Written by Venturenow

17 Jan 2008

I am Emma Stevens who told you on 12th January about my induction at the small, little known army barracks where I had the misfortune to be trapped. Well, it wasn’t really all bad. Now, if you’ll bear with me I’ll continue with some more of my life as a squaddie.

I was so lucky to have Jan as a roommate. She warned me about who I should be careful of. There was the big, aggressive corporal Hasker, who didn’t seem to have a first name; there was her lieutenant the nasty, sneaky Sal; and there was Sal’s roommate and weak sidekick, Tracy. Jan told me that Hasker was something of a pervert who would have sex with anyone who could be persuaded and loved to watch others taking advantage of new girls, whether willing or not. Sal and Tracy were both thought to be gay, but they also liked to watch others of either sex perform. Jan referred to these three as the ‘mafia’.

She also explained to me that I should remember the fact that there was intense rivalry between the different units, or buildings, and I should be completely loyal to Belmont. The ‘mafia’ would make trouble if they thought I was getting too friendly with a girl from another unit. They were as chauvinistic as supporters of football teams.

They were a little more lenient if a friend was a man. It turned on jealousy. Each of these buildings was named alphabetically. Our greatest rival was Alexander, another all female unit. Men’s buildings started with Horrocks and went up alphabetically. Jan was straight and had a boyfriend in another part of the barracks. It was lucky for her that he was a sergeant and this protected her from unwelcome attentions from the mafia.

While we were talking Tracy turned up, obviously with a message. She said that I, as the latest arrival, was invited to entertain a visitor that evening. He was the corporal in charge of Horrocks, a man called Mike. I wondered what this meant and, while I hesitated, I caught Jan’s eye. She signalled to me to accept; so I agreed and was told, “21.00 hours in the common room”.

When she had gone Jan said, “Hard luck. He is like a gorilla. You will have to have sex with him but you won’t come to any real harm and if you want to fit in to this unit and have an easy time of it you must do it. So now we must touch up your shaving to make you ready.”

When I arrived at the common room with Jan for moral support there were about eight other girls, obviously waiting for the show. Corporal Hasker came from her room closely followed by a lovely girl called Rose whom I had noticed the previous evening. She was slim, with smooth, coffee coloured skin, probably Eurasian, gentle and friendly looking. Jan whispered that she had been having a sex session with Hasker, who often called girls in to service her.

Then Mike arrived with three other men, who sat down and chatted with the girls. Hasker called me up and introduced me to Mike, who gave me a broad, leering smile. To put it mildly I was disconcerted. He was tall, about 6’4” and broad and must have weighed 20 stone. More to the point he had black stubble on his face and thick black, curly hair on his bare arms.

“Good, you’ll do, my lovely. Now strip off and we’ll have some fun.” I was speechless but started to take my clothes off. Mike did the same. I was even more shocked when I saw him naked. He had thick black hair all over his body from his neck downwards. It extended round his upper arms, shoulders, down his back, over his buttocks and down his thighs and legs. There was hardly a square inch of him that was not thickly covered by black, wiry curls. Erupting out of this, like a huge mushroom pushing through the moss, was an enormous but still soft penis. I had never considered whether I liked hairy men or not. My boy friends had all been either smooth apart from underarm and pubic hair or had had light hair on legs, forearms and, maybe, chest. This was something else.

My reverie was interrupted. “Come and look at me sweetie. Enjoy.”

I made myself step forward. By now I had forgotten my own nakedness and even the audience, so I stretched out and touched the hair on his chest. It was so thick that I could scarcely see the skin beneath. I pinched it and separated it so that I was able to see his skin. It was very white. Clearly it never saw the sun.

“Come on, girl, suck my cock. Make it stiff.”

I took it in my two hands and lifted it up. It was huge and weighty and I needed both hands to grasp it. I could feel it stirring. I bent down and put my lips on it; I put out my tongue and licked the knob. It started to swell and I licked around the tip and rubbed it up and down with my fingers. It was horrible but fascinating. It was getting harder and must now have reached, perhaps not the 12 inches beloved of porn writers, but a good 10 inches. A clear bead of moisture appeared at the tip. I licked it off. The smell was powerful. I was caught between disgust and excitement as I breathed it in. I became aware of the juices from my vagina running down the insides of my thighs.

