Written by JustUs1001

28 Aug 2016

This is a fairly long, fictional story, I hope you enjoy it!

Tonight you are getting ready for your first proper night in a long time.. You're meeting Ella, Louise and Helen for an informal girls night out / Christmas party. You're looking forward to letting your hair down and not having to worry about children and the endless Christmas preparations. The last six months have been hard work, between the demands of home and work you are ready to reclaim some independence.

After showering you are sorting out your hair and makeup using the huge mirrored doors in our bedroom. I walk past on my way to put the kids to bed and comment on how lovely you look, being naked it's what you expect me to say so the compliment feels a little hollow. Once I've gone you take a look at yourself in the mirror. Running after the kids, running and yoga have left a positive impression on you, and you're feeling quietly pleased with your appearance. Sadly as the weather is really cold layers are the order of the day. Sexy! it almost makes think that getting that leg and bikini wax was a waste of effort. Screw it you've waxed, washed and have applied make up so feel fantastic.

As it's so cold you've opted to wear tights, leggings your wooly dress with a vest top underneath and a jumper over the top. As you totter into town you congratulate yourself on staying warm even as snow starts to fall. You meet the girls in the bar for drinks before dinner and decide to order a bottle of fizz to celebrate Christmas. You've got a reservation at a nearby restaurant for 8.30 but after the second bottle is drunk you realise you're going to be late. Gathering your things you step out into the night and are shocked by the amount of snow that has fallen. Thankfully the restaurant held the table and is pleasantly warm and full with several Christmas parties.

During the meal you notice a table of guys who keep looking over in the direction of your table. After a few drinks you're all feeling giggly and soon there's nudging and grinning on both tables, so another couple of hours pass by and more drinks are had. The table of guys pay their bill and on their way out stop at your table. It turns out they are all part of the university's medical school and are off to a private party at a nearby bar. They scribble their numbers on a napkin and tell you all to call if you want to join them. Cue more giggling and conversation about this rather enjoyable flirtation. By common consensus you put their ages at mid 30s to early 40s, all quite handsome whilst not being models. Each of you are quietly flattered. The meal comes to an end and you head off to another bar for a drink. Which takes a while as the combination of snow, now several inches deep, alcohol and heels conspire to slow down your progress to the second bar. Once there you find It's rammed and you can barely find space to stand, after a drink Louise and Helen depart leaving you and Ella to solider onto a late night bar to seek out cocktails and dancing.

Unsurprisingly it's also full however you both get in and elbow your way to the bar. In one of those moments that seems sensible when drunk, but idiotic when viewed sober you order two cocktails each...more time having fun less time queuing! After only a short time dancing You quickly realise that the layers, whilst a great idea in the cold are terrible in a packed bar so you add the jumper to the pile of coats and bags. Feeling better you drink, dance and shout having a great time. The two of you dance closely and share a fleeting kiss. Ella receives some attention from a couple of guys claiming to be firemen and you slip off to cool down and text home. You stop in the loo and remove your tights, but put your leggings back on. You may be too hot and too drunk but part of your brain knows you'll be freezing later! You find Ella but the "firemen" are a bit of a pain so you decide to move on.

A decision you both regret while standing outside in the snow.Supporting each other you walk into the street. At this point it looks like an early end to the night until you spot a familiar face lit up by his phone outside Yates. It's one of the medical guys. You tramp through the snow and ask if the party invite is still open. Confronted with two pretty, drunk women there's only one answer and a minute later you are both in a busy party talking to the guys you saw earlier. All the while the snow continues to fall silently outside.

As the party progresses you find yourself dancing with a couple of the guys, Andy and Mark. They train paramedics and junior doctors and whilst slightly hammered seem nice guys. There is some gentle flirtation and close dancing but nothing to make you uncomfortable. After a while you and Ella sit down with Mark and Andy who introduce you both to Ashley, one of their students. He's in his mid-twenties and despite trying to appear confident it's quickly clear he looks up to his tutors and follows their lead. You and Ella lean in and secretly whisper to each other about the guys and their attentions, you admit finding it flattering and mention I'd not mind. Ella thinks this is very kinky and with a giggle gives you a quick kiss. A fact not lost on the three guys who suddenly seem very attentive. To break any tension you get up and drag Andy up for a dance while Mark goes for drinks, leaving Ella alone with Ash. Whilst dancing with Andy his other mate wanders over to introduce himself. He is called Reginald, a fact that cracks you up. Fortunately he has a sense of humour about it, you ask if he has a nickname and Mark quickly interjects that they call him donkey, he says this with a wink so obvious he causes you to laugh again. "Just call me Reg" says Reginald looking a bit embarrassed. Andy comes back with drinks and you start talking to Reg. He's about 6 foot, 40, shaved head and has a bit of a tummy, but you wouldn't describe him as fat. He says he's a senior physical therapy instructor at the uni and is a trained physiotherapist. Queen's don't stop me now starts playing and everyone sings along. You and Reg are close to each other dancing along to the music when he pulls you closer. Still singing you bump into each other and he watches as your eyes widen slightly, you feel his unmistakably large cock rub against you. After a moments eye contact you step back slightly and take a sip of your drink. Sadly there will be no more "accidental" bumps as it turns out to be the last song of the night. Mark, Andy and Reg live out in a village by the university and they offer to walk you both to the taxi rank. On the walk to the rank you take pity on Ash who's struggling to impress Ella and quietly mention your "brush" with Reg. She laughs and then asks would I really not mind, slurring slightly you say no, in fact I'd almost be annoyed I you missed your chance, cue fits of giggles at the taxi rank. While you both think you're whispering you're not that quiet after the noise of the club and your comments have not gone unnoticed.

