legs, I could see Sue’s finger descend and disappear into Ann’s pussy. How often did they do this, I had no idea. How many more surprises do they have for me? Sue started to suck on Ann’s tit. Ann pushed Sue’s head into her own breast. She started to tell Sue what to do. “Firmer, rub my clit….” Ann went on.

By the time Ann came, her face was flushed. She turned and started to tongue Sue. It was the first time I had seen anything like this. Ann’s black hair stuck to Sue’s body. I just sat there taking it all in. Waiting, I was not sure what for. I waited no longer. I took the four steps to the bed, sat on the side and ran my hand over Ann. She pushed my hand away and I started to kiss Sue. Sue came and turned to hold my hand.

“Do you want to fuck two lessees?” Sue asked.

“I think I have done it already.”

“Dip Ann’s pussy.” Sue told me, handing me a condom.

I took the condom and pushed into Ann’s wet, slippery pussy. It was warm as I pushed in. Sue ran her hand over Ann’s breasts. Ann moved under me. My balls bounced against her ass. Ann pulled Sue’s head to her own and kissed her. I came, pushing myself hard into her. I removed my cock and pushed my finger into her. I rubbed her hard, all the time looking at my wife kissing Ann. Ann came, her mouth full of Sue’s tongue and my finger up her cunt.

I pushed Sue to the bed and pulled the condom off. I rammed my cock up her. Bang, bang, bang, I could not stop myself. Sue put one hand back on Ann’s cunt. I tilted Sue to the side. Ann slipped her arm under Sue’s head and grabbed her tit. She kissed her shoulder. I looked into Ann’s eye and fucked my wife. I looked into Sue’s eyes and came. I came kissing Sue with Ann’s hair in my face. I reached around them both and held them. I held them close and kept moving, loosing my hard, but still Sue came. “That was the best.” Sue panted.

I held them close Ann’s hand between me and Sue’s chest. Ann flat against Sue’s back. My arm, over them both, pulling Ann closer.

We lay there; me thinking about what I had seen. I had no idea. I had entered a new world.