Written by robertcharles

12 May 2010

A great Saturday night out

We had been to the restaurant on a semi regular basis it was a small but very nice and friendly place in Sandbach, probably about 30 minutes up the M6 from Stafford but we always felt it was worth the journey. I had phoned to book the table the day before and the phone was answered by Richard, the owner and manager and when I asked for a table on the Saturday night his first reaction was a very polite ‘no Sir I’m we are full tomorrow night’ I said ’that’s a pity Annie and I always enjoy coming up to see you and I know that she was looking forward to it and seeing you again Richard’. He said ‘is that Mr Charles? Well let me look again I’ve always got space for your lovely wife but I don’t know about you!’ and laughed. I heard the pages being turned as he checked out his bookings and he came back on the phone and said ‘I’ve moved a few tables about and we can fit you in it will be in the back dining room will that be ok for you?’ ‘That’s great’ was my reply ‘Annie prefers it in that room she is more intimate’ Richard chuckled and said ‘well tell her she will have to be nice and to me and intimate with me for fitting you in and tell her it is only because she is such a sexy lady that I have made room for you!’ I laughed with him and said ‘don’t worry I will tell her just what you’ve said I’m sure she will be pleased to hear it she always tells me how lovely she thinks you are!’ Then I asked him hold he was and he told me he was just coming up to his 30th birthday and I said ‘I will tell Annie she has got to give you a nice big birthday kiss, but you do realise don’t you that she has a son older than you.’ Richard’s reply was ‘she looks far too good to have a son of that age she is probably the sexiest lady who comes here’ I will tell her Richard it will be interesting to see which of you two will be the most embarrassed tomorrow night!’ I said. We finished the conversation and I carried on working. I kept thinking to myself about the things that Richard had said about Annie and wondering if he really fancied her or if it was just a “salesman” making sure he got his order but some how I didn’t think so. My dirty mind started to work over time as I imagined Richard and Annie fucking! I realised just how turned on I had got by the thought of it happening perhaps it might be a really good Saturday night out.

When Annie came in from work I told her that I had decided we would go out on Saturday night and she said ‘Oh Robert I wish you hadn’t I’ve had a hard week and I just want a lazy weekend doing nothing’ I laughed and said ‘Okay then I better ring Richard at Sandbach and tell him you don’t want to see him!’ Annie’s face changed it lit up and I could see a sparkle in her eyes ‘oh no no don’t do that’ she said ‘you know I always like going there and he is such a nice young man’ Again I laughed and then told her all that Richard had said about her. Annie blushed and said ‘Robbie you shouldn’t talk to other men about me like that!’ ‘Why not’ was my reply ‘you know I like other guys fancying you and he certainly does and it is his 30th birthday soon so I promised him that you would give him a big kiss to celebrate and to thank him for finding room for us, well for you anyway I think he is only letting me in because I’m driving’ ‘Oh my god ‘said Annie ‘he’s not 30 he is younger than Kris how can I kiss a guy younger than our son’ ‘Oh I’m sure you will and I’m sure you will enjoy it you little sex pot it’s just what else you decide to give him for his birthday’ I said.

All evening long Annie was thinking about what she could wear she was clearly excited by the thought of the Saturday night out eventually I suggested she wore a black button through dress that I loved her in it is sophisticated yet very sexy it opens almost to the top of her thighs when she sits down and crosses her legs and it can give a clear view of her lovely tits if she leans forward at all, it is a real teaser of a dress. After I had suggested it Annie went and got it out of the wardrobe to make sure it was clean and didn’t need pressing ‘what else should I wear with it then being as you seem to be taking charge’ Annie said laughingly. I told he she needed a full cleavage bra with padding so as to accentuate her lovely tits a matching tiny thong some shiny hold up stockings and some black high heels but we might have to get you some new ones the ones you have at present aren’t high enough for tomorrow. ‘Oh my god’ said Annie ‘I couldn’t wear anything with a higher heel than the 4” ones I have at present’. ‘Oh yes you can’ I replied ‘I want you going in there tomorrow night looking like a sophisticated but very sexy slut!’ Annie looked at me and said ‘is that what you think of me?’ ‘Oh yes darling always sophisticated but never slutty enough’ She slapped me playfully and said ‘next you’ll be telling me you want me to fuck Richard!’ ‘That sounds a wonderful idea’ I said and smiled at my lovely wife who actually blushed. We went to bed that evening and she was so wet and so sexy one of the best fucks we had enjoyed from along time and I think we were both thinking about Richard fucking her as we fucked!