Of course it's been snowing for hours so taxis are in short supply. Waiting in the freezing cold Andy has a brainwave and makes a call. Five minutes later an ambulance pulls up, it's driven by one of Andy and Mark's students. You all pile in the with Ella and you climbing onto the trolley. Andy and Mark are keen to show off and explain the inner workings of the ambulance, which is going slow due to the snow. They each have a slug of oxygen they say it perks them back up and kills the hangover, you give it a try and instantly feel more energised, still tipsy but not wobbly or tired. Mark and Andy continue to talk about ambulances and Reg feels left out so he suggests going to Uni and he'll show you round where he works. Despite the oxygen you're not thinking that clearly so you agree, besides you’re having fun and you know it will make a great story for me later.

Whilst the ambulance crunches through the snow Mark reaches into his coat and brings out a hip flask which he shares round. You take a slug which burns on the way down, so take a quick hit of oxygen which makes your head swim. Andy is feeling the effects of the evenings merry making and leans in and in a conspiratorial tone says, "you've got great tits, I bet no one's said that to you before" and with a wink and a point sits back looking happy. The other guys nod in agreement and Ella takes a firm hold of them and with a devilish grins tells the guys that she loves your tits and leans in for a lingering kiss. There is a moment of stunned silence, but before the situation can develop you arrive at uni.

Reg lets you all into his department and starts the tour. As he walks you notice how warm the building is. Mark explains it's a new facility designed to keep in the heat, but the heating has been stuck on full for months and he laughs about the sauna like conditions. Reg takes the little party past the gym littered with crash mats and what looks like gymnastics equipment. Reg explains this where people are taught to walk again after accidents and points out a massage table "complete with oil", with a devilish wink. The short tour finishes in the hydro area. You know what's coming next..."It's roasting in here, anyone fancy a dip?" asks Reg. You consider for a moment. The guys have no hesitation and strip down to their boxers and hop in. You now have four cheeky faces looking at you and Ella. At this point you hesitate and look at each other, but you've both had a fun night and the guys impish grins are contagious and when they turn on the pools water jets, you think why not. You slip out of your leggings and quickly pull the dress over your head and before you can second guess yourself you hop in the pool, with Ella following suit. You're still wearing your panties, bra and vest so don't feel too exposed. Ella is in black panties and bra and hasn't bothered to sit low in the water and you take a moment to admire her breasts. Unsurprisingly given the circumstances talk turns to sex and specifically sex in pools. When it comes your turn to share you talk about your holiday experience years ago which prompts smiles all round. Ella rubs her hand up your thigh under the water, stopping just at the edge of your panties and says you are a bad girl! Mark asks how your husband would feel about you sharing a pool with 4 guys like this. With a laugh you explain I would be turned on and not to worry about that.

In a moment of bravado and as if to prove the point you stand up and coyly remove your bra under your vest top, your nipples stand out pushing against the fabric on your vest. The guys and Ella cheer.Cupping both breasts, holding them to you, you sit down. The guys now look at Ella and ask if she wants to follow suit, she replies she has no vest top to cover her modesty and you chip in to tell the guys that they can see more if you can see more. An electric tension is sparking up and you can see the guys considering this. Reg takes the first step, under the water he wriggles free of his boxers. Due to the bubbles in the water detail is obscured but you know he is nude and that turns you on. Andy follows suit throwing his boxers across the room. Mark and Ash are less sure but to help him overcome his nerves Ella moves your hands away from your chest, allowing your breasts to float freely inside the vest. She then drops one of your thin vest straps and frees your breast, gently squeezing it and rubbing your nipple with her thumb. You close your eyes for a moment before slowly opening them and stare directly at Mark and Ash raising an eyebrow in challenge. This is more than enough for them and two more pairs of pants go flying across the room.

