Written by Mgspring25

23 Feb 2009

This post is my fantasy and as yet has not happened. If any ladies out there would like to help me, please drop me a line.

I knock on the door as organised and after a short time you answer wearing your your blindfold. I come in, shut the door for you and then ask if you are mine or not? "yes" comes the answer, "Then present yourself to me". You slip of your housecoat to reveal that you are only wearing your blindfold, bra and knickers and stockings, you take my hand and place it on your pussy and start rubbing it up and down, I can feel that you are already damp. As I am doing this you unclip your bra and your tits are free for me to enjoy myself. "Hurt Me" you say, I take a nipple and pinch it until you take a sharp breath. Now I know that you are mine, we can begin.

I lead you into the living room and push you down onto your knee's and instruct you take my cock out but your are not allowed to play with it. "Push out your tongue" I tell you, I then run my cock around on your tongue, and place my balls on your tongue and tell you suck then gently. After 5 minutes, I place my hands on your head and push my cock into your mouth, shafting your mouth with a passion, pushing my cock down your throat. You cannot keep up and spittle starts to dribble down your chin. After a few minutes, I can feel myself building so I take my cock out and tell you to finish me with your hand. You wank me quickly and I come over your face and into your mouth. You swallow my come and ask for more.

I ask if you have done as you were told on the phone? "Yes" you answer, "Show me" you are told, you stand, remove your knickers and present your shaven pussy to me. You start to finger your yourself and after a short time you also take a nipple in your hand and roll it around whilst you are pleasuring yourself with your fingers. You start to moan and without thinking you orgasm in front of me. This is bad, you are not allowed to pleasure yourself to orgasm, only i can do this for you.

"Lean over that table" I shout. You do this and I slap you bare buttocks with the flat of my hand. You scream but I tell you shut up and be silent as I slap you again and again until you can take no more and ask me to stop.

"Lie down on your back you slut" I command and as you do this I remove my clothes. When I tell you to "Ask me" you repeat the words that I have given you "Please take me now, fuck me and use me like the slut I am". I take my cock and push it in your fanny with one swift movement and start to pump slowly. I take a nipple in my mouth and suck it as I fuck you. Your head starts to move from side to side and you start to come, taking in big gulps of air, shouting "fuck me, fuk me". After 10 mins, I pull out and tell you get on all fours and you start to fuck yourself with the dildo you were instructed to have ready. You really are going for it and tell me you are going to come again. This is not allowed so I take the dildo out and replace it with my cock. I start to pump but cannot hold on for long before I fell my balls tingling.

"Turn over" I instruct and I start to wank over you, coming on your mound and tits. You are told to stay there whlst I take photo's of you in your worst state,covered on my come for my pleasure later on. I take the dildo and and rub it in the spunk and place it on your lips, you take the length into your mouth and lck it clean. I replace it wit my cock and you suck and lick me clean. You tell me you must be ready for your children to come home from scool so I dress and leave you with the instructions that you are not to move for 5 minutes as you are not allowed to see my face or any part of me.

Until next time.