The next morning we went into Stafford to shop for some shoes but instead of letting Annie go to the slightly posher shoe shops she normally uses I took her to New Look where the young girls go and they had lots of high heeled tarty shoes just the sort of things I had in mind for her. I had actually got a small tape measure in my pocket and checked the height of the heels on the various shoes, eventually I found what I was looking for a pair of black plastic stilettos all shiny with a very very thin spiked heel when I checked it was 6” high. Annie said ‘god I couldn’t wear those they would make me look like a tart!’ ‘A very sophisticated tart though’ I said and I helped her as she tried them on she found it difficult to actually stand in them but I made her walk around the shoe area and she looked stunning in them, Annie said ’they hurt’ ‘don’t worry about the pain they will have the desired effect on all the men who see you in them’ I said laughing. I paid for the shoes and we were about to leave when Annie took me over to the underwear section she found a wonderful new bra with so much padding that it would give her even better cleavage than she normally has with it she picked up a g string pair of pants just a tiny little patch at the front that would hardly cover her pubic hair and a string to the rear which I could imagine disappearing into the crack of her arse, Annie said ‘well I better have the tarts undies as well hadn’t I?’ I smiled and said ‘you are going to enjoy this aren’t you my little bitch’. She smiled back and said ‘Yes I think I am!’ After that bit of shopping we went back home and I let Annie have the rest of the day to her self to get ready, you know what women are like hair to do make up to do nails to polish I watched the sport on TV and wondered what the night would bring.

I got ready very quickly and waited for my lovely sexy wife Annie to appear I heard her call as she started to come down the stairs, ‘do I look alright?’ she asked. Well my cock just went rigid as I looked at her and I thought of the effect she would have on other people especially Richard I hoped. ‘You looking stunning’ I told her ‘just open your dress let me see what it looks like underneath’ Annie pulled her dress aside to reveal her shiny hold up stockings and that lovely bit of bare flesh above the top of them her dark pubic hair was clearly visible through the sheer white G string that barely covered anything. ‘Will I do?’ she asked smiling at me ‘Just turn round lift your dress up and bend over so I can see you lovely back side!’ I told her. Annie smiled at me as she turned round and bent over she said ‘you are such a dirty pervert Robbie what will you do if this all gets out of hand tonight? I looked at the tiny string of the G string as it disappeared into the gorgeous crack of her arse. I lent forward and stroked her cheeks gently and said ‘I hope I’m going to enjoy whatever happens tonight as much as you do my darling sexy sophisticated slut, are you ready to go and see Richard?’ Annie straightened herself up and smiled and said ‘Yes come on lets go before I get scared about what might happen and chicken out.’

