Written by Sam_66

26 Oct 2017

Chapter 3

The Reunion

The sun was setting over the west ridge painting the eastern wall with a mellow orange yellow spraying the rock face like some divine artist warm and welcoming a hint of pink lined the high Sirius clouds it was evenings like this still with the sound of crickets proclaiming their presence unseen to all who have the ears to differentiate noise form the unmistakable music that was all surround.

Bell stepped out of the shadow of the truck dressed casually in jeans and a white blouse her hair tied back and tucked under a blue Baseball cap red sox he guessed as he squinted against the glare of the setting sun. Time paused as a flash of deja vu caught him in the moment was it in the way she moved some half remembered dream a name came to him She rah or something, the moment stretched inexplicably like slow motion but he had time to reflect on the familiar but he couldn’t quite grasp what it was the essence slipping from his grasp the more he tried to focus on it. Quick silver presence slipping through fingers intent at holding on to the moment savoring it remembering..

There had been moments in his life that haunted him a sense of loss at times an emptiness a void like being out of time living in this world but somehow other lives and times bleeding through as if he moved between worlds connected to both. Mixtures of black and white and color moments almost and aching sadness interspersed with a rush of adrenaline and sudden unexpected joy smiles that crept up on him…

There were times when he had disbelieved reality pushing life testing reality trying to recapture what was lost….

“Hey” the sound snapped him back to the moment and he stepped down of the porch to greet his guest walking up to her he smiled in equal measure mirroring the flash of affection and the genuine warmth he saw in her alluring eyes.

Embracing her… he inhaled the scent of her hair feeling the texture he closed his eyes his mind swimming with unusually strong emotion..

“Missed me hu I guess.”

Stepping back embarrassed and wondering why he had actually hugged her like a long lost love he reddened, he had thought it but had not meant to actually hug her.

Stammering he said. “Well that’s how we usually greet folks here in the country.” laughing to cover up his embracement.

“Jack last time you shook my hand” she laughed.

“Can I help you with your things” he smoothly changed the subject gaining his composure.

“ Sure I have two bags in the back they walked back to the truck and Jack picked up her luggage carrying it up to the house. “Aren’t we going the wrong way?” “ The bunk house is that way” she raised a quizzical eyebrow the corners of her mouth curling trying to quell a smile but not quite managing.

“ I thought you’d feel better in the house seen your on your lonesome besides Dinner is nearly ready if you prefer we can take your things to the bunkhouse after.” he back peddled not wanting to be so forward after all she didn’t know him, and she was a client after all.

He mentally kicked himself as he realized that she may not want to sleep under his roof the thought hadn’t crossed his mind seemed kind of natural but he assumed too much. Her presence seemed to confuse his rational.

“Ill decide after we eat,” she quipped striding up ahead.

Leaving him to take care of the bags she strode ahead towards the house.

Sam followed at her heal prancing around she ruffled his ears and his tail wagged and she laughed.

After putting her bags on the porch he walked in to the kitchen she was stirring the sauce on the stove making her self at home.

“ mm smells yummy but you got to watch this doesn’t burn” she said turning down the heat.

He grinned, “Make your self at home.” He quipped.

“Which is my room?” she returned wandering in to the lounge and perusing his book collection such as it was.

He stopped in the doorway admiring her relaxed attitude and her self-confidence.

“Left down the hall to the end” she turned looking quizzically at him he couldn’t tell what she was thinking but he felt like he was just being appraised as to his suitableness.

She walked up to him and squeezed past him the contact raising his desires the space seemingly ever so tight.

“ I ll just get my things and freshen up” she smiled. “Ill have the Hanzell. “

He grinned did nothing escape those quizzical eyes he chuckled.

There is a bathroom off your room dinner will be 40min or so.”

He returned to the kitchen par boiled some potatoes and checked the Wellington in the oven blanching some asparagus he took some of the juice from the meat and added it to the pan to reduce with some red wine. He poured himself a glass as he busied himself slicing the potatoes and he added them to the frying pan with the caramelized onions garlic and a sprig of chopped thyme stirring them to brown he added more salt and black pepper and a little more olive oil.

Once mixed, he placed them on a baking tray and put them in the oven with the Wellington.

He added some chopped pancetta and lemon grass to the pan and put in the blanched Asparagus to cook.

Taking his glass of wine he returned to the dining table and set a couple of mats and some cutlery to the settings He'd curt some meadow flowers which looked a little straggly and put them in a short vase he'd forgotten the finer points of entertaining in the years he'd been living alone. It would have to do.

It was getting dark outside so he put on a few lamps to give them more light, he set a flame to the grate as he'd been too preoccupied to remember the details.

He moved to the Stereo and picked up a CD that he had been given as a present but never listened to. Un wrapping it he inserted it and pressed play. Diana Krall smooth jazz something mellow satisfied it was what he thought he returned to the kitchen. Checking on his soup Watercress soup potato and leek with watercress he poured the cooling soup in to the blender and added some cream and watercress. Once blended, he returned it to the pan to re heat.

He gazed out the window watching the shadows grow and spread as night claimed the valley as its own keeping its secretes from daytime eyes granting peace to those shy creatures that live in shadow…. Night flowers scents…

“mmm smells good.” he jumped turning to see Bell dressed in a simple dark red dress cut low and just above the knee and her hair free about her face shifting as the breeze from the open kitchen door. Her feet bare seemed somehow to be just right connected to the earth a constant on ashamed and ultimately comfortable.

“I love the Music,” well it was that or the Red Hot Chilly Peppers he grinned somehow just didn’t seem appropriate.

