Written by Aimee x

17 Aug 2012

The pub was quiet, which was good for calming the nerves. I sat on the barstool beside Roger in my short black skirt, tight low cut top pushing my 36DD tits out, stockings and the sluttiest heels I could find. I was certainly attracting a bit of attention from the dirty old men who were there, sipping their pints. Roger and I chatted to each other, making sure we were both sure this is what we wanted, agreeing that we were both nervous, but even more turned on about the thought of it all. I took a big gulp of wine to steady the nerves once more. Roger leaned in close and whispered to me 'that man over on the left keeps eyeing you up. Swivel round on your stool and flash him your pussy.' For a moment I was taken aback by Roger's command, and was just about to ask if he was sure when he interrupted 'don't you dare fucking disobey me tonight my slutty wife, you do as I say right now. Otherwise I will pull you off that bar stool, bend you over in front of everyone in this pub, expose your little shaved cunt and ass and smack you hard.' I loved it when Roger took charge and told me what he wanted me to do. I felt a little spark of electricity pulsing through my pussy and I could feel myself starting to moisten. I loved the thought of being publicly humiliated, but knew that this fantasy we could play out at another time. We were here tonight for something else. I took another swig of wine, finishing the glass, then turned on my seat to face the man, who right enough, was staring over at me. I stopped so I returned his gaze and slowly, deliberately, uncrossed my legs, taking them wider so he could see my shaven, moistening pussy. I was just about to close my legs when Roger's voice from behind me said. 'keep your legs open and touch that wet pussy. Pull your lips open so he can see your sopping wet hole'. Again, that burst of electricity zinged straight down to my aching wet cunt and I did as my husband asked, slowly pulling my pussy lips apart, showing this dirty old stranger my glistening wet pussy hole. Feeling so dirty and sexy as the man stared on, appreciatively at my pussy, I slowly slipped a finger inside my cunt then pulled it out and put it in my mouth where I sucked off my sweet, sticky desire. The man let out a low groan and shifted in his seat, I think to hide his growing erection as I slowly crossed my legs and turned round on my stool to face Roger. When I saw his face, I knew I had pleased him and he smiled as he reached towards me, running his hand up my thigh and to my wanting wet pussy while he said 'well done, he enjoyed that. I'm going to see if he wants to see more of my slutty wife's body.' With that Roger got up and disappeared to the men's toilet, signalling to the man to follow. The dirty old bastard took no hesitation in following Roger. 

Feeling so turned on at what I had just done, but still feeling the pang of nerves, I quickly ordered another wine and drank it quickly while Roger was away. 

5 minutes later, I was feeling tipsy, much more relaxed and even more horny. I heard the toilet door swing shut and Roger returned to me. 'drink up' he said, reaching for his pint and downing it, 'we're off to the woods. That dirty old pervert's on the phone now, getting some horny men ready to watch you in action. If they're lucky, I might even let them join in.' With that, he kissed me hard, pulled me to my feet and dragged me out of the pub.

Once in his car, he checked his phone for a message. 'I've got the directions to the meeting point. Let's go.' We sat in silence during the 10 minute journey to the forest car park, but the sexual tension in the atmosphere of the car confirmed that we were both very excited about the next step in our sexual adventure. Roger pulled in to the carpark and drove straight down to the part farthest away from the road. There already appeared to be a couple of cars already parked up. We parked about 10 feet away from the cars and cut the engine. I could hear my heart beating in my throat as I asked Roger what happened next. Roger leaned forward, turning on the inside light and grabbed my top, freeing both my tits in one swift action. He took one roughly in his hand, pinching the nipple hard. 'They've come to see my slutty wife in action, so let's give them a show'. He said bending towards me and taking my other nipple in his mouth, gently sucking and nibbling it as he pinched and rubbed the other with his hand. It felt so good, but I jumped a little as I heard the slamming shut of a car door, I turned my head towards the other cars and Roger stopped his gentle assault on my tits as I saw the shadow of a stranger head towards our car. 'That's all you're going to see baby,' and I turned to Roger and gasped as I suddenly felt the cool silk blindfold being pulled over my head, covering my eyes. Oh, the sensation of being blindfolded and knowing that, on the other side of the car, there were people watching me, took me to a whole new place and I groaned in anticipation of what was to come. Roger leaned over me and reclined my chair so I was almost laying in the front of the car. 'Oh baby, there are 5 men, just inches from you, staring at those beautiful titties. I want my slut wife to give them a show.' And with that he tilted my hips up and roughly pulled my skirt down. 'Spread those legs baby, show them your tight little cunt, all wet and lubed up ready for some cock.' I did as my master told me, spreading my legs and reaching for my sopping wet snatch, breathing in sharply at the tingling sensation of my clit as I rubbed my finger slowly against it. 'Oh yeah baby, they're really loving that', Roger whispered in to my ear as I heard him unzip his jeans and pull them down around his ankles. 'I want you to kneel up on the car seat, with your ass in the air, and suck my cock bitch,' came my next command. I did as he said, although it was some effort to take my hands away from my aching pussy. I knelt up on the seat, as per my instructions and bent over, Roger guiding me towards his rock hard cock. He pushed my ass in the air, 'open your legs a bit so those dirty old men out there can see your pussy and ass from behind.' I was under his spell and so turned on, ready and willing to do whatever he wanted me to do. My mouth finally found his wanting cock, and I licked the big thick helmet, flicking it with my tongue before taking him deeper in to my mouth. Roger let out a groan as I reached for his balls and massaged his tight sack, while taking all of his thick length in my mouth and sucking him gently. As I sucked on his cock, enjoying his meat in my mouth, he reached inbetween my legs and started fingering my cunt. 'Oh yea, you fucking slut. I can feel how wet and turned on you are. I bet you're loving this. Those men out there watching you have got their cocks in their hands, looking at your cunt and ass, wanking off to you.' I let out a little moan, loving the feeling of Roger's fingers in my pussy, his cock in my mouth and the thought of those men the other side of the glass, staring at my wanting pussy. Roger pushed my pussy lips apart and circled my pink wet hole with his fingers, giving those dirty men a really good sight of my pussy. After fingering me a couple more times, he trailed his finger, lubed with my pussy juices, to my ass and slowly inserted a finger in to my ass. 'If you carry on being a good little slut and doing as I say, I may even let them fuck you in all your tight little holes.' He said while I continued to pay attention to his cock. All of a sudden, Roger stopped fingering my ass and pussy, and the next thing I knew, I heard the sound of the electric window being wound down. 'Right boys, which one of you dirty bastards wants to feel my wife's cunt.'.....

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