Written by JustABloke

19 Jan 2009

With the windscreen wipers going and the heater on full blast, I make my way back home from a friends party. Passing the late night revelers, who all seem to be wearing their special \"beer\" coats, as they seem impervious to the horrible weather.

As I round a corner, I see this bedraggled women standing on the side of the road with her head in her hands. Pulling up, I wind the window down and leaning across ask, \"Are you ok?” Lifting her head, I can see her mascara has run, as though she has been crying. \"Bloody taxi company! I\'ve been waiting here for forty-five minutes in the rain\". \"Can I offer you a lift somewhere?\" I ask, you look at me as you consider my offer. \"How do I know I can trust you? You could be a weirdo!\" you reply with a grin. \"Your right, I could be, but I shall as sure that I am not\" I say. \"Tell you what, call or text a friend and give them my registration number\" I offer, as a suggestion. \"Good idea\" you reply, pulling your mobile form your pocket.

You walk round the front of the car and standing there in the headlights, I can\'t help but notice your shapely legs visible below your short skirt and your pert breasts underneath your rain soaked top. You tap away on the keypad of your phone, glancing at my car as you do so. \"What\'s your name?” you ask. \"Jai, Jai Kotes\" I reply, leaning out of the window, trying not to get soaked.

Making your way round the passenger side, you pull the door open and climb in. Your phone chirrups and you check it, your friend has sent you a text telling you to text her when you are safely home.

\"Right, you\'ll have to direct me\" I say, as you do you seatbelt up. \"It\'s not far, about three of four miles. Turn left at the end of the street.” you say, pointing your finger at the windscreen to indicate which direction I need to take. Setting off, I ask \"Were you on a night out?” \"Yeah, but my friends decided to go to a party with some guys we met, but I didn\'t fancy going\", you tell me, \"So I called a cab, but it never came\".

\"Well, I don\'t mind giving you a lift, I can\'t see a beautiful woman stranded\" I say, smiling at you. You smile back. \"Your not too bad looking yourself. No wife waiting for you at home?\" you ask. \"God no\" I reply, laughing as I do, \"I love women too much\". \"Love women too much? What do you mean?\" you ask, trying to look as innocent as possible. \"I am what used to be called a cad and a bounder\", laughing as I answer you. \"What do you mean?\" you ask, \"Well, I enjoy the pleasures of women\" I reply. \"I love sex\" you tell me, \" but god it\'s been a while\". \"Really? No boyfriend?\" I ask. \"Nah, I\'ve been single for a while now\".

\"Bugger, I should have told you take that turning back there. This road leads up to the forest,” you tell me. \"No worries, I\'ll just turn round as soon as I can\", I say. You sit there quietly for a moment of two \"No, tell you what, keep going, I\'m sure we can find something to do in the forest\", you look at me as you smile.

Slowing the car down, as the road narrows, I notice that you are hitching your skirt up your legs. \"Mmmm, nice legs\", \"Thank you,” you say, pulling your skirt higher until I can see your delicate black panties. \"Do you mind if I play, whilst you drive?\" you ask, knowing my answer, \"Not at all, but that is mean, how can I concentrate on driving with your playing with yourself?\" I ask. \"I want you to drive, until I tell you to stop. You can look, but not touch\".

With your skirt now around your hips, I can see the little strip of hair between you legs, underneath the sheer fabric of your panties. I can feel my cock growing in the tight confines of my trousers. You slide you hands from your knees up towards the triangle of fabric, moaning gently, as you imagine my hands doing the same. I am having difficulty concentrating on the road ahead as I watch you tease yourself.

\"Oh god, that\'s horny,” I say, as you turn your head and smile at me. You hands now rubbing your sweet pussy through the material, pressing your middle finger between your lips, so that that fabric follows the curves of your lips. Your breathing becomes heavier, as your fingers slide across your clit, making your slit wet with excitement. Glancing across, you see the mound that has formed in my trousers. You pull your damp panties to one side, exposing your wet pussy, sighing as you feel the cool air in the car on your hot sex. With one hand holding your knickers, you slide your fingers between your engorged lips, brushing over your clit as you move towards your dripping hole. \"Oh yes, that feels good\" you moan, as you slip a finger inside you, feeling your warmth.