I helped her to the car as she struggled in her 6” plastic spikes boy did they look tarty as she sat into the car her dress opened exposing legs thighs and stocking tops. Annie looked at me smiling and said ‘I suppose you want me to leave my dress like that whilst we drive up the motor way do you?’ ‘Of course my darling you know I like the lorry drivers looking down at you as we drive along side them and you love to show off don’t you?’ Annie just smiled and closed the door. We drove off the estate and headed to the motorway as we went through Stafford town Annie sat demurely upright but with her dress exposing her legs, once we got on the M6 she reclined her seat slightly and put her right leg up onto the dashboard as she did this I spotted a big lorry a head of us and adjusted my speed as I came along side him as we got level with his cab I started to stroke Annies leg and she moaned slightly I knew the driver was looking down at us and I said to Annie ‘I bet that guy has got a big hard cock looking at you why don’t you stroke yourself’ she moaned and with half closed eyes she stroked herself gently through the flimsy material of her pants. We carried on for a few miles like this before I saw a police car parked in one of the spots they use on the side of the M6 so I increased my speed and pulled away from the lorry he flashed his lights in appreciation of the show he had just seen. Annie said’ that was mean I was enjoying myself’ I said ‘don’t worry we are nearly at Sandbach now and then you might enjoy yourself even more!’ I turned off the M6 and drove the last mile to the restaurant as I pulled into the car park I saw Richard waiting on the steps, obviously he knew what time we had booked the table for and he was waiting to greet us before we got inside. As I parked he came round to Annie’s side of the car and opened the door for her he got a really good view of the top of my wife’s legs and was obviously pleased with what he saw, ‘My God Annie it is always a pleasure to see you and s real pleasure to see so much of you!’ he winked at me as he helped Annie out of the car and he lent to kiss, Annie smiled as he kissed her on both cheeks and said ‘Hi Richard you are looking good is that the birthday present you wanted?’ ‘Oh no Annie my birthday deserves much much more than that don’t you think?’ As he said it and smiled at her his hand slid round her and over her lovely tight arse and he squeezed it gently I saw Annie shudder slightly with excitement and she said ‘I hope you get everything you want for your birthday and I mean everything’ and she smiled at me as she reached up and gently kissed him on the lips. Richard made Annie do a little twirl for him and said ‘you look so beautiful so sexy tonight come on let me take you inside before I misbehave in front of your husband!’ I said’ you two carry on as you want don’t worry about me but lets at least go and have a drink and some thing to eat and then see what happens.’ With that Richard opened the door to the restaurant and let Annie go inside I was pleased and excited by his reaction to her so far and it was good to see various guys in the bar area getting a real good eyeful of the sexy slut as she walked over to the bar. Richard pulled out a bar stool for her and Annie perched herself up on it and crossed her legs just managing to keep the dress in a position that kept her decent but only just. I saw all the guys looking and admiring it was good as I wondered how many thought they’d like to fuck her! As Richard went and organised our drinks and got us menus Annie whispered to me ‘thank you for bringing me out tonight I think I’m going to have a great time are you sure it’s all okay with you?’ ‘Oh yes my darling what ever and I mean whatever happens tonight is just fine by me’ I replied and lent forward and gently kissed her on the forehead as Richard returned he smiled as he saw me kiss Annie and said very quietly ‘I think it’s my turn to be kissing this lady tonight!’ I looked at my wife and god she looked so sexy and I said to Richard ‘I think and hope that your going to be doing more than kissing her Richard, I know Annie wants more don’t you my darling?’ She smiled and said ‘Oh you know me my love I always like lots of what I like and I do like you Richard.’ We decided to order the food before it all got out of hand in the bar and I wondered just how the evening would go on.


All through the meal Richard kept checking t make sure everything was alright and he made sure when he came to see us he touched Annie and stroked her shoulder, I smiled as I saw her rub her leg against him one time but they were both beginning to get excited and when we were served our coffee at the end of the meal a lot of people had already finished and left the restaurant giving Richard the opportunity to join us and he pulled a chair up next to Annie and I watched as she took his hand and placed it under the serviette that lay in her lap she smiled at me as Richards fingers started to work some magic for her. I tried to keep a conversation going and then said to Richard ‘one time you told us you were going to do some rooms up so you could have guests staying over night, how are you getting on with them?’ Richard looked pleased at the question and I think was wondering how he could take it and use it to his advantage, then he said ’yes we have two of them completed now and one more to finish off and then we will start taking guests, would you like to see them?’ ‘No not my scene’ I replied ‘but I bet Annie would love to see what you can do in there wouldn’t you my love?’ She nearly jumped up at the suggestion seeing her opportunity to have some time with him on her own and she said to Richard ‘come on then young Sir show me al whilst Robert finishes his coffee’.

