Written by kate

10 Mar 2009

This is a fantasy, but who may be a reality very soon.

You are at work i text you to say i won\'t be in when you get home, i say i will tell you later where i have been.

So about four hours later i text you again to say pick me up in a local layby.

So when i get in the car you ask where i have been, much to your surprise i grab your hand and put it in my knickers which you feel are very soggy. I tell you i have been with my lover. You ask how long i have had a lover, i reply since you can no longer satisfy me sexually.You ask if its cos your small, i reply yes.I go on to tell you my lover is large and stretches me and makes me sore.

Iproceed to tell you the events of the day. I say i met my lover as i usually do on a Wednesday at his house.Today he asks if i am very horny, to which i reply,\'yes very\'. He replies thats good cos he has a surprise in store. I am told to get ready and go upstairs and get ready. I shower and go in the bedroom, i put on some sexy undies and i eye mask i find on the bed. I lay on the bed and wait, hearing footsteps i smile, then i realise there is more than one person.

I am told there are four men there all ready to fuck me silly.So for the next four hours they proceed to fuck me every way possible, i suck cock till my jaw hurts. When they have finished am so full of cum its dribbling out. So i put my knickers on as i am told to do. No shower allowed.I have to show you what they have done to me.

So we are in the car, i see the story has given you a erection, you then dive into my fanny and greedily eat all the cum out of me savouring every last drop.

As i have had a good seeing to i don\'t want your small cock near me, so you are denied your husbandly pleasures, and your left feeling very pent up. But as you no longer please me you will get your realease when i say so.

Hope ypu enjoyed reading this.