31 Dec 2017

About five months ago my I finally gave in to my wife and agreed to drive out to Suffolk to visit her former high school English teacher, Mr Gates. He lives in a splendid Tudor farm house about seventy miles from us in Constable country. He retired ten years ago so he must be in his late sixties. I had only met him once before, about three years ago when his wife Joanna invited Catherine and I to visit just before we got married.

Everybody liked Tom Gates on first meeting him , he was intelligent, witty, very good looking and definitely a ladies man. Catherine frequently mentioned him whenever she talked about her school days. She said he was by far the best teacher at her expensive private school and he had taken a special interest in her, always encouraging her and listening to her, something her parents were never very good at. I am sure he made a powerful impression on the girls he taught. I loved the way Catherine weakly attempted to deny that her school girl crush for Tom Gates still flickered somewhere under the dry layers of her prim exterior.

We arrived at the farm house in the early afternoon. Tom seemed delighted to see us, he needed the company he said because Joanna had been stuck for four days in Ipswich with her mother who was unwell. He nearly broke my bones shaking hands and Catherine's feet left the ground as he gave her a warm bear hug. I had forgotten what a big man he was, over six feet tall and broad with it. Catherine looked tiny in his arms. He kissed her on the mouth which surprised me. She was a bit taken aback too but immediately smiled and held his hand as we went inside.

Tom had made a picnic and suggested we walk down to the river to find some shade in what was turning out to be the hottest day of the year so far.

We found the perfect spot in long grass sheltered by bushes and laid down our blankets. Before eating Tom enthusiastically suggested we go in for a swim. Rather lamely I made my excuses saying I had not brought my swimming trunks but I would join him for a paddle. Catherine said she would watch. Undeterred Tom jumped up and started undressing. I thought he would have put his trunks on back at the house but as he lowered his trousers I realised he was going to change in front of us. He slipped down his underpants with his back to us. I looked away obviously but I noticed in the corner of my eye that Catherine did not. When I looked up again Tom was pulling up his trunks with slow deliberation, he half turned and we both got a full view of his long soft penis being tucked away. I thought Catherine blushed as she pretended not to have seen but Tom was smiling as he strutted off to the water and called back for us to join him.

Instead Catherine and I made ourselves comfortable in the long grass.

“Tom looks amazing doesn’t he” she said.

“Yes I suppose so, and he doesn't mind showing it off does he”.

“Are you jealous?” she asked.

“No“ I said, wondering if she was referring to his physique or the thing inside his tight shiny swimming trunks.

“I wish we had brought cossies” she said

“You can always slip out of that dress, if you want to.”

“Don't be silly, I cant let Tom see me in my knickers, besides they are French ones, he would see everything.”

Yes, I thought to myself, maybe that would be a good thing and then wished I had worn a better pair of underpants myself.

When Tom rejoined us we ate our picnic and drank the wine. We chatted and laughed at Tom's stories of the classroom. We told him about our search for work and looking at flats which we could not afford to buy. I was pleased to see Catherine looking more relaxed than I had seen her in months, she even had a second glass of wine.

“I think I will have a walk along the river, can you go far?” I asked Tom.

“Far enough” he said, “see if you can reach the bridge by the public house. Its about an hour. Don't worry I'll keep her company.”

I kissed Catherine on the cheek and set off.

I don't know what made me do it. Maybe it was the wine or Catherine smiling at Tom like a little schoolgirl, but after a few minutes walking along the river bank I knew I had to double back to satisfy my curiosity. Surely Tom would not be able to resist trying to kiss her again and I could have great fun teasing her later if she let him.

I turned round and left the path, picking my way through trees and undergrowth until I found a bush close enough that I could hide behind and get a decent view of them. It was not ideal, the long grass unfortunately shielded them somewhat but I could see they were both lying on their backs apparently sleeping.

Just as my self loathing and guilt was about to persuade me to get up and leave I thought I heard Tom whisper something in Catherine's ear. She propped herself up immediately. Hello I thought, something is up. She seemed to be examining him. I could see the familiar questioning frown on her face. What had he said? He whispered some more in her ear and they both smiled. He reached up to brush the hair from her face. God what a charmer I thought, what could they be saying? My heart was racing again, maybe I wasn't wrong. I cursed the grass that prevented me from seeing Tom's full body. She lent over and kissed him, first on the forehead and then on the lips. Christ, I thought I knew she would. He kissed her back only this was a proper kiss and they took their time. As they shifted together I knew I had to see more of this.

I took a great risk by moving quickly through the bushes up the slope until I had a better view of them only a few yards away. He was now lying back on the blanket his legs apart and angled to give Catherine the fullest posible view of his package. Any male would know instinctively what he was doing, I felt excited myself just watching him.

Catherine hesitated, looking backwards and forwards between his eyes and his bulging bikini. Was she asking for encouragement? Surely she knew what to do, he was offering himself on a plate. At last she slowly leaned over him, stroking the hair on his chest, teasing him with her finger tips until her hand reached into Tom's lap and she let her fingers fall on the raised profile concealed under the black stretched material.

Tom took his time, letting her see the effect she was having on him. As he grew too large to be contained in the small briefs he took her hand and helped her ease himself out of them but as he did so he pulled her on top of him obstructing my view and I could only watch her elbow rise and fall in steady motion until she swung round and knelt over him, her back to me. She appeared to use both hands and was putting her whole body into it when, in a frenzy of movement, he released a long succession of loud animal groans I recognized only too well.

When she lay back it was Tom's turn. She drew her knees up and lifted her summer dress. I had a glimpse of cream coloured panties before his head descended between her legs and the dress returned to cover him. I had a much better view this time as he lay on the ground between her legs. She stared up at the sky her chest rising and falling with excitement. His arms reached in from the side and when she gasped aloud I knew he had made a vital connection with my wife.

He mumbled something from under the dress but only her quiet breathless “yes please” was audible. He pulled himself up on his knees, damn I thought not another view of a back. He raised her bottom off the blanket and sliped her knickers quickly down her legs and off. She didn't see but he took a deep sniff in her panties, rubbing them over his bearded face. Throwing them in the grass he lowered himself once more to satisfy her. This time in their passion they forgot to cover up with her dress and before she pulled his head into her now wide open legs I saw the dark triangle rise to meet him. Her dress bunched up on her tummy and she grasped her breasts through the thin material of her dress. His head moved from side to side finding different angles to pleasure her.

I was not sure if Catherine had ever had an orgasm with me but within minutes I saw her convulse on the blanket, her face bright red and sweating as she began moaning in rapid sharp breaths and I had no doubts this was the real thing.

I had not touched my own hardness all this time but I felt a warm damp patch spreading in my pants and the front of my trousers were beginning to stain.

Exhilarated and still shaking I left my hiding place and walked up and down the river in a daze. My first feelings were of shock and disbelief followed by amazement and excitement. So she did have sexual feelings, she could be aroused. A wave of confusion followed, did I really just see my wife doing that, maybe she would leave me, was she in love? I had never felt this level of excitement before in my life. As I walked back to join them I knew I had to see more, but how? I couldn't just ask them to make love in front of me. They must never suspect that I had seen them. I had to encourage their passion, let it grow and enjoy this new aspect of my wife. There was too much to think of, too many possibilities. For now I would have to enjoy my secret and be extremely careful.