Using the hand holding your underwear to one side, you spread your pussy wide, your clit sitting there, wanting to be touched, licked, sucked. With your fingers working in and out of your soaking slit, you tease your clit with your thumb, making you moan \"oh god...mmmmm...yes...\". I can feel my cock wanting to explode, feel its wetness as pre-cum arrives at the tip, desperate for you to release it. You can sense my wanting, but you ignore it, wanting to torment me, make me watch you cum.

\"Oh fuck yes...that\'s good...yeah...mmmm\" you say, as your fingers dart in and out of your soaking pussy, your thumb flicking over your clit. Slipping your high heels off, you lift your feet up onto the dashboard, spreading your legs wide, your pussy wide open and wet. \"Make yourself cum....I want to see you cum over your fingers\" I rasp out, my breathing intense now.

\"Do you want to fuck my pussy?\" you ask, \"feel my pussy pulsing around your hard cock?\". \"Oh god yes\" I moan, \"I want to feel my cock deep inside you\". Your fingers working harder and faster, your body squirming and writhing as you feel your orgasm rising. \"Fuck yes, fuck me with your hard cock...force it deep inside me\" you moan. \"I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me,” you say, as your fingers fuck your pussy harder and faster.

\"FUCKING HELL...OH GOD...I\'M CUMMING...FUCK ME HARDER...OH YES...YES...YES...YESSS\", you scream out as your body is completely consumed by your orgasm. You continue to fuck your pussy as your body trembles with pleasure.

As your body settles, you notice that I\'ve pulled the car over and I\'m just sat there watching you. \"Do you like to watch a woman play with herself?\" you ask. \"Oh yes, very much so\" I reply, \"I think it\'s one of the horniest things a man can witness\", I continue. \"I want you to take your trousers and underwear off and slide over here and fuck me,” you demand. \"I want to slide down your hard, throbbing cock, feel it fill me,” you plead.

Undoing the button of my trousers and sliding the zip down, you see that I am not wearing any underwear, my hard, dripping wet cock springs free. \"Oh yes...\" you say, as you see my manhood released from its prison. I slide them down over my knees, kicking my shoes off into the foot well, I wiggle my legs free.

Lifting your hips, you slide the delicate fabric of your knickers down your legs, dropping them on the floor of the car. \"You\'ll need to lift up, so that I can slide under you,” I say. Supporting yourself on the door and the centre console, you lift yourself up, as I slide over between the seats. Feeling my cock brush against your arse as I slide into the passenger seat.

Reaching between your legs, you take hold of my cock, pulling the foreskin back, exposing the bulbous, pink head. Wanting to feel it deep within you, you slowly rub the tip along the length of your slit, covering it in your juices, before parting your pussy, feeling it pushing at your wetness.

\"Oh fuck,” I moan, as I feel my cock enter you. \"I want you to fuck me, make me cum, fill me with your cum\" you tell me, as you slide down further onto my cock, filling you with it. I grab hold of your hips and raise you, allowing my cock to slide out of you, just leaving the head still within you. \"Fuck me!...fill me!\" you moan. I pull you down hard, forcing my tool deep inside your wet slit, my balls crushing your clit.

I feel your hand running over your clit, teasing my balls, as you start to rub your clit. This urges me on; I lift you up then down ramming myself into you. \"Oh fuck, you feel good\" I moan, \"I want to feel you cum over my cock\". Your hand starts to rub your clit harder and faster; I can feel your fingers on my cock as it slides in and out of your wet pussy.

Faster, we fuck each other, you hand working your clit hard, my cock pounding deep into you. \"FUCK YES...OH FUCK...\" you scream out, \"FUCK ME HARDER...” Ramming my hard cock deep into you, faster and harder, I can feel my balls clench as my orgasm starts to rise. \"FUCK ME, USE YOUR PUSSY TO MAKE ME CUM...\" I yell, as our pace quickens. \"FUCK YES...FUCK YES...FUCK YES...OH GOD I\'M CUMMING...DON\'T STOP...FUCK ME...YES...YES...YES...\" you pussy fucking my cock hard and fast, your hand wanking your clit. \"FUCK YES...AHHHHHHHHH\" I scream out as my balls tighten and I feel that hot, sticky liquid rise up my shaft, suddenly exploding from my cock and filling you. \"FUCK YES...YES...YES...YES...YES...\' you scream, as your orgasm rips through your body like a tidal wave, all your nerves tingling. You relax back, sitting down on me, my cock buried up to its hilt as you do. You legs are twitching as the sensations sear through your body.

I wrap my arms around you, holding you close to me. Our bodies wrapped together in pleasure...