Written by joe330

18 May 2015

Me and partner had gone away for a weekend break.

We had enjoyed our day, and always she had bought some sexy underwear.

We had our evening meal and went back to the hotel bar for a few more drinks, we began chatting with an older couple who were vey friendly.

We had a good laugh and were enjoying our night.

My partner had gone up to our room and the mans wife went with her.

After another drink I headed up, got to our door and walked in.

My partner was laid back on the sofa in just her black hold up stockings and black high heels, the woman who we had just been speaking to was knelt in front of her and eating away at my partners pussy, I was shocked and didn't know where to put myself.

My partner looked up and said I'm sure you like what you are seeing, I couldn't believe it, the other women was wearing tanned stockings with a suspender belt and matching knickers, her breasts were out and very pert, she looked around and told me that my partner was getting fucked tonight and that she was also going to fuck me.

Still in shock and very turned on there was a knock at the door, the woman's husband had arrived, which made me feel even more on edge, he came in and asked me if I liked what I was seeing, I told him I was a bit taken back and with he told me not to worry.

He had brought his wife's sex toy and asked if he could show my partner, I didn't argue and he walked over to my partner and his wife, his wife moved to one side and he began rubbing her clit with this toy, my partner was enjoying it and was rubbing her nipples at the same time, the mans wife came over to me and removed my jeans, she then pulled my throbbing cock from out of boxer shorts and began rubbing me, she then knelt down and slid my cock into her mouth and slowly sucked my cock.

My partner was now spread wide open and the man was pushing his wife's sexy toy into her shaven pussy, she was moaning with every push, her black stockings were looking amazing and her heels were all on show, my partner then sat up and removed the mans clothes, she then told us both to sit back on the sofa, my partner began sucking the man, licking his hard cock at every chance, his wife was too sucking me, my partner then reached out at grabbed my cock and began pushing it into the woman's mouth, they then swapped over and she sucked me.

The man then stood behind my partner and began rubbing her pussy, my partner then asked the man to fuck her, he stood her up and moved her over to the bed, her black stockings and heels looked amazing, he grabbed her legs and parted them, then slid his cock into her pussy, he slowly fucked her with all his length, the mans wife was now licking her pert nipples, I began to rub her pussy from behind her, she was so wet and just looked like she was begging to be fucked, and sat beneath her and began licking her dripping pussy.

I then stood and watched my partner for a few minutes, he was now fucking her so hard, she was loving it, the mans wife then told me to fuck her, she laid next to my partner and I sat above her, I got my cock and rubbed it into her clit, and slid my solid cock into her, it was amazing, her tanned stockings and suspender belt were all on show, my partner had now got up and was licking the woman's breasts, her moans were such a turn on.

My partner had now gone over to the sofa and had got on all fours, she told me to come and fuck her, she told me to fuck her from behind and wanted the other man to fuck her at the same time, her heels were hanging over the sofa, I moved her slightly and pushed my cock into her pussy, the man then entered her from behind, what a feeling, she was getting fucked in both holes and loving it, she completely exploded, her sticking were covered in our cum, the mans wife then asked for me to fuck her arse, I'd never done anything like that before but was more than willing, I bent her over on the bed and pulled her arse cheeks apart, I slid a finger into her pussy and then slid my cock into her arse, I slowly pushed and pulled and she was begging for more, I fucked her so hard and then came all over her hole, my partner was now fucking herself with the woman's toy, sat on the bed legs wide open stockings on and heels, she was pushing the toy all the way in and played with her nipples at the same time, it was getting late, and we were all getting a little tired, the man took the toy off my partner and put his cock in front of her face, she took every inch in her mouth.

The mans wife then pulled my cock into her mouth and wanked me as she sucked, I rubbed her nipples and was ready to cum again, as I reached my climax I pulled out and squirted my load across her breasts.

We all sat down after that episode and the couple got dressed, they said good bye and left.

My partner was still wearing her stockings and heels, I walked over to her and slid my fingers inside her, telling her that I loved watching her getting fucked, after that we both settled down and went to sleep.

What a night