Written by SP

27 Jul 2014

I have been on this site for a while now and its not that easy to meet people. I write to loads of couples, as this is what I like, and so many of them have bi males. I am never really sure how I feel about that. I mean I am no prude and I have even been touched and have touched other guys. ( I used to go to a London porn cinema - but thats another story ) Thing is we are all sexual beings and I suppose its how you view that. I do enjoy watching other men cum and would like to play with another male and a woman. Trouble is I love women so much and you can’t beat eating a wet pussy. My current partner is very broadminded and very sexual and we have explored quite a few things, including swinging with other couples in clubs and hotels. She told me she has even been with another woman but it didn’t really do anything for her. I asked her once what it was like to suck a cock and feel it cum in her mouth. She said she didn’t mind the cum in her mouth but it wasn’t her favourite pastime. What she liked was the excitement it generated in the owner and her expectation waiting for it to explode in her mouth. Also he thought the knob is delightful to suck.To me it sounded really exciting and after discussing it she said to me why don’t I try it? She also said that we are all sexual beings and sometimes we are drawn to our own sex as well the opposite sex. Helping someone to cum is a shared experience and can be liberating and fun. Well to be honest, thinking it and trying it was two different things! Anyway I have this guy who I have met a few times, at the porn cinemas I mentioned earlier, and I talked about him with my partner. She encouraged me to contact him and see what happened.

To cut a long story short we met up one morning at my place and I sucked his cock in a very tentative and un exciting way. It was kinda salty and the knob did feel really amazing, but it was my first time and didn’t really settle into it as I was a bit apprehensive and couldn’t feel at ease. We ended up cumming on each other while watching a porno. After we parted I decided it was a bit strange but I still had this urge to try again.

I discussed this with my Partner when we meet again and she said that I would feel like this until I got it out of my system one way or another, life is too short explore. She is a very special lady!.

So I have pursued my desire looking for the right couple. I don’t put this on my profile as I am not openly bi and I still want to find some single ladies and they may not be into that. I suppose if I was completely sure it would be easier but I am still on the fence until I know for sure and have explored this side of me properly.

This led me onto meeting a couple one night in a pub. Strange really how we met I was on my own minding my own business an this young lady, who was on her own, started to talk to me. I had seen her in here before a few times this week on her own. We started just with small talk, how she was waiting for he boyfriend to come here, that she liked tennis had I been watching wimbledon, was I local. Just trivia really. Anyway after about five minutes her boyfriend turned up. She introduced him as Mike and herself as Marie. What I didn’t know was that these two were hardened swingers and they liked picking up single guys in a pub. The guy was openly bi and said so and Marie was also open to some pussy. It hadn’t taken them long to go from trivia to sex in about ten minutes. Then Marie looked at me and said, we really fancy you and wondered if you were up for a threesome. I was a bit surprised and Mike put me at my ease and said look its ok if you don’t we can find someone else. I won’t try anything on, you will be fine, but Marie is dying for some cock and she likes two at a time and it would be good if you could help us out. I only needed to look at Marie and I got hard ….and she knew it. Marie was not well endowed but when you have small firm tits you don’t need a bra and with a loose T shirt, well the nipples do who quite a lot. She saw me looking down her top and moved a bit closer. We were standing at the bar and she whispered in my ear, “Would you like to suck them, it makes my pussy really wet” …just as she stroked my hard cock through my jeans. Mike said “do you live far?” …… “No ….no … I don’t” I said a bit flustered, “Well shall we go? said Mike “I think she is getting turned on”.

As we walked to my place they were either side of me chatting all the time, Marie had her arm in mine, reassuring me that they were genuine and not going to do anything awful to me and both just wanted a good time. Marie also told me that they had actually been to the pub quite a few times and had singled me out for some fun. I wasn’t sure what to believe but was ok to try this. Once inside we skipped pleasantries and went straight to the bedroom. Thank goodness the place wasn’t a tip. Only the guitars I am fixing all over the kitchen. Well it is cleaner than a car engine!

I got some water and met them in my bedroom. My goodness what a site Marie was already naked and was sucking on Mikes cock which I have to say dwarfed mine and must have been at least 10” and quite thick. Mike struggled to of his clothes, Marie let go of his cock took the water from me and told me to get undressed. Water was put on the bedside table and Marie’s mouth was quickly on my nob. We were all soon naked and on the bed and I was getting a bit self conscious and lost my erection. Mike spotted that and moved closer and pushed Marie flat and lay on her. Soon they were kissing and Mike was between her legs. Marie pulled her knees higher as Mike pushed that huge cock inside her as my view between her legs allowed me to see everything. I still couldn’t get hard.

Well they fucked like that for a while and Marie was making some very loud groans as he pushed into her. Then she suddenly came, she let out a really loud squeal as her legs began to shake and Mike just pushed right inside her and gently rocked as her orgasm subsided.

