Written by Skribbles

14 Jun 2012

So the husbands away on business as always, it gets a little lonely at home. See he's always jetting off here there and everywhere for big important meetings. Well you'd expect that wouldn't you if he had his own success ful business. We've been together just 7 years, but I must say, things in the bedroom have gone downhill. We need more spice. I don't I have all the spice I need.

A little more about me I'm 39, married to a millionaire, about 5"8, size 14, 36 d. So in fairly good shape with sleek longish redish hair.

Anyways over the past month, we've decided to have our kitchen redone, as it was very outdated, me being very houseproud, likes to have the latest gadgets. So we've currently got the builders in to extend the kitchen and refit all the new cabinets and mod cons.

There's about 6 of them, a couple are fairly old, not my type, typical builder sorts. Well all apart from one fall into that category. I recognise him as one of Jonathon (my husbands) friends son. I believe his name is Connor. Now he's much more my type.

Very good physique, nice and toned, about 6"2. Tanned skin and dark hair with just a bit of 5 o clock shadow. Very good looking. Now he is my type.

Anyways, I offer the lads tea and biscuits they all agree,connor winks at me, I know what he's thinking because I'm thinking it aswell. As the days go on, I find myself dressing sexier and more revealing. One evening as there done for the day, connor comes upto me and says, don't make plans for tonight. Very confused by this but also very excited. After they leave, he's back? He's told them he's forgotten his wallet and will make his way home later.

I opened the door to him, he pushed me back into the house, and nudged the door shut. He backed me up against the door and devoured my lips. Oh blimey was I trembling. I was wanton, willing and waiting. I realised iv been waiting for this since they started! His lips down my neck hands trawling all over my body, peeling my top over my head so I'm standing against the door topless. His hands cup my breasts and squeeze, groping me, suddenly his tounge flicks my nipple, no words have been spoken yet. I let out a moan and shiver as the centre of me starts to get wet through my thong. I'm sure he can feel the heat through my jeans!

I peel his teeshirt off, never been so willing before!

I lower my head to bite his nipples gently, his body is so toned its hard. Running my hands over his torso. I get to his zipper and can feel his cock straining through the denimn, it feels huge possibly 9inches. (Husbands about 6) so I'm in for a treat. I free his cock from his jeans, to my suprise he's not wearing boxers. His cock springs to full attention infront of my face. I slowly start to stroke the length of him, hearing him grumble. But I want more. I want to taste this beautiful cock that's infront of my face. So I open my mouth and guide his cock, just the tip into my mouth. Slowly circling the tip with my tounge, I can feel him bucking, urging me to attempt to take his cock fully into my mouth. I've never been more determined. Sucking his cock slowly at the start, until he puts one hand on the front door, and one on the back of my head moving my head to a pace that he wants. I can feel his precum dribbling out of his cock. My thong n jeans by this point are soaking wet, and he hasn't even touched me there yet!

He urges me up from my knees and tells me to go into the kitchen. Luckily they fitted the cabinets yesterday. So I walk into the kitchen and stand by the window. He tells me to stay there. He walks over to me and peels both my thong n jeans off. As he does so, he's on his knees kissing my thinghs, my stomach, my legs. Oh now he's nipping my thighs, but still isn't touching me. I'm soaked for him. I tell him to touch me. He asks where, so I guide his hand to my pussy, he rubs very slowly at first and slips a finger into my moist pussy. I moan in pleasure as he does so. He moves his head forward so I feel his tounge on my clit. Oh god, it feels so good, I'm grabbing his hair pushing his face deeper into me. He pushes another finger into me as he's still licking my pussy. Didn't think I could get much wetter. He stops and tells me to sit on the counter with my legs apart so he can continue. Pushes 2 fingers into me and his tounge is lapping up my juices. Just when I thought it couldn't get more intense, I feel his thumb probing against my arsehole. Ohh something cold, he's stopped licking my pussy to spit on my arse, to lube it up. Oh fuck I want to explode but trying to control myself! His thumb glides into my tight back passage on a moan, not sure if it came from me or him! His fingers are back in my pussy and his tounge on my clit. Given up on control I can't hold it anymore. Suddenly my juices are flowing, all over his face and onto his tounge. My bodys shaking and bucking like crazy! But he's not finished yet.

He comes up from in between my legs, licking his lips and giggling. Mm you enjoyed that he whispered, you filthy bitch. Standing infront of me I can see his cock standing to full attention, centimetres away from my pussy. He's nibbling my neck and ears, tell me you want my cock bitch, he says quietly next to my ear. I tell him I need him inside me I need him to fuck me, to fill me up. Next thing I know he's pushed his hard cock deep into me, making me moan and scream with the sheer force and size of it completly filling me up. He's pounding into me so hard and fast I can feel another orgasm building, I tell him to stop and pull out so I can climax. I climaxed all over his cock as he pulled out. That tipped him over the edge to see my pussy spray his cock with my juices. Bitch get up and turn around and bend over! I wanna fuck you from behind. So being a good girl I do as I'm told. Craaack, his hand comes down on my bare ass, it burns but with a bit of pain comes a wave of pleasure, he can see my face in the window and repeats it. Saying. Your a bad girl and bad girls need to be spanked. This continues till iv orgasmed again! This is mental! I feel his cock rubbing against the crack of my bum, nudging my arsehole, pain flares as he pushes his helmet into my arse. Oh god it feels so tight he whispers. Pushing more into me. Harder. And harder. Faster and faster. He grabs my pussy and rubs my clit, I'm in heaven I'm going to come again, as his cock fills my ass and his hands roughly rub,grab my clit. I come all over his hand and just as I do I look in the window to see his face. Out the corner of my eye, I see my husband standing in the doorway, with his cock out, rubbing the length of him. Just as I open my mouth, connor moans and suddenly my arse is flooded with cum, I can feel it dribbling down my arse cheeks. So much cum. Connor sees my husband and nods to him and leaves. Me feeling very used, and ashamed and naked in the kitchen thinking how am I gunna explain this one!

Jonathon comes over to me. Grabs my hair. And grumbles in my ear, you filthy filthy slag. Getting fucked by young lads. Well I never. I can feel his hard cock rubbing against my cheeks. Well, if you can fuck him, your gunna suck me!