You feel amazing and oddly at ease in the situation and move to the middle of the pool squatting between everyone with only head and shoulders above the water. You reach out through the bubbling water, running your hands up strong thighs before grasping two cocks under the water, feeling their shape floating in the water, growing hard with your touch. Mark and Andy are loving the attention as you rub your hand along two shafts. Ash slides over next to Ella , bends his head and kisses her neck, his hand moving under the water. You register a look amused surprise from her and without breaking eye your eye contact she makes a small wriggling motion and a small black pair of panties float to the surface. Is this an invitation or a challenge? You move a hand to Ella's leg, quickly running your hand the length of her thigh until you feel the outer lips of her labia, you find she's gone for the Hollywood look and your hands rub over her smooth mound feeling the crease between her legs with Ash. At this Reg slides over behind you, you can feel the length of his dick floating between your legs and bumping into your arse and labia. You wriggle your bottom against Reg and are rewarded when he becomes hard beneath you. He reaches round and with a large hand kneads your free breast. You murmur a sound of happy acquiescence and continue to enjoy the feeling of the water, his hands and his cock bumping, but not pushing against you. This feels natural somehow, you feel intensely horny yet at ease with this intimate contact.

You turn to Ella and share a gentle kiss that with a ragged breath turns stronger and more urgent. This has urged on the guys and you alternate between feeling Mark, Andy and Ella, enjoying the variation of erection and smooth lips. Almost without you noticing Reg has reached down and pushed aside your panties and starts running his fingers through your neat pubic hair and lower to stroke your cunt. His touch makes you aware you want more and that as nice as the water is you want to get flat out fucked by these guys.

Taking a bold move you stand up and suggest moving to somewhere with more space to play. You step out of the pool and sopping wet encourage the party to follow you. Ella takes your hand as you help her from the pool and as she walks takes the lead you give her arse a playful smack. Eagerly Mark, Andy, Ash and Reg follow you and the sight of four naked guys following you is amazing and you feel sensual and sluttish all at once. You sway out to the gym turn to Ella and run your hands up her back, you close up to each other and share another deep kiss, you feel her tongue dart into your mouth and you respond. You

unhook and remove her bra and the two of you stumble back onto a pile of crash mats still locked in an embrace. Passion is taking over and you push her onto her back spreading her legs so you can kneel between them. You bend to lick and suck her nipples while she moans gently in pleasure, after teasing her nipples to erection you kiss down her body until you get to the smooth folds between her legs. Slowly you lick her outer lips, flattening your tongue against her smooth, warm skin. You can sense her pulse quicken and you make each lick more direct and focused on her clit. She opens her legs wider and quickly you dip your tongue into her tasting her wetness which only adds to your sense of arousal. You put two fingers deep into her, flicking them inside and enjoying the trembles that run from her body. You speed up the motions of both your fingers and tongue, working them together you bring Ella to a loud climax which shudders through her body. All this has unfolded in a matter of minutes and you'd forgotten you had an audience.

Looking up from the mat you remember what's going on and you feel ready and hungry to be touched, to be kissed to be fucked. You stand up on the crash mats watching the team circle round you. Immediately hands are on your breasts and Reg is in front of you, you can't help but look down. His cock is half hard and already 8 inches and wider than any you have seen. He leans in for a kiss and you feel his hand running down into your panties. The hand on your tits are more urgent and you feel the straps of your vest being pulled down. Your breasts are free, Mark and Andy fall on them licking and sucking your nipples. You look down beside you and realise that Ash is lying beside Ella sharing a passionate kiss. Engrossed you watch as she opens her legs and he pushes his cock quickly into her smooth cunt.

Spurred on Reg pulls at the side of your panties ripping them off in his eagerness to get to you. The vest follows suit and the four of you are now fully naked, you turn from face to face kissing each man deeply whilst various hands grope you. Reg picks you up and places you down on the mat on your back with a small gap between you and Ella. Mark and Andy support your knees opening you fully to Reg. Despite his obvious eagerness he drops to his knees and begins to lick your already wet cunt. You love this attention but want more and readily suck Mark's cock whilst wanking Andy.

Reg licks you for a minute until you reach down and pull him up on you. His cock looks huge and you are filled with an overriding lust to have him in you. He gently pushes in the first few inches and despite Andy's cock in your mouth you gasp. Reg pushes himself deeper into you and begins to slowly slide himself fully in and out of your now dripping cunt. You feel dirty, slutty and fantastic. Out of the corner of your eye you see Ash has moved on top of Ella and is thrusting into her and part of your brain can't believe this is happening. Reg starts to push harder and faster banging deeply into to you, stretching your cunt wide and bumping into your cervix. The harder he bangs into your cunt the more you suck on Andy's cock. You feel Andy tense up and you take his cock deep as far as you can, this tips him over the edge and you feel him spasm and his hot cum slides down your throat. No sooner is Andy released from your mouth than Mark is there filling his space. Reg has found his rhythm and is pounding you fiercely his slick 9 inch cock slamming into you. You pull Mark from you mouth and let out a moan of pure pleasure telling Reg to fuck you hard. He responds and you feel your whole body being rocked by the impact. This continues for several epic trusts before Reg hooks your legs high, bends to you and fucks you more deeply than ever before. Two more spasming thrusts and he too comes deep inside you. You look over at Ella just in time to see Ash also reach his climax whilst Ella loudly voices her pleasure.