With that the two of them went out to the stair way and I could just see Richards hand on Annies arse as they climbed the stairs. I got through another two pots of coffee and a brandy compliments of the house as I waited for them to return. It was about 45 minutes later when they came back and Richard said ‘thanks’ to me ‘that was even better than I could have imagined what a lovely dirty little slut your wife is’ Annie blushed and she kissed the top of my head and said ‘I think Richard will let us come back again wont you’ and she smiled at him. Richard said ‘Annie liked the room Robert and it would be good to keep the slut here overnight some time perhaps you might like to bring her up and leave her with me for a night or two’ I looked at Annie and said ‘Well my darling you have obviously been a dirty little fuck slut would you like to stay with Richard and do what he wants some time?’ Annie looked back at me and smiled and said ‘yes please Robbie I want to be a slut for both of you’ I looked at Richard and said ‘I’m not leaving the slut with you tonight Richard I want to fuck her myself and feel her full of your cream, how about 2 weeks from today I wil bring her back and you can keep her and use and abuse her like the slutty bitch she is till Monday evening and I will collect her back then is that alright with you?’ ‘Fantastic Robert thank you I will try to film some of it for you if you’d like me to.’ ‘Oh Jesus yes that would be fantastic’ I replied my mind already racing as to just how I could use a video of my lovely slut being used by another man. Then we went out to the car to start our journey back to Stafford, Richard walked Annie to the car and said to her ‘you are an even dirtier fuck bitch than I thought and I’m looking forward to using you again in two weeks be ready.’ Annie kissed him hard her tongue working like mad and then said ’oh yes I am thinking about it already thank you for tonight’ I drove off and realised Richard hadn’t given me a bill he must be a gentleman.

