Written by Jason

3 Dec 2007

Terry and I agreed to take Gina and Ray for their first visit to our favourite club in Kent. Being autumn there was little prospect of any outdoor pre-erotic activity, so we arrivd early and got seats in the main room.

Gina and Ray were novices; we had never seen either of them completely naked, but they had been to several local parties and had enjoyed the atmosphere, though not mixed partners.

The sight of people arriving, mainly couples, stripping down to nothing at best, or attractive scanties to start with, came as a shock: When three lads came in and stripped off completely Gina\'s eyes nearly popped out of her head. We ate and drank while the evening got under way, a few couples taking to the dance floor obviously enjoying their bodies. We needed to get our two friends into the swing, so I suggested a visit to the jacuzzi. Gina and Ray followed, wearing their towels until the last moment. We settled into the hot turbulent water, another couple our only companions. After a little polite chat, they climbed out and retired to the sauna.

Ray had already spotted some good-looking female flesh in the steam room, so got out of the jacuzzii, grabbed his towel (but did\'nt put it on) and vanished into the superheated interior. Barely seconds later, the three guys we had seen arrive earlier climbed into the tub; free and easy chat-ups started right away, and I soon felt a hand resting on my right thigh. Mmmmm...nice...my hand in it\'s turn located the thigh of my neighbour, worked it\'s way up until I found a rather nice cock, stiffening even as I played with it. His fingers were soon exploring my cunt and arse....I lay back enjoying the sensation,when I heard Gina having a go at the guy on her left. \'When I want you to touch me I\'ll ask, thank you!\' Oh dear. I whispered in her ear....\'Relax, Darling... he finds you irresistable....let him have a little fun, even have some yourself...thats\' why we came!\' Gina did not seem convinced. Meanwhile, the guy had backed off, climbed out of the tub and headed for the sauna. I could\'nt help notice his rather ample semi as he got out, and felt Gina had certainly missed a trick there.

Meanwhile, my stallion had me quite excited, and I knew that if I wanked him much more he would come, not good for jacuzzi etiquette, so I suggested we find a room for a decent fuck. We climbed out, grabbed our towels, his rampant cock sticking straight out until he covered it, his other hand stroking my very wet bum.

Only one room was free; my brave stud used his towel to remove some spunk from a previous encounter off the bed before we indulged in some frantic gymnastics.....sucking, fondling, wanking, kissing, tomgues...you name it!

Being on the pill I chanced bareback: Within a couple of minutes my hard cocksman was deep within me, grinding his hips to send electricity round my pelvic area, before drawing out until his solid helmet had almost slipped from my cunt-lips, then thrust hard back in until I could feel his large hairy balls pressed against my flesh....then he came...I felt pulse after pulse of his hot ejaculate filling me, until he could cum no more. He pushed up on his arms, still rammed hard inside me. I felt him soften, then slip gently out....I reached down to feel the gorgeous beast that had just pleasured me...it was still big, sticky, with a mixture of his cum and my vaginal juices.....I pulled him up to my face, and sucked his softie until he drew away....\'Phew...that was magic....must rest.....!\' he gasped, laying back on the bed.

Then, and only then, did I see Gina and the third guy standing watching....Gina looking as uncertain as ever, but at least she had come this far...\'Mmm....come and join me, Honey...\' I pulled her onto the bed, and started kissing her....we had done this once before (although mostly dressed) and I knew it turned her on. My hands glided over her moist body, down between her legs, and started mobilising her love-machine. \'Oh God....\' she started making all the right noises....I beckoned her guy over, and got him to present his cock to her face...she took it without hesitation, and was soon sucking it for all she was worth.

Meanwhile, my stud was probing her cunt lips with two fingers, then three....he was wanking furiously to restore his hard-on, before taking his chance, just as Gina altered her position, to slide his now-hard cock into her fanny. She screamed a little scream, but thrust her buttocks out as if to ask for more; and more she got....I saw that lovely tool that had only minutes before filled me vanish most of the way into her cunt. She did\'nt take him all, but after a few minutes steady shafting she noisily took his second load of the evening....she shuddering, he grunting as the last of his man-juice leaked inside her.

All that remained now was for Gina\'s first partner to wreak his havoc; for me the night was young, I had a number of exciting adventures lined up before home-time, but for Gina it was make or break: So., the other guy eased his cock into her very wet cunt barely seconds after my stud had left it...if Gina had never had a multiple orgasm before she was having one now.....not a long-stayer, her guy came after a couple of minutes of robust thrusting....his over-enthusiastic short-strokes meant he had come out of her just as he shot, two or three spurts of milky cum covering her bum before he quickly guided his throbbing cock back inside her to finish another noisy unloading.

We all collapsed back on the bed; three other guys and a girl enquired if we had finished, so we wiped the bedcover clean, half-heartedly donned our towels, and went back to the jacuzzi via the showers.

All this time the two husbands had been chatting-up (unsucessfully!) two young maidens in the bar area, not a hard-on between them.

Gina said little on the night, but a girlie chat the next day established what a great fuck she had enjoyed....and please, when can we do it again?