Written by countryman

2 Aug 2014

We all worked for the same company, Dawn, Marcus and me. I was Dawn's head of section , she was an excellent member of the team. Marcus worked in a separate department. The operating hours were 14 hours a day 7 days of the week, so our work rotas were made up of 7 hour shifts, 3 late starts, then two earlies, then two days off. But no-one could be guaranteed a fixed schedule, sometimes shifts were changed, even days off changed.

Dawn and Marcus were a married couple, although there were rumours of an impending break up.

The day had been warm and sunny in the morning, so people dressed accordingly. Dawn and I were on the early shift, Marcus on the late.

About an hour before the end of our shift the weather changed and it started raining very hard. I had planned on going to the park for a kick around with some friends, but that idea was rained off. At the end of my shift I ran across the road to where my car was parked and got soaked in the short time it took. I was driving down the road when I saw Dawn at the bus stop looking like a drowned rat. I pulled over and told her to get in. I was not going to leave her there , I knew they lived about thirty minutes drive and as my plans were off I told her I would drive her home.

Dawn had not brought a coat, she was wearing jeans and a blouse which was saturated and glued to her skin. The uniform the girls wear at work is loose fitting, I had not previously realised that Dawn had such large breasts. I drove a little further along the road to where I could safely pull over, then reached into the rear seat where I had my sports bag. I gave Dawn the towel and shirt in the bag, and suggested she might like to change out of her wet blouse. She got out of the front seat, then into the back, told me to shut my eyes while she changed.

Once she was safely seated again in the front I drove her home , chatting about life in general.

She gave me the directions to her street, and as we turned into it she told me to park in a particular place. Their house was an end terrace, Victorian cottage. She told me they had very nosey neighbours so did not want me to drop her off outside her house as Marcus would be jealous if he knew I had driven her home. She pointed out a gate in the wooden fence of their rear garden. She said to wait ten minutes then come in through the gate so she could give me back my shirt. Then off she scooted , in the rain , to her front door.

A while later I noticed the gate move , so I locked the car and went across, in through the gate and in through the rear door of her house.

Dawn was now wearing a short pink towelling robe, she was towelling her long black hair . She reached up and started towelling my hair pulling my head down, allowing me sight of her long cleavage. She told me to take off my wet shirt and she would put it into the tumble dryer.

She gave me a dry towel to put over my back, then sent me to sit in front of the electric fire that was already on. It was a coal effect fire, and in front of it was a rug that looked like a lambs fleece, giving the room a cottage look. Dawn came in from the kitchen and handed me a mug of hot milky coffee , then went so sit in a large armchair tucking her feet up into the chair. I could not help but notice , from where I was sitting on the floor , I could see a little triangle of black crotch. I thought it must be her panties but when she changed position I realised it was her pubics . My cock started to harden, so I went and sat on the settee where I could not see anything. I was trying not to stare at her, which I wanted to. At work she was a colleague, here she was an olive skinned dark haired beauty with a slender body, slim legs and large breasts. She finished drinking her coffee, leant over to put the cup on a table, and I was treated to a full view of her breasts. She smiled at me when she saw I was looking, then stood, untied the belt of her robe and let it fall to the floor. She was standing naked in front of me letting me feast my eyes on her body, then she turned around to show me her back and bum. Next she came towards me, sat down on my lap and started kissing me. I felt up to her wonderful breasts, squeezing her nipples gently . Her skin was soft as silk .

Dawn started to undo my trousers , slid her hand into my pants and on to my cock. She pulled my clothes off and took my swelling cock into her mouth.

Now I took charge, making her sit on the settee so I could get down between her legs and into her patch of black pubic hairs. I opened her dark sex lips to reveal the juicy pinkness inside. The colours and flavours made me want to taste every inch of her vulva. I started passing the flat of my tongue up across her clitoris, making her sigh with pleasure, then flicking onto it with the tip of my tongue . Only a minute or two later Dawn had her first orgasm . Two more followed brought on by a mix of fingers and tongue. dawn then pushed me onto the floor and straddled across me, lowering her pussy down onto my rigid cock. She rode me as she wanted , bringing both her and me to orgasm.

She was lying by my side, I was fingering in her slit spreading my cum from her clit down to below her vagina. I noticed that each time my finger went down towards her anus she would emit a little moan of pleasure . I wanted to keep her aroused as I wanted to spend more time in her body. I touched my finger gently onto her anus which seemed puffed up and protruding. She responded by opening her legs and bending to give me better access. Everything I did to her anus was causing her to become more turned on, so I put my face down between her legs so I could lay my tongue onto her ring. I probed my tongue into her opening , flicking the tip as if trying to burrow into her. Another groan of delight. Then I slid the tip of my finger into her, she responded with a louder moan. I knew she wanted to have an orgasm so I pushed my thumb into her vagina, pushed my finger deeper into her anus and used my other hand to rub on her clitoris. Ten seconds later her body went rigid as her climax swept across her.

She laid still for a minute or two, then got up and went and turned on the TV in the other room. As she came back she fetched something from her handbag, which she handed to me. It was a tube of KY jelly. She kneelt on the settee with her arms over the back, her bum open to me. I understood what she wanted and my bone hard cock was willing to provide it. I applied some lub generously to her anus, some more over my shaft, then eased my tip into her. She clearly knew how to make it easier for a cock to push past the resistance. I was in , to the full depth, my balls pressed up against her cheeks. As I had cum just a short time ago I was not likely to do so again , at least not immediately. I did not want to hurt her, so my thrusts were gentle at first, until she told me to go harder, then faster and deeper. I could see her hands gripping hard on the back of the settee and hear her moans getting louder. I realised why she had turned on the TV, so the neighbours would not know what was happening. Then her body was convulsing violently, her muscles inside in a spasm. I could not hold back and I exploded into a loud cum as my spunk filled her up. Seconds passed, then she reached round to push me out.

We laid together on the settee, idly chatting as I fondled her boobs. At times like that it is easy to talk about anything. I asked her if it was true that she and Marcus were going through a bad patch. She said yes, adding " he doesn't give me what I need so I won't give him what he wants. " I asked what she meant, and her answer caused my flaccid cock to start swelling again.

" You have just given me what I need. So now I will give you anything you want, no tabboos. I need to have an orgasm from anal sex, it is much more intense. Not every day, not even every week, but when I do, I do. Marcus thinks it is dirty , you don't, you put your tongue into me. You can do whatever you like except more anal. That has to wait until I next need it. "

I spent another two hours with her, until I was used up and empty. She had taken my cum in all three orifices, as well as over her tits. I had enjoyed her from on top, behind, below, standing, sitting and crouching. Eventually she told me it was time to go so she could tidy up before Marcus came home. I went out the back way and drove reluctantly away.

A short time later Dawn and Marcus separated, he resigned and went to work abroad. They sold their house and were able to clear off all debts. Dawn is now living with me, and I make sure I give her everything she needs. I only wish she needed it more often, but I am working on that.