As We got on the M6 going back Annie sighed and said ‘thank you Robbie he was good and so big and so young and strong’ she opened her dress to reveal that she was just left with her stockings no bra no pants she took my hand and placed it on her cunt she was dribbling Richards juices and I fingered her as we drove ‘ what a dirty bitch you are Annie’ I said ‘yes’ she replied ‘your dirty bitch and I know I’m going to enjoy doing what ever you make me do in future’ then she reached across and undid my zip as I was driving and my rock hard cock sprang out Annie took it in her hand and gently scratched up and down it and said ‘I love your cock but it is only about half the length of Richards and no where near as thick as his’ ‘Where did he put his big cock you little whore?’ I asked my wife, Annie looked up at me licked her lips and said ‘everywhere oh everywhere’ ‘But you dirty slut’ I exclaimed ‘you don’t like it in your arse you tell me!’ Annie smiled and said ‘I didn’t have any choice but it was good to feel so full you don’t mind do you?’ ‘no I don’t mind’ I said ‘but you realise that in future you are going to do whatever you are told don’t you and I do mean whatever’ ‘Yes Robbie’ replied Annie in a sexy voice ‘you always have wanted me to be a slut and that’s what I’m going to be for you from now on you slut to do whatever you want me to with whoever you want me to!’ Then just as we were approaching the Stafford exit on the M6 she lent over and took my cock in her mouth and started to bob her head up and down on my cock. I sighed and said ‘oh god that is so good’ Annie kept her head working as we drove back in to the town and we came up to the last set of traffic lights where we turned right to go into our road just as they turned red. I stopped in the outside lane and was aware of a car pulling alongside on the inside lane Annie was still gobbling away on my cock as out of the corner of my eye I saw the Police man in the car next to me. The lights changed and I moved away with a little sigh of relief thinking it was alright but then he moved into the lane behind me and flashed his lights as I turned into our road he followed I pulled up on our drive and stopped I said to Annie ‘we might be in trouble there is a Police man behind us’ She came up off my cock and wiped her mouth and face and said ‘oh my god what are we going to do?’ As I got out of the car trying to do my zip up discreetly the Police man walked up the drive ‘Good evening officer can I help’ I asked politely He looked at me and said ‘I think we might have a case of some one committing a lewd act in a public place Sir’ Annie gasped and he looked her up and down and said ‘it would probably be better if we went inside sir to see if we can work some thing out’ I opened the door quickly and ushered him and Annie in side ’What did you have in mind?’ I asked, the police man touched Annie’s breast and said ‘well I am sure for a little while with this slut I could easily forgot what happened Sir’ ‘Oh be my guest’ I said and undid Annies dress for him and let it fall to the floor she gasped and said ‘Robbie you cant do this’ ‘do you like what you see then?’ I asked the Police officer ‘Yes very nice indeed’ he replied as he grabbed Annies tits ‘now you bitch you better get on your knees and suck me like you were sucking this gentleman just now or you might finish up in court having to explain to the local magistrates just what you were doing and that would be very embarrassing wouldn’t it?’ Then he pushed Annie down on her knees and told her to undo his trousers. Like the slut she had turned into that evening she did as she was told and gasped slightly as his cock sprang into view it was enormous I wondered if she would cope but Annie lent forward and ran her tongue round his large knob before opening her mouth wide and starting to feed the length into her eager mouth. The police man put his hands on her head and said ‘oh you dirty bitch suck me.’ He looked at me and said ‘you have got a real dirty bitch here I am going to enjoy using her. ‘Help your self Officer’ I said laughing as I watched Annie, she gobbled really well making loud slurping noises as she took his thick cock deeper and deeper into her eager mouth. I watched and realised just what a dirty fucking slut my wife was and I felt so proud. The Police man asked me if she liked it in her arse and I said ‘not normally but she needs to be punished for being dirty in public doesn’t she?’ ‘Oh yes she does was’ his reply and he pulled his cock out of Annies mouth and slapped her face with it as she gasped for breath then he pulled her up by her tits and she squealed and he pushed her into the front room and forced her face down over the arm of the settee Annie was naked apart from her tarty black plastic shoes with there 6” heels and her hold up stockings the police man said ‘normally Id want to lube her up but look the bitch is oozing cum from there some one has been there before me was it you sir? ‘No’ I said and told him about the restaurant and forced her cheeks apart and said ‘ well you dirty fucking bitch now is your second arse fucking of the night’ and he pushed his knob which as glistening from Annies efforts at sucking him then he forced it right inside her and Annie screamed and said ‘oh god oh god oh Robbie he is much bigger than Richard and it hurts it hurts tell him to stop please stop him’ we both laughed and I said ‘my darling I love you but I’m not going to stop him you need to be punished!’ the police man was really fucking her arse hard and deep now and he said to Annie yes you slut you are going to get so much more over the coming months for being a dirty slut tonight I think I shall be using you on a regular basis’ then he turned to me and said ‘I presume that’s alright with you sir?’ ‘Oh of course it is officer your welcome any time isn’t he Annie’ ‘Yes yes’ she replied ‘now fuck my arse harder please let me feel your spunk deep in my arse please!’ ‘Have you ever had her handcuffed’ the police man asked me ‘no’ I replied ‘but id love to see her tied up and abused some time’ ‘Then I better make sure you get to see that Sir’ he said ‘and I have got a nice old fashioned truncheon that this bitch will really feel deep inside her’. Then he stiffened and started to cum deep inside Annies arse she was crying with pain and some pleasure as he pulled out he looked down at her and said ‘come on then Annie you dirty bitch clean my cock’ she hesitated slightly and he slapped her face hard and said ‘do as you are told you slut!’ Annie licked his cock and pushed his foreskin right back and took him in her mouth again. The police man looked at his watch as she gobbled him and said to me ‘I have to go in a minute otherwise the control room will wonder where I am but don’t worry I will be back’ and then he said to Annie ‘ you must realise now that as well as being a slut for your husband you are a slut for a select group of police men I have 4 other colleagues who I will share you with and they will come to see you when ever they want as I will and we may well stop you if we find you out in town or in car and you will be expected to serve in any way we require you to do you understand?’ Annie looked at me and I nodded slightly and she looked up at the officer and nodded her agreement her mouth still full of his cock he pulled out and said ‘fine folks I’m going now and unless any one forgets what we have agreed the other incident will be forgotten but should you not do as you are told you dirty slut I do have you on video in my car so be warned. Annie shuddered a little and said ‘yes officer what ever you say!’ ‘Good girl’ he said and he did his trousers up and then asked for our phone number and Annies mobile and said ‘I might just turn up unannounced or I might ring you with instructions do you understand?’ Annie nodded and said ‘Yes Sir what ever you say’. Then he went and left together I kissed Annie and told her I loved her and I could taste the juices from his cock and her arse in her mouth, she said ‘oh Robbie what are we going to do?’ I laughed and said’ Well I’m going to watch you getting lots of cock and you love it don’t you’ She smiled at me and ‘yes you know I do now please fuck me I want you inside me now’ and who was I to stop my lovely little wife having what she wanted it felt so good in there her cunt full of spunk from Richard my first’ sloppy seconds and I knew it was going to be the first of many! It didn’t take me long to cum inside her then I went and ran a both for Annie before we went to bed I wondered just what would happen when she went and stayed with Richard in Sandbach for the weekend but that’s another story.