He picked me up in one swift movement and dumped me on a sofa so that I was lying diagonally with my bottom on the edge of the seat. He stood for a moment gazing at me and for the first time I was struck by the contrasts: I was a blond girl of 5’6”, slim but with nice boobs, fair smooth skin and probably less than half his weight. He was black in appearance, though when you could see it his skin was whiter than my own. He was craggy and he wielded this enormous weapon. Surely it would split me open.

He leant down and, taking my two nipples between fingers and thumbs, he pinched them and pulled and twisted, making me cry out in pain. Undeterred by my cries he continued to twist and I found that despite the pain I was feeling more and more aroused. He stopped the torture and bent down, pushing my knees wide apart and opening me up. Then it felt as though he took a mouthful of me. His bristles rasped the soft skin inside my thighs. His tongue searched my pussy lips and penetrated my vagina, his tongue, lips and teeth strummed and pulled at my clit. He pushed my knees back even further so that he could get at my anus, which he started to lick and penetrate with the tip of his tongue. He rimmed me for some time and I was becoming more and more aroused until I wanted his big cock inside me. I was really panting for it. I begged him to fuck me but to be gentle.

“I am always gentle,” he said, taking a painful nip to my clit. I could feel my juices running out of me on to the sofa, but I didn’t care. Mike then lifted my legs so that they rested on his shoulders. Bizarrely I was chiefly conscious of the unusual sensation of rough, scratchy hair rubbing the undersides of my legs. Then he took his cock in his hand and roughly rubbed it up and down my slit. Then, with a firm, smooth movement, he shoved it into me with no pretence at gentleness. My cunt went into spasm in reaction to being so violently distended. I gasped. At this he did pause for a few seconds while I gathered myself together. At least, I thought to myself, it could have been worse if I had not been so wet and well lubricated by my juice and his spit. I relaxed and begged him to fuck me.

He did. I could feel the end of his cock ramming my cervix. Yet he was not fully sheathed in me. There was no way that I could take his whole length. He withdrew in part and then thrust forward again. This continued: in hard, slowly out….in, out….in, out and so on. I felt so stretched, and I could feel his wiry hairs scratching my pussy and thighs. But I loved it. I knew I was going to come at any moment but, at this point, he suddenly stopped moving. I demanded he continue to no avail. He withdrew all but the tip and raised his body. “Come and take a look at this. “

Our audience crowded forward so they could see how his cock was penetrating and stretching me. He continued the movements slowly and I began to approach my climax for the second time. Then it came. I screamed and thrashed my head from side to side, stretching my legs out, held as they were over his shoulders. It was the best come I had ever experienced. But before I could recover my senses Mike had launched into a violent attack on my body. He plunged his cock in and out of me. I was battered and bashed but I loved it. Usually, after coming I wanted to rest but not today. It is true that I was floppy from the exertion but I really wanted to feel him come inside me, which he did with a loud bellow as his whole body stiffened. Although I didn’t come again myself I found this enormously satisfying. Mike’s orgasm felt as good as if it had been my own.

Slowly Mike withdrew and lowered my legs from his shoulders to the floor.

“Who’ll have it then?”

“Rose can have it, but don’t swallow,” said Hasker. Rose clearly had no option and was ushered forward. She got between my thighs and began to lick me out, lapping up the mixture of my juices and Mike’s semen, making slurping and sucking noises as she did so.

“Now Rose, give it to Emma.” Even in my exhausted state I was able to register that I had graduated from Stevens to Emma. I was glad.

Rose relinquished my pussy and gave me a really nice smile. Then she placed her lips on mine. I could see what was required and opened my lips to receive the offering. The mixture flowed into my mouth; a mixture of Mike’s powerful semen, my love juices and her own saliva. I was still so pumped up that I really wanted it, every drop. Rose then went back for more before returning to me with the second mouthful.

By this time another girl, whose name I don’t know, had been detailed to clean up Mike and she was sucking and licking his cock and was in turn kissed by one of the men who had come over with Mike.

Mike himself had obviously lost interest in me. I felt a twinge of jealousy when I saw him in deep conversation with Hasker, but it didn’t last long. I was tired and Jan said it was time for our beds. She said that the rest of the spectators would be continuing their own fun for some time to come.

Soon after that I was asleep.