Written by Agents66

6 Jan 2014

From her to him:

Its hot and all I could think was that one day I'll have a big, powerful shower! I lay in bed and thought about how I could play with my body under the flow of water........

I soap myself and get clean and then rinse off in the water. Now I play. I firstly have shower gel in my hands which I gently rub over my breasts and hard nipples, rolling the nipples between my fingers and gently but firmly pull on them like a man would if he were sucking them.

Whilst doing this I imagine you having walked naked into the bathroom and having opened the shower door. You can see what I am doing and enjoy watching. You sit on a chair facing the open shower door with your legs open wide. I watch you watching me and I can see your cock geting hard as you become more and more aroused.

You watch me as my hands slide between my legs and I soap gently between my legs … stimulating my clit which is screaming for attention and my breathing changes into shallower more sporadic gasps…

I put my left foot out against the wall in front of me so that my legs can spread apart… this causes the water to concentrate on my clit… and my hands once again go back to my breasts and nipples. I watch you erection grow and you look as though you are battling to stay in the chair…you ask if you can join me in the shower and my reply is ''not yet…''

The water has washed away the soap on my pussy I push a finger and then another deep inside, whilst the other hand pulls on a nipple and I make eye contact with you as my breathing changes again to very shallow quick short breaths as I am so hungry and so close to orgasm.

I spread my legs even further open and tilt my hips up towards the stream of water, causing the pressure to concentrate completely on my hot clit … whilst my fingers move in and out of my wet cunt, and push in deeply and again you ask if you may do this for me…again the answer is ''no … you may only watch…''

By now I am almost not breathing anymore and my body is extremely sensitive to the stream of water that is pulsing down onto it…and I ask you how hungry you are and if you are ready to burst…"Yes" you reply as your cock is now hard, standing upright looking fit to burst, I tell you to play with yourself and to hurry so that you can cum with me at the same time… as you do I watch…your strong hands sliding up and down your large shaft, over the rim and the tip of your cock, lubricated by pre cum.

My breathing is sharp and you watch my body writhe under the water and you now know that my orgasm is firing throughout my body causing you to shoot your white cum high in the air.

As I look around you are not there, I masturbate daily as the thought of you makes me so wet, so horny and I want you badly now, roll on saturday so I can feel your hands explore my aching loins!