Breathing heavily you drop your legs back and the mat. Reg, Ash and Andy retreat back to the pool room. Leaving you Ella and Mark alone. You and Ella look at each other and laugh which shrinks Mark a bit. You roll over to Ella and share a gentle kiss. After a moment to recover you kneel in front of Mark and take his cock back in your mouth. Ella kneels beside you alternately stroking his balls and fingering your full sticky cunt which feels divinely wanton. Mark is much smaller than Reg and you and Ella compete to see who can take him deepest a competition that ends in a very happy draw for Mark! This slower more gentle intimacy continues for the next ten minutes or so, before you lie back and allow Mark to position himself between your spread legs. From a kneeling position next to your head Ella bends over you and begins to run slow, strong licks over your clit spreading your swollen lips to lick down to your wet and widened hole.

Mark swoops in (let's face it he's waited for his turn), you are almost spent and let him into your cunt unopposed. He starts fucking you at a ferocious pace, but after the size of Reg you are still stretched wide and his narrow 4 and a bit inches are nice but not quite hitting the spot. however Ella's tongue is divine and after a few minutes sets off a huge full body orgasm that shakes through and you causes poor Mark to pop out. Breathing hard you hold a hand against Mark to buy yourself a moment. You hear a door open and Ash, the youngest of the three pads back into the room drinking a red bull, taking in the scene his cock jumps back to life. Ella clambers off the cash mat and with a gentle hand pings Ash's cock ( which is much more of a manageable size than Reg's) which bounces stiffly and looking back over her shoulder Ella blows you a kiss and steps into the pool room.

With a grin Ash walks over to the massage table and picks up a large bottle of oil. He smiles at you and asks you to get on your knees, his strong hands help manoeuvre you into position. Once there he pours a huge amount of oil down your breasts, it quickly traces the contours of your body and Mark gently but quickly smooths it over you dropping his hand lower, working the sensual oil between your full, heavy pussy lips. In a motion made all the more fluid by the oil, he quickly slides under you and gently pulls you down on his cock. You slowly envelop his cock, the warm oil makes this slow slide impossibly smooth and Ash continues to slowly push in and out of you with no resistance. You feel a warm wet sensation behind you and realise Mark is pouring massage oil on your back and arse. He rubs it round before sliding his hand between your buttocks and slowly inserting the tip of a finger into your arse. You sit back on the digit with a breathy moan. You don't think this will work but you are lost in the moment and want to try. Mark empties adds bottle of oil and adds another finger as you continue to rock your hips feeling the alternate pressure as you move in time with their thrusts. The gentle rhythm comes to a pause when you feel the tip of a Mark's cock bumping against your arsehole. Again, despite Mark's "compact" size you think this won't work but you slide back slowly anyway. Mark's head disappears into you and Ash starts to push into your cunt again. You can feel the slickness from your dripping cunt and the slow, unending pressure behind you as the other guy goes deeper into you. You feel unbelievable sandwiched between these guys, two cocks moving in unison inside you. You feel the impact of the situation and you feel and orgasm erupt from deep inside, breathing hard you kiss Ash and both guys step up into top gear pushing themselves into you hard and fast, you can feel both guys almost bump into each other deep inside you. You cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Ash crushes your breast firmly pushing on your nipple with his thumb all semblance of gentleness gone before his hips buck under you and he shoots a huge load into you. Whilst this is happening you can feel balls slapping against your lower labia and Mark hear mark straining for release. Given the tightness around his cock he also explodes deep inside you. Before the three of you collapse into an incredibly oily trio.

The next five minutes are a bit of a confused blur. There are lots of kisses and your are handed a towel and your clothes. The guys realise they need to tidy up the gym as it wouldn't take a genius to work out what had occurred. The guys personal taxi is back outside and wearily you and Ella climb, you wearing only your dress. Ten minutes later you are letting yourself in our house, happy, tired and more than a little worried about what I will say. You know I'm still awake and you come into our room where a soft light is on. Peeling off your now ruined dress you look down and for the first time notice your thighs and cunt are covered in cum and oil. Ayou look at me with tired eyes and a smile as I, with a huge erection, reach out for you...