31 Aug 2018

Okay I'm a dirty old man , if I see a woman bending over I will either look down her front or up her skirt as far as I can see , depending on which way she is facing ,okay I don't take photos and I'm sure a lot of you girls enjoy it , anyway let me tell you what happened to me , I like this hot weather and I enjoy walks wearing a pair of shorts and a t shirt , oh and I have cut out my right hand pocket so I can play with my cock as I walk along , and not wearing underwear adds to the excitement, this particular day I was walking along when this woman joined me and said do you mind if I walk with you , the dog is harmless he will not bother you ,,you don't mind do you , not at all I told her , she was wearing shorts as well plus a a thin strapped top and white bra , she had short hair ...she was really attractive, she looked at me and said I had a real fucking big big argument with my husband , I wanted him to shag me this morning but he said is that all you think about , we haven't had a shag for ages I've sucked his cock a few times , but this morning he said you've let yourself go since having the kids , we have a boy and girl , do you find me attractive, I guess you do by that bulge you have , she reached back and unclasped her bra , and then lowered her top , my tits are still quite firm aren't they , they are fantastic I said , then why isn't he interested,she pulled her top up and covered her tits , her nipples were huge , she said sorry I shouldn't burden me with my problems. I said no I don't mind , then I said which shocked me I'm a dirty old man ,she laughed you aren't a pantie sniffer are you ,no I'm not that bad ,I just enjoy women's tits I like fondling groping and sucking nipples , I like to play with a nice wet cunt , I couldn't believe what was coming from my mouth , with that she dropped her top again and her tits were bouncing up and down with each step , she yanked my hand out my pocketless pocket and put it around her shoulder so I could ply with her right tit , she slipped her hand in my pocket and said very nice and started to wank my cock , as we walked along the track she removed her hand and walked over to a fallen down tree On reaching it she dropped her shorts and panties bent over the tree and said come on sink that nice cock in my cunt , I pulled down my shorts , and she opened her legs so I had easy access, she was such a beautiful shag ,after a while I said I'm coming Don't withdraw she panted , it felt so nice in her cunt , after a while she got up and knelt in front of me and sucked my cock clean , then I noticed a man on a horse , I don't know how long he was watching us , she shouted to him do want a go , with that he rode off in a hurry, I can't see me being that lucky again