19 Dec 2015

It was a hot summer's day. I was waiting on the platform for my train as I so often did. I was soon joined by someone else.

This was unusual as it is a quiet station where the trains only stop on request. I looked at her , gave her a smile and said "Nice day" as you do. 1 was immediately struck by her stunning beauty. Her hair was silky and blond, her eyes sparkling; a real temptress. She was wearing a low cut crop top - which showed too almost too much of her breasts ( from my angle there was a definite glimpse of nipple ) and a tanned and shapely waistline - and shorts - very, very short shorts showing off a perfect pair of long slender legs. There was a bit of small talk but my mind had other thoughts. I felt my manhood stirring.

I read somewhere that if you are chatting with a woman , by thinking about having sex with her and letting your mind picture what you would do you can actually turn her on through eye contact. Somehow she senses your lust and is drawn to you even though the conversation is mundane.

I didn't need to think very hard. I imagined what it would be like to kiss those lips and feel her nipples harden against my chest as I slip off her shorts and.......

But the train was coming and I raised my arm to ask the driver to stop , hoping that the bulge in my shorts wasn't too obvious. She didn't say anything if it was.

Now the thing about these old Welsh stations is the platforms are very low and it is a very high step to get on the train and she was quite petite. " Can you give me a hand up?", she said fluttering her eye lashes at me. I couldn't believe she was flirting with me ( especially as there are portable steps nearby) . My cock really started to harden up then.

I put my hand on her back and as she pulled herself up, I let my hand slip down onto her bottom and gave her a gentle push and a gentle squeeze.

Sh looked back, smiled seductively, said "thank you" giving me a wiggle of her bum before moving into the carriage. Now my bulge must have been so obvious as I climbed up after her. I held my bag in front of me as I walked hurriedly to my seat.

Is there more ?...Hmmm.