Written by Joe

1 Jun 2018

I’d been away with the family and we’re all stopping in a hotel there was a few of us including my Aunts friend when we met to go out she looked great even tho she was nearly 60 black all In one dress tanned tights and black high heeled stilettos, wed all been out and ended up back at the hotel bar, all slightly tipsy everyone apart from me and her had gone up, we chatted away and then decided to call it a night, we got into the lift and headed up, she always used to say if she was younger she would of took me ages ago, we got to her room and she asked if I wanted a whiskey with her, I didn’t refuse, we sat on the sofa having our drink and I could see her stocking tops and she knew I could see them, she then leant across and kissed me, it was a shock but nice, I slid my hand in between her legs and found her knickers and rubbed her, she then told me to wait whilst she went into the bathroom, two minutes later she came out in tanned stockings and suspenders high heels and tanned bra, she said that I was not to say a word and came over and unzipped me and pulled out my very hard cock and began sucking and wanking me , I soon removed all my clothes and asked her to get on all fours she said she wanted it In her arse, I pulled her knickers to one side and wet my finger around her hole, then slid into her, she moaned with pleasure and said it felt great, I pulled out and she sucked me yet again. Then the knock came at the door I went into the bathroom and locked it then got told to come out, my aunt was now there little did I know they had both played before, my aunt said I may as well stay and join, my aunt had cream heels on on black skirt and white blouse, her friend undressed her and she was there in black hold up stockings black knickers and bra, her friend told her if fucked her arse and my aunt said she wanted me to the same, she leant over the tv unit and opened her cheeks I just pushed straight in and began fucking her, her friend was on the sofa legs open playing with herself, when I pulled away they told me to sit on the sofa my aunt took my cock into her mouth and began sucking them letting her friend do the same, I then got my aunts friend to sit back and spread her legs pulled her knickers to one side and entered her my aunt climbed above her and her friend began licking her wanting hole, I pulled my aunts bra down and played with her nipples whilst fucking her, no was my aunts turn she spread her black stockings apart and I pushed in fucking her hard, her friend rubbed her clit as I did so, her friend asked to have her Arse fucked again so I got her ready and began whilst she licked my aunt, I came all over both them and that is where the night ended