Written by KandD

8 Aug 2010

My girlfriend and I have always had a varied and fun sex life. For the last few years we have talked intimately about including others in our fun but have never got round to it. As a lot of men in my situation have mentioned in these stories, they would love to see their wife or girlfriend have sex with another man, so would I. I would however be more turned on by sharing her and having her be the centre of attention and feel the benefit of two pairs of hands and two hard cocks. Whenever this is mentioned or suggested during sex she goes up a gear, breathes deeper, everything becomes slightly more urgent and eventually orgasms quicker and stronger.

I am envious of a story she told me about her youth when she was fucked on a snooker table, she doesn’t go into too much detail but my imagination fills in all the gaps. I would love to re-live this scenario with two men and with her being the beneficiary.

The ideal setting would be a nice warm country bar/hotel with a snooker or pool table tucked away in a corner out of sight of the main room and with a barman that could turn a blind eye.

Playing several games, she is getting her eye in, starting to impress with the occasional great shot. Her low cut top giving a great view of her lovely pert breasts, a beautiful cueing action exposing them seductively over the table for any interested onlookers to see. She is quite shy but is be getting slightly turned on by the attention and anticipation of us fucking later. The skirt she wears is short but not too short, it gives the impression of being able to see all the way up to her moist little snatch but is long enough to tease, she wears a thong so even on shots where she has to stretch it doesn’t reveal all.

The bar isn’t busy but there is a steady flow of opponents through the pool room, we play and win and they move on. There is one gentleman (I say gentleman because he is very softly spoken, polite and friendly) who hangs around for several games, some he wins some he looses but he comes back for more. The conversation is general, and develops slowly, he is intelligent but funny with it, he is friendly and actually quite a good player.

On more than one occasion I watch him looking down the front of her top, he positions himself so that the view is to his advantage. Twice I catch his eye, I smile and he smiles back, he is slightly embarrassed but continues to look.

Eventually the barman shouts for last orders then “time”, we make to leave but are stopped by the gentleman (who we later find is called Brian). Brian explains that it is his bar and if we want we could hang around as guests of his and continue with our game.

We agree to do just that and Brian disappears to get us all drinks, but also, I suspect to make sure the bar was totally empty. While he is away I take the opportunity to tell her about catching him looking, an observation that she has made herself and is enjoying thoroughly. I say that I am enjoying her getting his attention and admit to getting a little horny with the situation, she flashes me one of her knowing smiles and says she is showing what he wants to see so that I get horny, that, in turn makes her wet in anticipation of what is likely to follow when we get home.

In due course, Brian arrives with fresh drinks, we are all getting a little drunk and the atmosphere changes slightly, we continue to play but shots are not great and the occasional error becomes more common place. Now is the time that I can challenge he says, when the alcohol takes over and the accuracy disappears. She suggests seductively that we could play for forfeits and see where it goes, an idea that Brian and I agree to instantly. I’ll play Brian she says, for an item of clothing, she looses and takes off her top saying that we’ve both been looking at them all evening so why not? I am slightly surprised at her forwardness but getting hornier by the minute, am not about to disagree. I play Brian next for the removal of her bra, she raises her eyebrows slightly but agrees and I win. The next game is between her and I with her breaking, as she bends down to break Brian calls a halt to the proceedings because I haven’t removed the bra yet. You are in the right position to do so Brian, go ahead I say. She is about to break but he stands immediately behind her, touching her shoulders to steady her and quickly removes her bra,. When he does this she looks me in the eye with that, slightly glazed look, takes a deep breath and pushes her backside back as she leans down to break. This catches Brian square in the groin, she apologizes, smiles and breaks.

The games seem to fly now, Brian and I loose several articles of clothing, the atmosphere has reached breaking point and we can’t decide on a forfeit. She eventually says that she’s had enough and that the winner of this last game between Brian and I gets a blow job. Both Brian and I are taken aback slightly with her suggestion but I’m past caring, horny as fuck and Brian was the same, his erection plain to see, I catch her looking, she smiles, winks and mouths “love you”.

I win that game although, I suspect Brian’s shakes got the better of him, she wastes no time in making me sit on the table, unzipping me in the process and pulling my already rock hard cock from my boxers. Teasing it with her tongue, slowly running her lips up the shaft of my cock she places her lips over the swollen end of my shaft and takes it in half way, looking up at me as she does, she bends forward. Brian is behind her beside himself and I see him staring at her arse. She has an arse to die for anyway, but after a few drinks and being teased like this Brian was in heaven. We catch each others eyes and I smile, he doesn’t waste any time but immediately takes this as a sign and lifts her skirt, caressing her backside with both hands she reacts vigorously to this at the best of times, now she moans, hesitates and cums, the electric tension becoming too much, her body quivering, she regains her breath and goes down on me again. Brian’s hands are now inside her thong, he plays briefly with what is a very wet pussy, finds her clit and rubbing it makes her cum again, this time she lifts her head, squeals and gasps for air. Brian by now has his cock out, quite a nice example although I say myself, not quite as long as mine but slightly thicker. He proceeds to wank slowly with one hand while fingering her at the same pace with the other, I’m feeling stirring in my balls and know that at this rate I’ll explode very soon so I suggest a change, she wastes no time, spins around, pushes Brian onto the table and in one swift movement has his cock half way down her throat. She deep throats at will and the sight of his tool disappearing down her throat has me coming over her naked back, spurt after spurt sprays her back and runs down on to her arse cheeks. Brian follows very shortly behind, but she doesn’t let go, she takes his load down her throat gags a little and breathes a deep, satisfied breath.

A slightly embarrassed period follows with us all adjusting to what has just happened. The pause is broken by Brian suggesting we move upstairs to his flat, she could take a shower and we could rest a little there. We agree and move upstairs, where we all shower and regain our poise. In the fullness of time she comes out of the shower and announces that she isn’t finished yet and wants to extend the night a little, who are Brian and I to argue?