He pulled out and sat on his haunches between her legs, His cock sitting straight up in the air. Marie had her hand over her pussy as she started to come down. Mike looked at me and said “Still not hard?, don’t worry just relax and you will be fine”. Marie was more alert now and came to cuddle up to me. She took my cock in her hand and looked me in the eye and said, “First one is always quick and I need some more my body is just waking up now. So how is your cock?” “ Oh Mike its a lovely cock help me get it hard I want to feel it inside me”………..I looked a bit apprehensively at Mike not sure what was going to happen. “Don’t worry it will be fine” said Mike as he took hold of my cock. Luckily he didn’t have big hands. As he held it Marie took my nob in her mouth and gently began to suck it. Her hand went to my balls and gently cupped them and then a finger was gently exploring my perineum, she applied some pressure and a finger began to stroke the cheeks of my arse. Well between them they got me hard. In fact I was quit proud of it as I don’t think I had been that hard for ages. As Marie took her mouth off my cock she pulled the foreskin back tight and it felt amazing and I closed my eyes as she put her mouth back on my nob and began gently sucking it. I have to admit I had never felt anything like that before. My breathing was getting short and I was starting to get close.

Marie sensed that and said “Mike lets not make him cum yet”…. I opened my eyes quickly and sure enough it was Mike who had been sucking my cock. I was really embarrassed and not really ready for this. Mike sat on his haunches just smiling. Marie took my cock in my hand an gently started rubbing me. “Better be careful looks like you are going to cum soon” “He is good at sucking cock isn’t he, he loves it”, I couldn’t argue. “Ok baby where do want to shoot your load, in my pussy on my arse or even in my arse!” “ I know, lie down let me sit on you”. So I lay on my back as this gorgeous lady slid her wet pussy on my cock. I lay there as she grabbed my wrists and said “Just lay still I am going to fuck you until we both cum”. She started by fucking me in long strokes and then she lowered her body so her arse rose a bit. “Oh Mike please put it in me” . I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, and then I felt the most amazing sensation. I was already inside her and Mike was starting to push his cock inside her too! Slowly it inched its way in, he had obviously lubed it, as although it was incredibly tight it was sliding along my cock quite smoothly. Marie had her head next to mine and whispered in my ear, “Don’t move let Mike do the work”. I spent the next few minutes trying to take this in. Marie lay on top of me as Mike fucked her, the feeling of his cock sliding along mine was incredible. “Oh fuck …. sorry guys” Mike said, “I’m going to cum… oh fuck oh yeah ….”

Marie let out a gasp and I nearly came too as I felt his his cock throb on mine as he shot his load inside Marie. I could feel his hot cum. A few quick thrusts and he was finished but he didn’t pull out as Marie started to grind on both of us. “ Oh I’m cumming too” said Marie as she moaned in my ear and her pussy was gripping us both!

A few seconds later Marie lay on me a dead weight breathing heavily in my ear and Mike pulled out. I could not believe what had just happened. Marie got up off me as my rock hard cock slid from her pussy. She was kneeling up with her hand on her pussy “ Oh my god ……I love that it makes me cum so hard.” I sat up my erection unrelenting as they both looked at me. “I think he wants to cum” said Mike grinning. “Do you want to cum in my pussy baby, come on lay on me and fuck me I need a really hard fuck now. Come on show me what you’ve got”

Marie lay on her back with her legs and arms open and I just got on top of her and pushed my cock inside her. “Don’t worry hun just fuck me hard until you cum, fill me up”

I pushed my cock inside her and she reached round and grabbed the cheeks of my bum. She kept gripping and releasing and it felt really good I had never thad that before. Then she pushed the fingers of one hand between the cheeks go my arse and slowly she touched my arse hole. I flinched and she told me to relax and just go with it and that I would like it. Her finger was exploring and she lightly started to push a finger into me.”Relax, relax, believe me you will really come like this” I couldn’t resist my cock felt like it was going to explode and her finger was giving me sensations that I had never had before and didn’t want them to stop. Her finger was up to her first knuckle now and she quickly moved it in and out. Bloody hell this was amazing and I am going to cum any minute now. Then she took her finger out grabbed both my cheeks and pulled them apart. This had the affect of making me feel very exposed. “I’m gonna cum Marie” “ Yes baby fill me up”

Mike had repositioned himself behind up both and I thought he was just watching. She pulled harder on the cheeks of my arse and then I felt something touch my arse hole again. That was too much and I knew I was imminently going to cum. At that I felt a pressure on my arse and something pushing , with all the thrusting I was doing it just pushed me over the edge!

“Cumming” was all I could say. “Oh baby yeah shoot inside me, thats it you’re making me cum too don’t stop, don’t stop!” At that I felt her pussy grip me for the second time that evening as I unloaded and it was amazing. Marie was still spreading my cheeks it was like my arse was ultra sensitive. Mike moved round Marie turned her head and pushed that big nob in her mouth and came again.

It was a while before we all gathered our senses, I had rolled off Marie and we were all lying on the bed. “OMG…………….that was amazing we have got to do this again!” said Marie. She rolled over to me took my soft cock in her hand looked me in the eye and said I bet you would like to explore a bit more wouldn’t you.” …. I wasn’t sure whether it was my thoughts or that she was now rubbing my cock, but it was getting hard again.” …. “Thought so” said Marie as she gave me a peck on the cheek. Well that has left me with something to think about and for another time……