Written by Kelly

25 Oct 2007

I am on my way into London to do some shopping, as its a hot day, I have decided to wear a short mini skirt & a strappy top, with just a thong underneath as its too hot for a bra.

The tube train is very crowded, even after the rush hour, due to cancellations earlier & there are men standing behind & in front of me, very close.

As we bump & jolt about, I can feel someone touching my bum, at first I tense up, as its a shock.

After a minute or so, I relax & then move backwards, just slightly, this is seen as an invitation & the touching continues.

My groper gets bolder & bolder, now his hand is finding its way under my short skirt & is gently rubbing between my cheeks, making me damp.

I push very gently against my invader, now his finger is slowly working its way down in between my cheeks, searching for its prize.

I try to part my legs a little, without anyone noticing & finally he gains entry to my hole, which is now very wet, I try to keep my composure, gripping a handrail to steady myself as I am slowly finger fucked from behind.

I am now almost too horny too care & am on the verge of letting out a loud moan, when the train pulls into the station, its my stop, bugger I think to myself, left on the edge.

I manage to fight my way through the throng of people & head for the ladies loo, I urgently need to finish what my groper started.

Making my way inside I go into a cubicle & hastily shut the door, there is no lock, 'oh well' I mused, it'll have to do.

I hold my skirt up & quickly pull my thong to one side & sitting on the loo, I begin to rub my swollen clit whilst fingering my pussy with my other hand.

Just then I heard footsteps as someone entered the loo, bollocks I thought, cant they wait??

The footsteps stop for a second & then the door pushes open & standing there is a man that I recognise from my train....it must be my groper!

Without saying a word, he moves forward into the cubicle, quickly unzips his trousers, pulls out his hardening cock & grasping my head, he guides it towards my mouth.

With one hand still bringing myself off, I grasp his hard cock with the other & feed it into my mouth, it tastes so good, just what I need.

I take as much of it into my mouth as I can & begin to suck, running my tongue around the head, then withdrawing to lick the underside, up & down, around his balls & then swallowing it again, doing this several times over.

Its not long before he lets out a loud grunt as he empties his balls into my mouth, which I dutifully swallow, almost spilling some of his tasty cum.

After a few seconds he recovers, steps back, puts his softening cock away, zips up & is gone, into the milling throng.

Still in need of self satisfaction, I lean back & continue to bring myself off, rubbing my clit as I finger my juicy wet pussy & after a few minutes, I cum with a shudder, my legs lifting off the ground as I let out a loud moan.

Taking a few moments to recover, I tidy myself up, having a quick wash & brush up & then head for the shops, hoping to find some bargains.

Hmmm I mused to myself, as I rode the escalator, I could really do with some more mini skirts......