“Dinner will be just a moment” He said handing her a glass of wine the condensation beading on the glass wetting her lips as she tasted it tilting her glass in a salute to the choice.

She wondered back in to the living area as he busied himself with the final preparation.

Carrying the soup in to the living room he set the bowls of steaming liquid on the table.

She joined him at the table and he made conversation about the ranch asking how her trip was it all seemed a little surreal as she talked it seemed distant as he watches her expression the way she gestured with her hands the raising of her eyebrows. The shadows played around her creating mystery and highlighting the shine on her full lips drawing him in to an ultimate union in his imagination.

The curve of her breasts the smooth skin plunging moving as she breather the slight peak of her nipples raising the blood in his veins swelling in his crouch making him shift to relieve the mounting pressure.

They talked about Boston their taste in music political aspirations all seemed as if they were old friends.

“ Well the soup was good. I think the main course is burning” she quipped as he realized his soup was cold her wine glass empty. He hurriedly removed the bowls refilling her wine glass and prepared the Wellington which was just fine although he would not have been surprised if it was burnt to a crisp time had seemed to stretch in the moments.

He returned with the meal and they ate.

“That was fabulous” she complimented I can’t wait for desert she winked.

He stammered “I forgot desert” he said sheepishly but I do have some Ice cream if you like.

“Im sure we can think of something” she smiled innocently making him blush imperceptibly.

“Have a seat” he indicated the sofa opposite the fire.

He hurriedly cleared the dishes bundling them in to the dishwasher and uncorked another bottle of wine.

“Have you got Lime?” she shouted from the other room

He didn’t quite get the connection, but shouted “sure” any way

He proceeded to the lounge to see her just pouring two shots of tequila. Re corking the wine he stuck it in the fridge and took out a couple of limes quartering them he placed them on a tray with some sea salt he grinned to himself this could be interesting he chuckled.

Returning with the lime he placed them on the coffee table next to the Tequila and two shot glasses.

Bell sat cross legged on the couch he red dress riding up over her thighs he noted incidentally hoping the incident wouldn’t show too much. Picking up the measure he licked his hand sprinkled the kosher salt and picked up the lime then licked the salt filled hid mouth with the liquor bit the lime and swilled it in his mouth before swallowing it down he shuddered as the liquid slid down his throat warming him as it journeyed to hid stomach.

He watched Bell down her shot “mmm Nice smooth Tequila” yeah he returned better sipped than slammed he growled.

Ah but I always say ‘lick it , Slam it and Suck it” she winked as he grinned back thinking defiantly interesting.

He sat in the chair watching her talk as she sipped more tequila noting her getting more relaxed.

He put on some more music it seemed like the same tracks but he didn’t care. He watched as her dress rode up so he could see her black panties as she talked about escaping the city. His bulge had grown to unfeasible proportions. She seemed to notice his bulge grinning openly knowing the torment he was in.

Opening her legs a little wider she retorted, “you want to lick some more?” She laughed. He reddened and shot back “sure Im always up for a bit of slamming”

“Good boy” she replied. “I haven’t had a good slamming in a while” she reached back stretching out.

“Do we have an early start” she said looking at the clock he realized it was midnight he wondered where the time had gone he sighed and nodded we start at 7 am if we are going to reach camp before dark. Of course he had to be up at 6 to get the mounts ready and pack up supplies.

Resigning himself to another missed opportunity he rose and extended his hand to the reclined woman before him.” Come on lets get you to bed”

She giggled “I thought you’d never ask” she smiled taking his hand she had trouble with her balance and he caught her as she lounged in his arms her head falling back her hair cascading wildly backwards. Her eyes rolling back, she went limp in his grasp.

Putting his arm under her he lifted her easily and negotiated the sofa into the hall her arm around his neck he could small the fragrance in her hair as she lent her head against his neck “ mmmm ‘ she hummed the tune playing on the stereo as he nudged open the door to her room.

Placing her on the bed she relaxed in to the covers. Rolling on to her side and assuming the fetal position.

Jack wondered how he was going to get her out of her dress he undid the zip in the back but was lost after that. He was sure that it wouldn’t just pull down it had to come up over her head some how.

He eased it up over her hips swallowing hard as he revealed her black lace panties. He managed to maneuver her out of her dress and stood watching her naked form clad in only the scantest piece of lace. The curve of her breasts easy on the eye, but playing havoc with his ever-growing erection.

Those dark nipples protruding he ached to suck them in to his mouth feeling the texture teas them his eyes roamed lower she stirred twisting he could see she was clean shaven the panties outlining the shape of her lips through the flimsy fabric. How he wanted to pull aside those panties and slid his finger along that crease open those petals circling that clit all shiny and hard to match his throbbing desire. Sinking his finger in side that hot sticky tunnel making her moan with pleasure before sucking that sweet clit in to his warm wet insistent mouth.

He stroked his cock through his pants wanting to part those thighs and take her there and then fucking her hard as his desire. Taking her as he wished he imagined her soft lips sucking his cock teasing him driving him to distraction he eyes looking up savoring his torment and her control over his mounting desire till he could take it no longer as he bend her over the bed her taunting him waving her fine ass in the air ready to be fucked opening her lips with her fingers wanting his big hard cock in side her filling her deep as he coats him with her sweet secretions his balls slapping her clit as he pulls her on to his throbbing member till he pumps his cum deep inside her.

He retired to his room after covering her with a blanket and settling the fire.

Undressing he climbed in to bed and played till he fell asleep………… dreams restless…