Written by sweetencounter

23 Jul 2011

It was a lovely sunny warm day so we decided to go for a walk in the local wooded area, fresh air and a gentle breeze blowing in our faces.

There is something about this kind of day that makes me playful, like a naughty girl once again.

As we walked I spotted some old buildings, always on the lookout for great photo opportunities I rushed over to nose inside.

Cold, damp and empty with the odd ray of natural light fighting through, so erotic, my imagination began to play out various picture opportunities, ideas blasting in my mind.

As we continued from one empty building to another we came across a completely darkened room, no light of any kind, I used my phone to light up the floor. I wasn’t really dressed for this type of investigating, dress and sandals not that practical.

Naughty thoughts flooded my head, I grabbed my friend gently feeling my way for a wall. I found it and pinned her tight up against it, she knew exactly what mood I was in.

Her hair so soft and long, my fingers brushing through it gently, my grip tightens with each pang of lust running through me. She gave out a little groan indicating she liked it, so I pulled a little harder as my hand forced its way through her top.

Soft soft skin, her breasts filled with air as she got more aroused, her nipple erect and begging to be licked, I ripped open her top to reveal her lacey underwear, pretty but of no use, I moved it out the way to reveal her crisp nipples, fingering one and licking the other she began to moan, her breathing was erratic and her hips thrusting up against me.

My hand released her nipple and moved slowly down to her bum, it was firm with the softest skin, like silk. I couldn’t help it, my nails where out and lust was urging me to grip and scratch, she like it I could tell.

We started to kiss, nibbling each-other’s lips, my hips thrusting too.

I pulled down her skirt and panties to reveal her beautiful shaven haven.

Gripping her hair and pushing her back my hand slipped down to her pussy, teasing her clit, I could feel her wetness, her need and want for me to slip in a finger, but no not yet!

Pulling her hair and kissing her neck, nibbling her breasts and teasing her clit, I wondered how much more either of us could take before we needed more.

Finally I allow my finger to slowly enter her warm moist hole, finger rimming the entrance and making her squirm and moan. My thrusts got faster, deeper and harder inside her, I could tell she was close to orgasm, my pants where soaking at the thought of her pleasure.

I dropped to my knees, pulled her hips forward and began to kiss her pussy, licking her clit then entering her with my hot tongue, she was so wet, so close to climax and riding my tongue like her life depended on it.

Just as she was close to cumming I filled her with my double ender, deeper, harder, she was screaming with pleasure, I so wanted her to cum as my fingers teased her clit.

She exploded her juice like a volcano erupting, she grabbed my hair and let out an almighty groan, her hips thrusting, twitching as her juices flowed.