Written by keeepa

20 Jun 2013

It gets dark quickly in Africa, and in Central Africa the sunsets can be spectacular, layers of brilliant orange catch the final rays of golden sun but in September nightfall brings little respite from the pre rainy season heat

They lay in what had been the shade, their long since discarded clothes tossed aside

She turned over and looked at the sky

“God it’s hot!”

“Have a swim!”

“The pools warm enough to bathe in”

She stood and walked carefully over the coarse grass and he watched as she lowered herself in, then closed his eyes.. drifting.. the second bottle of wine had been a mistake.. and he was drowsy

Suddenly he felt drops of water on his face and he opened his eyed quickly. It took him a moment to adjust to the dark she was standing over him feet either side of his face and he looked into her, her dark pubic hair glistening the water dripping.

“Nice sight!!”

She lowered herself, adjusting untill she hovered an inch above his mouth, he lifted his head and touched her with his tongue before she lifted, and he grabbed for her not wanting her to leave


“What’s wrong?”

“Dunno I think I must have caught the sun! that stung!”

“Wait! Lay there I’ve got just the thing”

Inside the fridge he found what he was looking for a large carton of yoghurt, and he stood for a moment enjoying the cool air from the fridge against his thighs and genitals.

Outside he showed her the yoghurt

“Great for sunburn I’ve heard.. lay down and I’ll put it on!”

“Won’t it be sticky?”

“Shush lay down.. close your eyes arms above your head.. that’s it!”

Opening the cartoon he put a small amount onto his palm and laced it onto her chest

She jumped

“That’s cold!.. but nice”

He caressed her chest in small circles, then her shoulders and upper arms, gently and he felt her relax under his touch.

Dipping his fingers into the yoghurt he took a handful and pressed it onto her breasts and, though she started at the coolness, she pushed her breasts against his hands and he massaged feeling the weight and seeing the nipples harden.

Leaning forward he touched the nipple with his tongue tasting the sweetness of the yoghurt and he heard her whimper, he reached into the container and took more and caressed her breasts more firmly now. His hands sliding so easily the nipples scraping his palms, and he held them squeezing then took them deeply into his mouth.

He heard her whisper

“Give me some yoghurt” he reached again and transferred a large handful to her and felt her reach down and opening her legs, sensuously put it onto her cunt, then felt as she rubbed it in, softly sometimes small movements sometimes large ones and all the time he sucked and teased her.

Underneath him she groaned

“Oh god yes that is so good.. lick me please lick me”

He looked at her cunt as he knelt between her thighs, her coarse black pubic hair wet, clitoris engorged lips swollen and he lowered himself to her licking cleaning and exploring with his fingers. The yoghurt acted as a perfect lubricant and his thumb slipped easily into her cunt his forefinger, after a moments resistance, into her arse.

Her hips moved and he looked up her body and she was kneading her breasts almost violently as she neared, his fingers slid in deeper and she pushed herself against his tongue.. demanding…untill she arched cried out and he felt her spasm gripping his fingers

They lay together gathering their breath

“Right my boy.. you’re turn pass the yoghurt”

“All gone I’m afraid”

“Bugger ..ok don’t move lay there!”

When she returned she said

“Close your eyes and lay there”

When she touched his semi hard cock, he twitched then suddenly he felt it enveloped in a warm smoothness, and the exquisite feeling as her hands slid smoothly around and over him. Finger nails drawing along the length fingers tips tracing around the bulbous end

“God that feels good what is it?”


The stickiness ran between his cheeks and her fingers slid over and teased his arse, then her lips covered the end for a moment, her tongue flicking, then pausing and running her tongue along the underside, hand wanking him then pausing.

He was writhing now but she kept him waiting, applying more taking him into her mouth she sucked loving the effect it was having, knowing he was lost in exquisite lust

She slid her finger deep into his arse fucking him and finally wanking him faster, faster untill finally he came, the sperm arched out and ran over her fingers, mixing with the honey.

She licked it then turned to him

“Lick!” and together they cleaned her fingers

Finally they sat up and walked to the pool washing each other clean

“Fancy a drink?” he whispered

“Mmm I’d love one!

“Ill go and get one”

As he walked to the house she called after him

“Make it a nice red.. and don’t bother with any glasses ..